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Migawari Hakushaku - Chapter 1

First, many thanks to those who submitted suggestions to my scream for help earlier. They were very helpful. ^_^ (I'm still not sure if I prefer Chalon or Sharon, but... >.> I decided to stay with France and Europe rather than dip down into the Middle East. I might end up kicking myself for it later though. ^^;)

I've been meaning to read this manga (serialised in Beans Ace--same mag as Saiunkoku manga) for some time now, but never got around to it before. (Reading 6 chapters of manga does not warrant an entry on the to-do list, which is why it was never listed. :P )

Briefly, it's a fantasy Europe(?) based comedy gender-bender story. And thanks to reading the manga, I'm currently working my way through the novels. >.<;; (The novels, on the other hand, do warrant an entry on the to-do list, but since it's probably only going to be reading for the time being... *shrug* Probably not worth listing it. :P )

I had considered the possibility of scanlating this series, but...... >.> Quite frankly, that's really not where I like to go (especially cleaning images...). I much prefer translating and stuffs. ^^; FWIW, the story is quite fluffy and silly, and generally, I've been finding that the things that tweak my attention is indeed where the story goes. Still, it's mindless fun if you can get into the silliness. (I'll admit, it took me a couple of tries to get past ch 1.)

Please don't steal. These scans and translation are not to be used to make scanlations.

The Stand-in Count's Adventure

Mireille: Yes! It's done!

Julia: What's that, Mireille?

Mireille: The project plan for the latest product.

Julia: Are you still going on with that?! The plan wasn't at all well received......

Mireille: Of course I am!
We can't lose to some new shop.
We've got to show them that the #1 bread shop here in Sigismund is 'Olsen'!
Down with Blanchere!
It's the conversation she always has with her mother, but...

[The Flower Capital St. Gervais]

Olsen is a long-established bread shop that's been around for five generations and is even known here in Sigismund--a.k.a. the commercial battle ground.

Julia: Sheesh...
If you're always thinking of these unromantic things all the time,

it's going to take even longer for you to get married.

Paper: Down with Blanchere
Road to the top of St. Gervais

Mireille: So sorry for not being able to have a single boyfriend in all my sixteen years!


Julia: Personally, I think things're fine the way they are.
Not to mention sales haven't changed all that much.

Mireille: What are you talking about, Mama?
Mireille: It's an issue of one's pride as an artisan and a merchant!

Becoming the #1 bread shop in Sigismund means becoming the #1 bread shop in St. Gervais.
It's a wonderful thing!

I'll do whatever it takes for us to claw our way up to the top!

For starters, how about turnip soup in bread for a new product?

Julia: Turnip...
Just make sure that you don't get in Grandpa's way.

......Do what you like.
But at the very least, make sure it's at least edible by people.

Mireille: That's mean.
Of course I will.
Julia: This girl, she has no clue just how her bread turns out.


Julia: I'm off to deliver some jam.


Mireille: Ah! I'll go!

*shoves bread in mouth*

Julia: You take care of the shop.
Don't treat me like an old woman.

Ah, that's right. Apparently, Grandpa's expecting a visitor.
He's resting in his workroom, so you'll have to tell him when his guest arrives.

Mireille: *grumble*
Enjoy yourself.

*karan* (bell attached to the door rings)
I have no Papa.

He was a merchant from the neighboring country of Chalon, but he apparently died in a marine accident
about half a year before I was born--he was still only 19 or 20 years old.

Mama works twice as hard as anyone else everyday
She should eat tastier food
or go out and have fun more...

Mireille: That's why I'm gonna make sure 'Olsen' ends up becoming the #1 bread shop in Sigismund!

With the trading skills I inherited from my Papa!!

If we conquer Sigismund, we'll set up branch shops in the city,
after which we'll expand throughout the country...
A slightly dark, deep blue, with gold inlay.

There are only two of these in this world, and it's very precious to me.

Write to me with this, okay?


My older twin brother

He was adopted and went to the neighboring country of Altemaris when I was six.

It takes six days to get there by carriage, so I can't see him often.

Postman: Letter for you, Mireille.

But we often wrote to one another...

[My dearest sister,]
[I've fallen in love.

I've met the woman of my dreams, and honestly wouldn't mind risking my life for her.

But she's to marry another man soon.

There's no point to living if all I can do is stand by and watch silently...

I would rather sell my soul to the devil......!!]
[...Dear sister, please help me.

You're the only one in this world I can turn to.]

*drops letter*

...How terrible...

He's suffering in his adoptive home...!!

It's been 10 years, yet he has no one he can rely on in his adoptive home...

The poor guy...!!

*clasps hands together tightly*
He's always been so happy-go-lucky and extremely self-confident

It's more like he's missing a few screws or something.

I've never seen Fred look like he's feeling down.

Julia: What's wrong?

Mireille: Ah, Mama, um...



[It's a promise, Mireille.

You're never to do anything

to worry Mama or Grandpa.]

Mireille: Ah, no, it's nothing, really.

Julia: ?

That's right.

I have to try and do something.

«Pull yourself together»
«You love her that much, yet you're giving up? And you call yourself a man?!»

[It's been two months since then.]

He hasn't replied...
He's never taken so long to reply before.
I wonder if something happened.
What should I do?
What should I do?!

Mireille: ......

Hurry up and write
And let me know if you're alright or not...

*karan* (bell on door rings)


Mireille: --Ah,

Man: Excuse me.

Is this the Olsen residence?
Who is he...?

Could this be Grandpa's guest?

...Not to mention it's the middle of spring, yet he's wearing such drab clothes...
But he's very good-looking...
He seems like he's around 20 or so...

Not to mention
he looks like he's really nice


Man: Umm...
You dropped your bun

Mireille: !
Ah, yes! This is the Olsen residence.
May I ask who's calling?

Man: You must be Miss Mireille.

You really do look just like Fred.
Mireille: Eh?!

One of Fred's friends?


Man: I beg your pardon,

I've been sent by the Bernhardt family.
I'm Richard Radford

I've come to get you.
Mireille: ...Me?!

Richard: I'm very sorry,
but I need you to come to Altemaris immediately.

...Why is someone from Fred's adoptive household coming to get me...?

Mireille: Uh, um...
Grandpa's in back, so I'll go get...


Mireille: Kyaa!

Richard: There's no need.
Everything's already been arranged with Mr. Daniel.
[What does he mean,

--More importantly,

has this man really been sent by the Bernhardt family?!]

M: Grandpa!!
Mireille: Grandpa!!

Grandpa!! Hey!

He should be able to hear me if he's in his workroom...

Why doesn't he come out?

Richard: ......

I guess I have no choice.
I have strict orders to bring you back with me...

Mireille: *shriek*


*heart skips a beat*

Richard: I'll listen to all your grievances
for being so rude later

Mireille: Wait... What...

Richard: Open your mouth.

Mireille: Mouth?

Richard: You have such lovely lips.

Mireille: ......Huh......?
Richard: I beg your pardon

*shoves bottle in her mouth*



Mireille: Noooo!

What is this?! Poison?
It tastes kind of sweet and tart.

What did you make me driiiink...

Richard: Don't worry, it's just a sleeping potion.

Mireille: A sleeping potion?!

Richard: It's made by the Witch of Altemaris and carries the slogan 'outstanding immediate effect'.

Don't worry, it has no side effects.
Mireille: Wha...

Making me take some medicine all of a sudden...

Just what's with that cheerfulness of his?!

*head spins*



You're kidding.

It can't be this fast-acting?!]
Mireille: ......

What the......

Just what is going on here?!

Richard: Aa
Richard: You're awake.


Mireille: Kyaaa!


Mireille: Aa

Richard: Are you alright?!

Mireille: Th-thank...


This person's...
From that time...

Mireille: ...You...


Mireille: creep!!!


Mireille: --Why you,

Just because you're a little good looking...
Aren't you the least bit ashamed about forcing a girl to take some drug and then kidnapping her?!

You're the worst!

To think that I'd felt attracted to this guy.

Richard: ......

*tears up*

Mireille: ...Let me go home.
Mireille: Even if you sell me to a brothel, you won't get very much for me.

I'm inconsiderate, rude, and ill-mannered...

Richard: You have the wrong idea.
This isn't that sort of place.

You're in The Bernhardt's Moritz Castle.

It's one of the duke's holdings in the western part of Altemaris......
It takes about one and a half days to get here from St. Gervais by carriage.

Mireille: ...You intend to sell me to a brothel in Altemaris...?

Richard: ...Um, I would really appreciate getting off the subject of brothels...

Mireille: But that's what's going on here, right?!
You said you've already arranged things with Grandpa...
Mireille: I never thought we were that hard up for money.

Richard: ...No, um

Mireille: ......
Fine then.

If that's the way things are, I'll reach the top of this field.

But I'll have you know that I have absolutely no experience!

If you expect to use me in your business as part of your goods, then you'll have to take responsibility and teach me this business!
Richard: ......

*running footsteps approach*


Man: Mireille!!!

Who's he?
The mastermind behind my kidnapping?

*pant* *pant*

This man...

seems familiar...

*eyes fill with tears*

Eduard: I-I'm your father, Mireille!!!


Eduard: I'm Eduard...
Right now, I'm also the Duke of Bernhardt.

*sniffle* *sniffle*

Eduard: I'm really am your and Fred's father.

Mireille: Duke?!

That's at the very top of the nobility, right?!
And except for under exceptional circumstances, only members of the royal family are given that rank...

Eduard: Personally, I'm just a regular person.

I just happen to carry the blood of the royal family of Altemaris...

A relative of the royal family?!

Mireille: I-in that case, mister...

Calling me mister...


Eduard: I'd rather die than have you call me something like you would a complete stranger.

Mireille: Um... in that case, Mr. Eduard...

Eduard: Won't you call me Papa?!

Mireille: ......
Fine, then. Papa...


Mireille: ...So...

You know His Royal Majesty then, Papa?

Eduard: Of course I'm acquainted with him.

While we have different mothers, His Royal Majesty Heinrich IV is my older brother.

Eduard: M-Mireille?!


Mireille: That's impossible!!
How on earth does a prince end up falling in love with a bread baker's daughter?!

Then who did I inherit my business prowess from?!

Or do you mean I've never had any to begin with?!


Eduard: ......

...You look just like Julia
when you act that way.


The gentle look on his face...

His blond hair and blue-grey eyes...

Most likely Fred will look just like him when he grows up.
Eduard: When I first met Julia, she threw an apple at me...

An apple?!

Eduard: And I was completely enamored with her from that moment onwards.

Mireille: .....?!

I couldn't tell her that I was the younger brother of the King,

so I told her I was Edward Sofields--the son of a Chalon merchant.

And Julia and I spent the days happily together.

[Unfortunately, the second wife of the king learned of that--]

It's also to have you officially recognised as a potential heir to the throne.

If you refuse to marry the daughter of one of the aristocracy,

that girl dies!!
Mireille: Dies...?!

Eduard: My mother was unusually obsessed with the idea of having me ascend the throne, so I knew it wasn't just a threat...
So I revealed my identity and tearfully broke up with her.

But my wife died soon after we married from illness...

and I came to hate my life.

Unable to suppress the feelings I'd locked away, I went to see Julia.

--And that's when,

for the first time
I found out that Julia had given birth to my children.

I still loved her and proposed to her, but

she stubbornly refused to accept.

Eduard: --But I never wanted to let go of you two again,
so I wept and told her that "without an heir, the household will die out."

And I took Fred as my adopted son.

Mireille: ......


I'm the only one who didn't know that...?

Eduard: Aa

Natually, I wanted to take you in as soon as possible as well!
Eduard: But regardless how many gifts I sent her, Julia refused to give me an answer


Is he talking about that...

Fred: I'm back

All the gifts Fred always brought...

...It doesn't seem real

having him tell me all this all of a sudden, but...

Your late father sent this picture

to Julia before marrying.

This person
really is our Papa...

Mireille: ......
I understand the circumstances.

I really don't, but I'll pretend that I do...

But you didn't need to force me to come like that...

Without giving me any reason...

Eduard: I'm sorry about that... we're in a race against time

And absolutely wanted to get your assistance...

Mireille: ?


--To my father and the various people of Duke Bernhardt's country home,

Thanks to my younger sister's firm advice, 'if you're a man, steal her from him!'

I've decided to go on a journey together with Lady Lydianne now

before she becomes His Highness's wife. Forgive me for throwing everything away for the love of my life.

Mireille: ......
By this, you mean they



Richard: Eloped...

Mireille: Right! That!!


Mireille: ...more importantly... wait, wait, wait.
Fred eloped?! You're kidding, right?!

But his voice hasn't changed yet.

Richard: Somehow, I don't think a person's voice changing is relevant...
Mireille: It's my fault?! Because I incited him to do it?!
More to the point, what's this 'His Highness' about?!

Richard: ...His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince Alfred.

Mireille: Wh-
Why is that sort of person's name coming up...?!

Richard: --In other words,

Fred has absconded with the Crown Prince's betrothed--
the lady who is to become the Crown Prince's wife.
[The future...

wife of
the Crown...


Richard: .........


Eduard: Aa, Mireille!!

You poor thing, you're so pale...


Eduard: Richard! Kindly do not be so cruel to my daughter!

Richard: *ahem*

--If this matter should become publicly known, the entire family will be executed for high treason...
If they're lucky, they'll be exiled out of country.

Mireille: Ehh?!

Eduard: I-it's okay.

C-calm down, Mireille.

Mireille: But...

J-just what can I d-d-d-d-do?!
Richard: A top secret undercover search team has been dispatched to search for their whereabouts.

As long as they're found before the banquet when the engagement is to be announced, there will be no problems.

Mireille: B-but what if they're not found?!

--You don't mean,
I'm to become his wife in her place?!

Eduard: What?!

As if I would ever allow that!!

Letting my dear Mireille become the wife of that crown prince!
*pant* *pant* *pant*

Mireille: "That..."?

Richard: --Well,
that's the situation.

We need your help.

Mireille: Th-there's something I can do?!
I'll do anything.

Richard: Yes.
It's something that only you can do.

Because we'll have you take Fred's place.

Mireille: --Eh?

Richard: You're to become
Frederick the Count of Bernhardt.
Mireille: ......

By that, you don't mean...


Mireille: ......Eh

Dress as a guy?!?!

[--And so,
thanks to a single letter from my brother,

the curtain rises on the chaotic days of my life...]

[Banner: Just why is Mireille taking her brother's place?!]

Ouch! It's been a long time since I've done translations like this. >.>

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