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?!?!?! Really!?

Baby Pink's site has updated for the latest chapter for FB in Japan, and... ?!?!? Really!? Is that why Kureno's different from the rest of the 12shi?!? Baby Pink's thoughts/theories are hard to differentiate from what's actually happening in the chapter, so it's really hard to say for sure. Likewise, none of the other commentary sites have updated yet so I can't say for sure. However, apparently we get to see Kureno surrounded by sparrows. ^_^ Anyhow, for those who don't want possible spoilers and since I've only skimmed through the site so far, I definitely don't guarantee the accuracy of this comment. Especially not until I see similar statements from one of the other commentary sites / read the chapter myself.






Anyhow, the chapter itself seems to be primarily about Kureno although there're bits and pieces of lots of characters. (I'm glossing over things a lot here until either I read the chapter or one of the other sites updates).

However we get to see some of Kureno's past and Akito and Kureno with each other when younger. When Shigure goes to visit Akito after New Year's, he's sent away at the door, and we discover that the one closest to Akito would, even more than Yuki or Shigure, probably be Kureno.

There's supposed to be an image of Kureno crying (perhaps the one from the last chapter?) and a young Akito crying "Don't leave (abandon) me!" But the biggest surprise, would be the why of the statement perhaps? It seems that Kureno's bird form was a sparrow but we won't see him transform because he's already been released from the curse.

She hypothesizes that perhaps when the 12shi and "God" truly understand one another that perhaps that leads to being released from the curse. "The bond is the curse." The question then is was it Kureno being released from the curse what made Akito so unstable or was his instability made worse because of it?


In any case, it definitely sounds like a *very* interesting chapter... ^_^

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