Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Not Much (HakuYou)

According to 2ch, the next issue of Cobalt magazine (Oct? release) will have a HakuYou illustration on the cover as well as a SS. This is the blurb that was listed:

"Beware the cute pet"
A mysterious cute pet creates havoc at the Ashenbert residence?!

Could be interesting. Otherwise, one of the things I noticed when reading through what I've written for the next HakuYou translation is that my raw translations really are quite bald. >.> Compared to the translation for Migawari (ch 2 since I took a little more time with it compared to what I usually do), it's lacking a certain... subtlety or depth to it (let alone flow). Reading through it felt like getting run over by a cement truck or something. >.> I'm not sure if it's because of different writing styles with the different authors or if it's because I'm not taking the time to go through things and tweak. I suspect it's probably the latter though. *ouch* (I think my goal will be to eventually get that depth and flow into my raw translations...)

Also started reading the next chapter for Migawari only to be brought up short by the recap section. (I don't usually read those, but since I'm translating them for the scanlations, I figured I should take a look at it.) The recap has Fred as Mireille's *younger* brother?? Even though in the chapter (never mind the novels...) she clearly calls him her foolish 'older' brother. O_o;; (Ryuuren, I love you and your calling Shuuei gukei sono 4! ^o^ )

Ah well. Assuming all goes well (and I don't run into ohh... the latest HakuYou novel or GH v11 + CD beforehand), coming up next will be the first part of ch 5 for HakuYou. :P Might take a bit longer to get it done though. ^^;
Tags: hakushaku, not much

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