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Okay, so I'm writing first thing rather than last. I forgot to write last night. ^_^;

Yesterday was interesting looking around at various sites about site content protection, code obfuscators and their pros and cons. I've looked at graphics protection concepts before and their pros/cons but text protection is a lot less common to see/find. (HTML and PHP code protection is relatively common though.) In any case, I'll have to consider what they discussed a bit more overall. I do use one obfuscator although how effective it is...? That's for my e-mail to keep bots from harvesting it. I'm not particularly convinced that it's effective though so I'll have to look at another way to mung the e-mail from bots but not from legit people. (Can't do much about human harvesters.)

One thing that has been bothering me about this whole thing is, obviously as long as the translations stay here, there's probably no real way to absolutely keep a certain someone from gaining access to them. How important is this to the overall situation? I'm not sure. In any case, I have a few scripts to go hunting down to try-out. I'm getting the feeling I'm starting to get a clearer idea of what I'm going to do, but it does mean instituting changes to the pages and site and that'll take time; even with a search & replace program. -_-

Otherwise, I was reading through FB Ch 56 last night... this was still in draft form on the site. Gah error hakken. >_< I'll have to fix it up a bit. In any case, must get going.

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