Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Open... essentially

Well, FWIW the translations are essentially back up but the back end of things are in less than the best of shape. For some reason when I checked up on things today I got greeted with a bunch of error messages... >_< Not good. I guess that's what I get for forgetting about this side of things and working on fan fics and such for the past couple of weeks. *mrf*

It's going to take a bit of time to figure out what I was doing with things back there and get things back on track. (Methinks I've forgotten what I was planning on doing there...) Oh well, shall see how things go tomorrow. Other things have gotten very busy lately and has been eating up time like there's no tomorrow... (is there a tomorrow?!?)

In any case, it seems like the clock ran out on me on deciding what to do about things so it's essentially lowest common denominator (this is as far as I'd gotten around to working out / testing feasibility on a while back) as I got caught up in other things like that silly fan fic I was writing. The good thing is that the silly thing is *finished.* 32 parts plus prologue and epilogue is a lot long even in my books. The silly thing ended up being over 150pgs?? The really pathetic thing is that it never got a title before being finished. Now *that's* pathetic. :P

Of course the first fanfic I started working on is still sitting at 9 parts? 10? somewhere in there. Stupid thing is stalled... >_< Oh well, I need to finish writing up the next chapter for that one though. Just over 1 page isn't going to cut it I don't think. :P

Otherwise, a lot of people sent e-mails and comments over the past month. Thanks to everyone for your input! And apologies to those who asked questions and are waiting for a reply! ^^;; I will get back to you shortly!

Anyhow, chapter 95 is still only half worked on as is Ghost Hunt. I wanted to get the next GH chapter done by now, but it's summer and it's been *hot* at times. Not a time when you want to be at the computer that's for sure. ^_^; In any case, it seems I'm going to have to glare at the computer for a bit more today still... or maybe not. It's been a long day already and trouble-shooting (shooting troublemakers) doesn't sound like much fun. >_< (Good grief what a whine fest. All I need are some grapes to turn it into wine... :P )

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