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Looks like the info for the manga with CD has finally been updated. ^o^ As expected, the other price was for the manga only. (Info from this page.) From what I can see, the CD drama (first half) is based on the story 'The Forgotten Children' in manga vols 10-12 (<-- yes 12), is an original story (sic was not part of the anime series), and is ~60 mins long.

*Reads* ROFL! There's a note at the bottom of the pre-order page that orders (from Kodansha) are only being accepted for people residing in Japan. ^^; Oh, almost forgot. The price of the manga with CD drama is Y2580 (with tax). Much more realistic for what's being included. ^^; (I think that's on par with the Tsubasa(?) XXXholic(?) with DVD manga releases.)

Otherwise... current spec on 2ch re HakuYou upcoming book is that it will be a main story novel. Speculation is based on the following:
- no SS book (3 to date) has had an original title; they've all used already published titles
- might not be enough pre-existing material (previously published SSs are all very short, but... *shrug*)
- next SS book will probably primarily be a Sylvanford book which the title isn't suggestive of. (They were seeing images of Edgar happily chasing after white rabbit Lydia...... ^^; ; at the same time, someone suggests that the title seems rather bright and sunny)
- price of SS books are on the lower end (Y500-540) whereas main stories are all higher end (Y540-560); (latest book is Y560)

Umm... yeah. The reasoning's pretty circumstantial. *laughs* Either way, I'm looking forward to the latest book. ^o^
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