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Today was the harvest fair at Heritage Park. It's the first time the fair's been held so early in the year (that I'm aware of), so I wasn't sure how I'd like it, but... ^^; Because it's so much earlier, while they didn't have any corn, they had lots and lots of fruit. More than when it's later in the year.

This year, I ended up going with male parental instead of FSU. I really must get into my mind how busy and active this fair is! I keep forgetting every year and underestimate how much we buy and how much carrying power we need. (Not to mention how early we need to get there.) This year, we got through the park gates ~30 mins after the listed gate opening time (we live ~5-10 mins drive from the park), and we missed out on the blueberries! (Last year we missed out on the portabella mushrooms.) I think they were $10/flat like the strawberries. >.<; Even as we were hiking to the gates, people were already leaving with kiddy wagons or dollies loaded with flats of strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and other goodies.

Of this year's unusual items, I picked up celery root, spaghetti squash, and *cactus pads*. I have *no* idea how to cook/prepare any of these, so I'm hoping to have fun. (This fair really makes me want to experiment with different foods since most things are incredibly cheap. But then, everything's donated and all the proceeds go to charity, so it's all for a good cause.) ^^;

Those people who buy flats of fruits and veggies are definitely getting a major bargain, but we don't buy so much in bulk (I buy the small 3-5 lb bags), so I don't know how we do in the grand scheme of things since you have to pay for park entry. Unfortunately, since I took male parental and didn't bother getting a re-entry stamp, I didn't hit the bakery. I get no gingerbread people (or sausage rolls or sourdough bread) this year! *cry* Oh well. I did buy a small clam of strawberries for me and male parental to enjoy. FSU didn't react to kiwi recently when she tried it out, so maybe she can have strawberries again...? It would make some things so much easier again if so. ^^; I'll have to remember to pick up some more shortening for apple/pear pies. (And maybe more cinnamon, too...) ^^;

And I got zero accomplished again last night. >.> I really must stop reading Migawari! I've been doing little but reading that series. >.<;; The teaser for the next Migawari novel is up on Kadokawa's site. I'm currently hesitating on ordering it because I'm not sure if HakuYou will also maintain its insane release rate and come out with another volume Novemberish. >.<;;

And for those who are curious to know what the novel (and the others preceding it) is (are) about...

Book 1 (Altemaris 1)
Mireille draws in the crowds at a common bread shop. She's supposed to find a husband and make the shop the #1 shop in the country, but because her brother eloped, she somehow ends up having to take his place and report to duty at the palace instead--?!

Book 2 (Altemaris 2)
With her brother having gone missing once again, the young lady Mireille ends up taking the Count's place and going to the palace. Her duty this time - to marry a lady who loves the occult?! Never having had a boyfriend her entire life, Mireille's fate...

Book 3 (Altemaris 3)
Mireille unexpectedly finds herself knitting a lover's scarf for Richard, but when the scarf (-like thing) is stolen by a very good-looking thief, she becomes enraged! Mireille's exceedingly persistent in going after him and ends up getting caught up in a secret of the Chalon royal family?!

Book 4 (Altemaris 4)
Mireille ends up starting a 'Theatrical Troupe by maidens for maidens' in her nuisance brother's stead. At the same time, for some reason Richard's being more assertive than usual?! Amidst all the expectations, the play Mireille has planned ends up...?!

Book 5 (Chalon 1)
Big trouble results when Mireille's existence is leaked and becomes public knowledge! Zeke gives Mireille one of two choices: a marriage for political reasons or entering his harem?! Richard's identity is finally revealed! The shocking fifth volume of the Stand-In Count Series.

Book 6 (Chalon 2)
Wanting to see Richard who has returned to Chalon, Mireille lets Heath kidnap her. But when she comes to, she finds herself in the enemy's garrison?! Mireille makes her debut as a cadet of the enemy nation!! Love also quickly develops as the Chalon arc gets fully under way.

Book 7 (Chalon 3)
Mireille continues her undercover investigation of the enemy nation but has been acting erratically ever since Richard kissed her. However, she finds herself in a desperate situation when the division commander finally becomes suspicious of her!! And that person finally confesses his love?!

Book 8 (SS 1)
Mireille's twin older brother Fred's dramatic adventure, the reckless story about the mirror in which 'you can see the person fated for you', the misunderstanding-filled date between the handsome animal costume-wearing prince and Mireille, and a never-before published story; the short story compilation fans have been eagerly waiting for (first time readers welcome)!!

Book 9 (Chalon 4)
In order to obtain the noble sword necessary for Richard's coronation, Mireille runs into the burning villa where the Grand Duke's sister is being held, but she ends up seriously injured and losing consciousness?! Everyone's heart-broken?!

Book 10 (Chalon 5)
Just before the climax. The shocking fifth volume of the Chalon arc.

With Fred missing, Mireille ends up taking his place and having to act as an extremely eccentric Lady Mireille. But when she tries to raid/attack the underhanded Grand Duke, she is instead presented with a marriage contract..... And on top of that, Mireille's identity is finally revealed to the fifth division?!

There are still so many loose ends to be tied up in this arc, and I have no idea if it's possible to wrap them all up in two or so volumes. O_O; From the way things were going, I was thinking the series would end with the two arcs, but at the same time, it's possible that things could go into a third arc since there's just that much that hasn't been developed yet. Still, I can't wait to see what happens in the next volume! *___*

Time to figure out what I'm doing today... ^^;
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