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Poll Comments

First, many thanks to everyone who voted in the poll! While some things didn't surprise me, some things did. ^^;

First, a little image:

Basically, since one question was split into two polls, I've combined the data into one chart to show the actual levels of interest across the entire group.

Top 5 Projects:
GH Akumu Translation (21)
HakuYou V2-17 Translation (19)
HakuYou Summaries (14)
GH Forgotten Children CD Sub (12)
Migawari Translations (11)

For me, not surprising was the interest in GH's Akumu novel translations. Since, as far as I'm aware, these novels aren't set for manga release, I expected interest in that among GH fans to be relatively high. Likewise, I expected a fair amount of interest in the Forgotten Children CD since that story was never animated. However, since it's a CD drama, I expected that to limit interest to a degree as well. ^^;

I was, however, a bit surprised at how popular HakuYou was since I wasn't getting that feeling, overall. (I know I've been keen on it, but... ^^; ) I'd thought that, while some people are interested in it, overall, interest was much lower than GH. Likewise, interest in Migawari was higher than I expected for something that I've only started to mention and only released the one manga chapter for so far. ^^;

I'll admit, I didn't intend to torture people by making folks choose the one title they were most interested in seeing. Next time I'll use a sliding scale so folks can indicate how interested the are in each title. ^^;; Interest in Saiun is still definitely there, although it's much lower compared to GH and HakuYou. Saiun is another long series now... >.<;

While I'm not surprised that primary interest was in translations (this blog has always been first and foremost a translation blog), I was a bit surprised to see how much it outdid interest in summaries instead. ^^;

All in all, it's been quite interesting for me to see the results. Thanks, everyone! ^_^

Now, if only mother nature will cool down a little more so I can be a bit more chummy with the laptop... >.>
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