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Ch 95 commentary sites

Hmm... intrigue. Two sites have now posted commentaries for Ch 95 although mundus_talk hasn't yet. >_< Still it sounds like it'll be an interesting chapter all 'round and I really want to see the dialogue for when Tohru goes over to Shishou's... ^_^ While Baby Pink (the site usually checked on for the ML) tends to post a bit quicker than the others, I find her commentaries a bit harder to follow at times. Very much the fan girl. ^_^ Citrus Mix I like a bit more these days for the mix between quotes and commentary which mundus (don't know the actual site name offhand) is a bit in between. ^_^ Mind Mundus is... odd with the "worst possible continuations" bit at the end of their commentary. Anyhow, the pre-run down to the chapter! (The post run-down will come once I've read / done the translation for it)

The usual SPOILERS CONTAINED BELOW!!! warning. Continue at your own risk. ^_^

It appears that the chapter starts off with Tohru being asked to come "in marriage" (metaphorically) from the comment

"While pretty incompetent..."

and she and Kyo go to Shihan's for New Year's.

"Ah, but Shihan's got Hana-chan..."
"Don't assume those sorts of things on your own like that..."

Ahahah, could you imagine if that did end up happening though? Hana-chan and Shihan.... Poor Kyo being constantly terrorised by denpa-onna.... ^_^

Anyhow, Yuki and Shigure have decided to take part in the Sohma family's New Year celebration and Shigure decides that it wouldn't be a good idea to leave Tohru and Kyo alone in the house together.

"I'll come up with a plan to protect you from Kyo's evil clutches..."

And Rin is also at Shihan's for New Years...

"No one said anything about you (Tohru) being here!! That's ill!!"

And Kyo and Rin don't seem to get along too well, and glare at each other. It seems like there's definite dislike on Kyo's part but indifference on Rin's. And Shihan comments:

"It's not that they hate each other, they just don't like each other."

After which, things switch over to the Banquet. Hatori's supposed to be quite something and when he takes off his jacket and Aya's comment... *^_^* The dance next year will be between Hatori and Aya... poor Hatori. ^^;; (Apparently Ritsu really is trying to be more like Aya as well...)

Yuki's changed a lot in the past year, and that's supposed to be quite apparent at the banquet. Where a year ago, Yuki had been terrified of Akito (school), to being unable to do anything against Akito although managing to not tell him about Kyo's feelings for Tohru (beach property) and now he decides not to run away from family and responsibilities.

"If you don't change your bad points or even recognise them, you'll always just be an idiot. As long as you keep blaming others, things'll never change."

The person from Citrus Mix comments that Yuki's probably commenting about himself but Akito may have heard it as a comment against himself.

"No. Don't go"

Who's line this is apparently isn't clear. And things flashback to when Kureno was younger, perhaps 7-8 years earlier and he's crying. Citrus Mix's commentator isn't convinced that Kureno's the bird and speculates about the possibility that Hiro's sib will be the bird and that Kureno himself denies being the bird and that maybe the scene was actually between him and the real bird... The scene being described has lots of birds feathers...

At some point Yuki's supposed to tell Akito he forgives him, but Akito can't accept that Yuki's changed so much and ends up hitting him with a bottle (flagon... something glass)...

"Hatori too's been hurt by things. Sorry... for being (having been) such a child."

This seems to refer to something from when Yuki was much younger, something between him and Hatori. Perhaps to when Yuki's friends memories were suppressed?? But he apologises for what he'd said then to Hatori, who thanks him. ^_^

And it's just about the dawn of the New Year. Tohru asks Kyo what he's planning on wishing for when he goes to hatsumode (first visit of the year to a shrine). Kyo replies that if she asks she has to be prepared to answer the question herself. ^_^

And Momiji gives a certain DVD to Kureno telling him to watch it when he's alone. And when Rin wakes she gets in a major fight...

But Chapter 96 won't be in the next issue. So there's a one month gap to the next chapter. >_

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