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Drive-by Post not Dry-Bive... >.>

Quickie post. The next HakuYou novel (Catch Me in the Mirror World on the Moonless Night) will in fact be a main story novel. ^o^ There's a tiny blurb in Cobalt's Salon along the lines of "Trapped in a mirror by fae magic, there are now two Lydia's?!".

E-hon's site (discovered via a HakuYou fic writer's blog) has the following blurb:
Separated on the lovers' night by a/the mirror...?! Even though their married life has begun, Edgar and Lydia continue to have misunderstandings. One day, a rock said to hide the secret of the map to the Fae realm is delivered to Lydia. In the meantime, Edgar takes part in a shady auction...?!

GH - The Forgotten Children's website has been updated for cast comments. (Two q's: Thoughts now that recording's over, and comment to the fans.) Not sure if anyone's really interested in those. ^^;

Otherwise, just a quick reminder for anyone that might be interested in giving feedback to vote in the poll I posted yesterday to please vote. If anything, it will give me an idea of how in tune I am (/am not) with the folks reading this blog. ^^; Many thanks to those who have already voted! ^_^
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