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Even I have to admit that (the day before) yesterday's post was pretty pathetic in terms of pages translated. But... I was distracted! :P I happened to read something somewhere and decided to look into an OCR (optical character recognition) program that was mentioned. It's actually rather amusing...

The actual text (pg 138 for HakuYou Novel 1)
(メロウが解放されたら、 帰れるぞ)












What the program gives:







(ずっと嘆(げ )いてるんだ。島の主人が帰ってこないからな)





What is that, 11 mistakes on the one page? Things get even worse when エドガー becomes ユドガー, アーミン : アーミソ, and レイヴン : レイヴソ. ^^;; Still, it's surprisingly not bad even with that many errors. Pretty readable over all. I'll have to see if I can try using this... :P

Otherwise, out of curiosity (because I haven't actually read any of what I've been writing for the past few weeks...), if anyone's been following the translations over on DW, does what I've been posting make sense?? Normally, even when doing 'straight translations' I at least try to do a quick read through of bits and pieces to make sure it's relatively readable. But this time, I haven't even been doing that much, and I've only been looking for red squigglies (sic spelling errors) when posting and trying to watch for the fingers typing something other than what the brain's thinking. (<-- This is a big sticking point because I've caught the fingers typing some pretty weird things that have nothing to do with the word(s) in the brain.) Likewise, sometimes the computer doesn't get everything I'm typing down resulting in the occasional dropped word. (Esp. 3-letter words like 'not'...)

Ah well, assuming nothing untoward happens, book 18 should be finished in four more days. I don't think I can manage 3; it would require averaging 16 pgs / day. :P
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