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Uh oh...

Books arrived today. Will post scans and such sometime tonight. Quick check through Migawari shows the mistake I caught in Ch2 (where the manga-ka misspelled the royal family name) was corrected in the tank release. Will have to check through things both past and future for any more such changes. (Always a risk when working from magazine scans.) >.>

Already managed to listen to the GH CD drama. It's quite short, but ends in the middle of vol 11. Voice acting's pretty over the top at first, but settles down later. They are including Naru's background in the CD drama, although it was mostly in flashback (and extremely short) for this CD. I suspect the next CD will include much of v12's revelations.

Oh well, I have to redo the HakuYou novel pic scans. They were horrible first time round. >.> Today might be a bit posty, so do beware. ^_^;; (Oh, and yeah. Once I finish with fixing up the scans and such, I'll be disappearing. Probably for 1-2 days. ......Is that it?!? I don't think anyone will even notice I'm gone. ^^; )
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