Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

ROFL (Migawari not much)

First, according to 2ch, a new volume for Migawari (novel) will be coming out in Oct: Migawari Hakushaku no Kokuhaku (The Stand-in Count's Confession). O_O;; That series is going at the same insane pace as HakuYou at the moment. Otherwise, I was poking around the CD drama site for Migawari, and found a short blurb about the chara song album that is being released soon for this series. (I didn't buy it with my Amazon order because I don't tend to like chara song albums, but... >.<; ) Apparently, the chara song album is a mix of chara songs (4) and CD drama (prologue, 4 scenes, epilogue). :o I didn't expect anything like that.

By the looks of it, the drama part is an original story. Fred and Zeke gets the palace involved in putting on a Brag Fest in order to try to push Richard who has yet to get very far with Mireille. Mireille who sometimes stands in for her brother becomes very flustered when told that the prize for winning is a kiss from Frederick, the Count of Bernhardt. Richard, too, is beside himself at this outrageous event...?!

Ack! Just looked up the CD info on Amazon, and it's quite short: 38 mins. >.<; I think I'll wait and see what the reviews are for it. (I wonder when this story's supposed to take place...? At a guess, most likely after Altemaris book 3.)
Tags: migawari hakushaku, not much

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