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Migawari Ch 3

And Ch 3 is now up. ^_^

One of the things I found interesting is seeing how the manga changes from the original magazine release to the tank release. There are a few differences. Nothing major, but there. I should scan some of them one day so people can see how things changed. ^^; (Not to mention a spelling error was fixed in the tank release for this chapter. I was wondering what that word was supposed to mean... ^^; ) Hopefully no major errors slipped by me or got introduced while I fiddled with things. (Heaven knows I almost missed including a page! >.<;; )

If anyone has any troubles with the file, etc., please let me know. ^_^

Hope folks enjoy the chapter! (I'm going back to listening to the CD dramas... :P )
Tags: migawari hakushaku, migawari hakushaku no bouken, scanlation

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