Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Quickie Post

Pre-ordering is now available for GH on Amazon for the *manga only* release. Still not available for the + CD drama release. >.>

Likewise, the cover is now out for HakuYou's latest volume, but no ordering for it yet (from Amazon). >.<;; I think some folks in Japan have started receiving their copies (ordered from bk1 by the sounds of things...) so spoilers should be coming out soon. ^^;;

And apparently, the latest SS for Migawari in The Beans is supposed to be really cute. >.> No spoilers out for it either. *sigh* Hopefully, I'll be getting my copy in ~1 month, but that one's been really intermittent here. (Sometimes the bookstore sends it, and sometimes not.) >.> I can always hope it comes because it's going to be a long wait until the next book release. >.> (There's a special zenin service... coupon? apparently for a Migawari CD drama (Secret Date SS). Sadly I can't do zenin service things. *sigh* )

And is it just me, or am I going to slowly go insane since HakuYou's 'hakushaku' = Earl while Migawari's 'hakushaku' = Count? ......I suspect it's going to slowly send me up various fixtures... :P
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