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Half an item is better than nothing...

Finally got around to listening to the Shounen Onmyouji CD Dramas for the Tenkou (Ama Kitsune) arc. ^o^ I think I remember why I tend to listen to these things when I go to bed rather than take time out to try and only listen to them. Too many distractions and other such things during normal hours. >.> As it is, I completely forgot about how the language use in this series is quite different from the things I tend to read. ^^;;

I'm going to have to listen to this thing again later. Since it's been so long since I read the novels, there were some things that made me go 'eh?'. Also, I suspect I didn't fully read the later novels to this arc...? I'm not entirely sure if that's right or not. It's simply been too long since I actively followed this series.. Over 2 years I think. Even so, the end of CD 3 still surprised me a bit at what was omitted.

Yeah, anything coherent will have to wait until I listen to it again. The brain simply isn't putting things together properly. *sigh*
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