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Ch 95 summary

Hmmm... I think this chapter just about had it all, intriguing bits, really sweet bits, funny bits... plus we got to see: Hatori, Tohru, Kazuma, Kyo, Yuki, Shigure, Rin, Hatsuharu, Aya, Ritsu, Kureno, Kagura, Kisa, Hiro, Akito, and Momiji! ^_^

Now on to the chapter! ^_^

Hari's on the cover this time! Memories from a day long ago is always there like a scab in a corner of the heart and by the time you forget, it starts to hurt---

And the chapter starts with Tohru saying hello to Kazuma and telling him that while she's not very good at things, that she'll do her best. Kazuma likewise tells her he has his faults, but likewise hopes all will go well... And this is the way they start a short stay over for New Years?? It's like Kyo says, they're greeting each other as though Tohru's come to be Shishou's wife. ^_^;

And naturally Tohru becomes very flustered at the comment... and then remembers that Shishou's Hana-chan's to which Kyo tells her not to decide those sorts of things like that (not to mention Shishou doesn't know about what Hana-chan thinks about him.) ^_^;;

And we flashback to how Tohru ended up staying at Shishou's and how it all started from a comment from Yuki. Yuki says that he's thinking about going to the main house for New Year's this year just for a night and plans to come back the night of New Year's Day. Tohru's really happy that Yuki's going but Shigure comments that he should take more time if he's already going to go... and realises that maybe leaving Tohru and Kyo on their own might not be a good idea.

Tohru and Kyo of course are totally clueless about this to which Shigure comments "Brute" and Kyo threatens to kill him. Shigure tells Tohru not to worry and that he'll come up with a plan to keep her safe from Kyo's evil clutches. And Yuki also calls Kyo a brute! ^_^ But, it's then settled that Tohru will stay over at Kazuma's over the New Year.

While Kazuma shows Tohru to her room, he comments offhandedly that while Kyo's spent many New Year's with Kazuma, he must be really happy to be able to have Tohru spend New Years with them. To which Kyo is lost in thoughts about how yes he's really happy to be able to spend New Year's with them, things are also extremely complicated...

Kazuma was only teasing when he'd said that but realises something must have happened whe he sees Kyo fret. Kazuma comments that he forget to tell them that "that child" will also be there. And when he opens the door to the room, we see Rin sitting by the window. Tohru runs into the room expecting to hug Rin who dodges out of the way and Tohru ends up running right into the frame. ^_^;;

Rin yells at Tohru "Don't jump at me all of a sudden like that, you idiot", to which Tohru apologies. ^_^;;

Rin goes on to complain how she hadn't hear anything about Tohru staying over while Kyo tells Tohru not to go running headlong without thinking like that. Kazuma notes that Kyo and Rin aren't glaring at each other today and tells Tohru how the two of them used to glare at each other for 5 or even 10 minutes at a time. Kyo butts in telling her that that was when he a kid, and Tohru asks if the two don't get along. Kazuma comments that it's not that they're on bad terms with each other, they're just not on good terms. ^_^

It seems Rin's been temporarily released from the hospital but didn't want to attend the banquet and was about to go running off somewhere when he'd (Kazuma) run into her (and presumably invited her over).

Change to the main house and the dance has ended, and Hatori wastes no time stripping out of the outfit. Aya and Ritsu both tell him how wonderful the performance was and Aya tells him that without doubt he wants ... ^_^;; being nice, he wants to be held by him... truer would be he wants to be made love to -- to which Ritsu agrees!! Poor Hatori. ^_^;; And Shigure pops in congatulating Hari that the performance is over although he'll have to do so again next year. And Aya comments that they'll be the "lovers team" - play on words with dakare tai.

Shigure complains that Ha-san got changed too quickly since he wanted to take a photo and show it to Mayu, but Hatori says "She wouldn't be impressed by that sort of... Did you guys ... get back together?" Shigure quickly tells him that there's nothing to worry about.

Hatori tells Shigure he should go back otherwise Akito will get lonely but Shigure says Akito's in a good mood because he has both Yuki and Kureno with him. Hatori worries for Yuki but Shigure tells him he worries to much about Yuki and that he's okay.

Akito tells Yuki he's really happy Yuki's decided not to run away and has come back to him and so will forgive him. He also tells him he should come visit more often. To which Yuki tells Akito he forgives him as well. Only to realise that's not right. That it's not a matter of forgiving or not, but rather that he doesn't want to make everything someone else's fault. That he no longer wants to blame Akito, or his mother or Kyo if things don't go how he wants them to. And that he has to fix his faults and bad points and has to realise what they are as well otherwise he'll always be a fool. That things will never change as long as he's always making things someone or something else's fault. And Akito sees the look in Yuki's eyes...

The scene of Kureno crying... not sure what to make of it.

But Akito strikes Yuki with a flagon and demands Yuki apologise which he does. Akito leaves in a huff. Aya then jumps in commenting how Yuki's bleeding. Yuki says he's alright and that it's just a little cut. To which Aya comments "I see, it hurts!! But there's no need for concern. If I'm there you've a million HP. Hatori jumps in and tells him enough and to hurry up and bring him along. And Aya picks Yuki up and tells him "Don't die Yuki!! The memory of the sunset on the shores of the Seine when we swore we'd die together still burns brightly in my heart!!" To which Yuki yells that they didn't swear that and didn't see it (the sunset) and not to create things liek that and to put him down! ^_^;;

...I'm sorry

I will never

return to your side.

Hatori takes care of Yuki's cut which isn't deep but suggests he go to the hospital and get checked out just in case since he might've been hit hard on the head.

Hatori apologises to Yuki for not intervening but Yuki says it's okay and that Akito could've been a lot angrier. Hatori asks Yuki what he'd said to Akito and he says that it was nothing. Just that he didn't want to "always blame others"... and realises he needs to apologise to Hatori for what he'd said as a child when he'd begged Hatori not to erase his friends memories.

Hatori tells him he doesn't need to apologise and that he's very sweet and thanks him. But then tells him not to be like his brother. ^_^;;

And Haru takes off to go visit Rin at Kazuma's... "Yuki wasn't hurt badly... and while the demon (Akito) isn't here"

"Akito too should hurry up and learn his lesson"

And Kyo tells Tohru about why he and Rin hadn't gotten along. As a kid, Rin would occasionally come over and Kazuma would take care of her, so Kyo would feel a bit left out and that she was stealing him away. To which Tohru comments that's really cute. ^^;;

Tohru asks Kyo what he's planning on praying for when he goes to hatsumode (first visit to a shrine for the year) and he comments that if she asks, she has to be prepared to tell too. ^_^

And Tohru thinks about how last year she'd prayed for Yuki and Kyo to get along with each other better but this year... she wishes to be able to break the curse.

And Momiji suddenly pops up behind Kureno and sticks a DVD in his waistband telling him it's a present from Tohru. And it says he should watch it alone.

And Haru finds Rin sleeping...

Will the DVD of Uo-chan at the school festival be the key that opens the door to his heart...?


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