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As above. ^^;


Please do something about your wonky search function. I don't appreciate all the extraneous junk that comes up when I do a quick search on the site, and I *really* don't appreciate the variable results of search for term X = 38 items one day and >100 items the next. O_o Also, why can't I find GH v11 with CD by searching for ゴーストハント (GH)? Why do I have to search for ゴーストハント11 (GH11)??

No love,

On a related note, GH 11 with CD still isn't available for order. *sigh* It's being released on the 6th, so I really wish they'd make it available already. Hopefully it will actually be available for purchase... >.<;;


Spoilers are finally coming out for the latest HakuYou novel. Without going into any detail, general consensus on 2ch seems to be that it's not quite up to Tani-sensei's usual quality and that the story seems more like it should have been a mid-length SS than a full novel. There were also comments that it didn't continue the main plot line much thus furthering the SS feel, but I won't know what exactly they're talking about on that point until I get hold of it. >.>

Someone mentioned the name MacCael(?) MacKeel(?) (what did I decide on for that family name's spelling??) on 2ch, which makes me wonder if things are in fact going to go the way I've been suspecting ever since the book Wonderful Wedding. Certainly, the signs are there that that's where things are headed. As much as Fergus wasn't that bad a guy, Patrick... >.> Hopefully, the next main story book will see some interesting development especially if Aurora's clan is coming back into the picture. ^^; ......I wonder how Edgar will react to their reappearance... ^^;


And is it just me or is society these days really pushing pre-made foods and being rather anti-baking (and cooking) your own food?? I was glancing through the flyer from one of the supermarkets, and there's no way I can bake a lemon meringue pie for <$4 let alone make a rotisserie chicken for so little ($10). The lemons would probably cost that much, and a whole raw chicken (from the same store) usually costs far more than the cooked deli chicken. O_o;;

Still, I've been enjoying the buttermilk scone recipe on DW's omnomnom far too much. This week it's blueberry scones, but I want to make orange scones again, and maybe try doing apple or cheese (ouch, that could kill me) scones or something else. However, FSU has requested creme brulee, so I'll have to figure out what flavour to make. Maybe matcha? I've been debating if I want to make matcha truffles again. Those were yummy. But summer's a terrible time for baking in terms of heat. (Mind you, in terms of fresh fruit, it's the best...)

Oh well. Should do something today. :P
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