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Vol 18 Translation part 2

And part 2. Jumping in directly from the previous part. And once again, we end mid-scene. ^^; I get the feeling this is going to be the norm.

Otherwise, I think it'll take a few more days to be sure, but I might've been a bit optimistic in my original estimate. I thought 10 pages (28 days) was a bit too few to translate, but 20 pages (14 days) is far too much for a daily pace so figured mid-way between the two might be good (approx. 15 pages--21 days). Unfortunately, reality might be a bit different. ^^; We'll see how things go and how the weekends might affect things. :P This section takes us partway into pg 42.

"She was originally from somewhere else, but she loved Bretagne. That's right, it was like she was in love with it. ......Apparently, it's similar to where she's from. She didn't know if she'd be able to return home, so perhaps her feelings included a mix of her longing for her homeland. The stones of Carnac, the Emerald Coast of Saint Malo... Even though they're part of France, they're different from the rest of the country and have the feeling of another land. The sound of the Breton language. And I ended up becoming attracted to the wonders of Bretagne that she spoke of."

'Unrequitted love is similar to homesickness for a distant land,' Lydia thought idly as the medication started to take effect.

"I wonder if the fairies really exist......" Francis murmured as though sighing.

"Did that lady talk about fairies?" Edgar asked.

"She said that she often saw them in Bretagne. Interesting, isn't it?"

"......They really do exist," Lydia murmured as sleep began to overcome her. She didn't resist as Edgar pulled her close and lay her head on his shoulder.

"Thank you, my lady. You're the first one to say that." Francis looked at Lydia solemnly.

At some point, Lydia started to be able to talk unhesitatingly about the fae. Most likely, ever since she started to feel she had Edgar's support. Having someone with her who didn't laugh at the idea of the fae was all it took to give her strength. It wasn't as though people who believed in the fae or people who wanted to believe in the fae no longer existed. In which case, perhaps her own words could also give someone strength. Lydia smiled as sleep slowly overcame her.

When she woke, she found that her head resting in Edgar's lap. Edgar smiled as he looked at Lydia as she quickly straightened up. "You slept well. How do you feel?"

Looking around, Francis was nowhere to be seen. Raven and Kelly, too, had left the compartment. Nico was still snoring away where he lay on the seat.

"I feel much better. ......But, um... when did I......"

"You mean when did you take over my lap? I though it would be more comfortable that way."

"Y-you did that?!"

"You don't need to worry. My lap is yours alone."

"That's not what I meant. Doing that sort of thing in front of others...... it's shameless!"

"Others? Ah, you mean because Francis was there? It's okay, he's French after all."

"Do you think anything's okay in France?!"

"Yes. Not to mention we're newlyweds so most things will be forgiven."

What sort of logic is that?

Paying no heed to Lydia's astonishment, Edgar drew close and kissed her.

"He was impressed at how close a couple we are."

Perhaps you're mistaken and he was taken aback.

"I fell asleep and didn't give him my regards. Even though he's your friend...... Did he already get off?"

"He got off at the previous station. But perhaps we'll see him again since he'll be travelling around Bretagne."

'If that's the case, that's okay,' Lydia thought realising that she was hoping to see him again. She absolutely didn't feel that in any strange way, but rather she felt she wanted to talkwith him more about the fae.

"Also, Lydia, there's no need to concern yourself about failing to maintain any social responsibilities. He's not my friend."

"Eh? But you seemed to be on good terms."

Edgar put his hand to his chin as he thought things over.

"Any way I look at things, I don't think we've ever met. That sort of unusual foreigner hadn't been invited to the party at the Postners's. And yet he knew about me. I wonder what he's up to."

"......More to the point, what were you thinking?! After all, you were acting like you knew him!"

"I thought maybe I'd be able to figure out what he was up to."

Lydia stared at him in disbelief unable to comprehend Edgar's way of thinking.

"By the way, Edgar, didn't you try to hide something earlier? Something about chasing after a member of the Postner household......"

"Hm? What are you talking about?" Edgar quickly stood and reached out for Lydia's hat that was hanging on the wall. He smiled sweetly as he ended the conversation. "We'll be getting off at the next stop, so we should start getting ready."


They stopped by Mont Saint Michel on the Western tip of Normandy, and taking their time and enjoying their sight-seeing, Lydia and the others didn't reach the resort in Bretagne until three days later. That area, known as the Pink Granite Coast, was just like its name suggested. The pinkish cliffs were beautiful as they stretched along the coastline.

Lately, the number of manors owned by wealthy Americans had increased, and more English and European nobility had taken to gathering there.

Naturally they came to this coastal area because the island and castle shown in the image had a pinkish hue to them. When Lydia checked with her mineralogist father, he told her that that colour of granite was to be found in Bretagne. And since the buildings in the area were built from those stones, they all had that rosy tinge to them. He also told her that legends about red moonstone might exist in the area. Lydia's father liked to gather legends and tales about various stones and it was an area of study in natural history.

Unfortunately, he didn't know any details of the legends. Apparently, he hadn't managed to get that far in his research. However, he did tell her that moonstone was a type of feldspar, and feldspar was a component often found in granite.

It was as though the red moonstone ring was a result of having concentrated the reddish colour of the pink granite. The feeling that they should visit the pink granite coast became even stronger, hence why they came.

Lydia's attention was instantly caught by the unusual scenery. The coast that stretched as far as the eye could see was literally rose-coloured. Since they arrived at sunset, the sea, too, looked as though roses had been dissolved in it.

Islands could be seen dotting the sea. The islands were like rose-coloured precipices jutting out from the sea.

Around the harbour, seagulls were like dancing black shadows and the clouds glowed rosily. Just like its name Little Britain, Britain lay on the other side of the horizon. The British people who crossed the straight a long time ago must have risked their lives crossing what was then a vast distance, but now, it was a nearby resort with many English visitors. Even at the hotel where Lydia and the others arrived, the English accent particular to the upper crust could be heard throughout.

The hotel which stood at the top of a cliff was a beautifully renovated old castle and was orangey-pink hued. The interior was also very elegant and it was done in a manner liked by the nobility. The suite Lydia was shown had a master bedroom, drawing room, and two attached dressing rooms, and the first thing she did was to go out onto the balcony where she had a commanding view of the pink coast and the sea.

"Are you glad we came?" Edgar stood beside her and smiled.

"Yes, the view is wonderful." Lydia raised her hand bathing her moonstone ring in the rays from the setting sun. "Bow, do you know? If the red moonstone is nearby?"

However the moonstone didn't answer. For one thing, it didn't speak the language of people.

"Where we should start searching? I wonder if we walked along the coast if we'd find the island and castle that was in that painting," Lydia said.

Edgar shrugged. "The pink granite coast continues for 30 miles."

"Eh? Really? That's no good. If only we had the painting, we could've shown it to people......"

They didn't know who the artist was nor who owned the painting. They didn't even know if the island actually existed.

"We only just arrived, yet you're quite eager to get started."

"But it's something very important to us."

"Us, huh. That's nice. It means we're of one mind and body, right?"

"Well...... yeah." After all, they were married.

Edgar looked amused as Lydia blushed. He hugged her from behind wrapping his arms around her below her bust. Lydia couldn't help feeling flustered when she felt him press his lips to the back of her neck.

"......Wait, Edgar, you should think about this, too. There might be a clue about Ibrazel here."

Lydia tried to move his arms, but it was no use.

"While it would be nice if there is a clue, it doesn't really matter if there isn't. Our primary goal is to have fun travelling and further deepen our love, right?"

"Eh? Really?"

At that unexpected response, Edgar loosened his embrace and turning Lydia towards him, he raised an eyebrow slightly. "It's our honeymoon, after all."

"Ah...... um, well, yes."

He blinked in disbelief. "Lydia, you didn't come here to do your work as a fairy doctor, did you?" As a member of the earl's household, it was an important job. "What can I do to make you only able to think of me?"

Lydia panicked at the wicked look on his face and put some distance between them. "I-I should get ready for dinner," she said as she retreated to the centre of the room and quickly called Kelly.

Edgar seemed to give in when her lady's maid appeared. "Well, I guess that's okay. After all, we still have lots of time left to our honeymoon."

Lydia sighed in relief. She wasn't used to the aggressiveness he occasionally showed glimpses of. While she didn't mind his gentle come-ons or his teasing that would make her blush, she couldn't help feeling shaken when she felt he pursued her more strongly than that. Most likely, he wasn't being satisfied the way she was right now. She felt that he was holding a part of himself back. Because she had no sex appeal and was so childlike? But what exactly is sex appeal? She wasn't really sure. It could be that she didn't have what he wanted. She couldn't help feeling that she didn't what him to realise that.

When he disappeared into the next room, she then worried about her brusque attitude. "The honeymoon's a lot more difficult than I expected," she murmured unconsciously. Kelly, who'd brought Lydia's dress for her, smiled.

"But, Mrs. Lydia, you're enjoying yourself, aren't you?"

"Yes......I'm enjoying the trip. But getting away from our regular routine, it seems like we'll become aware of things we didn't know about one another."

"That's what the honeymoon's for—to strengthen your relationship."

"What if you end up realising things you don't like?"

"Did you find something?"

"I-it's not like that."

Edgar was like that before they got married. Including that aggressiveness. Before, though, Lydia could reject that and could even pretend she didn't know about it. But she couldn't do that anymore. Since they were married, she thought it was wrong to run away. But she couldn't help pulling back.

'I...... wonder if I'm different... from Edgar's expectations.

Having finished getting ready for dinner, Lydia could only stare at the splendour of the dining room when she entered; it was like one would expect at a palace. While the place was already magnificently built, it seems that they took things a step further for dinner. The people gathered there all seemed so gorgeous and caught the eye. The ladies were all dressed even more extravagantly than could be seen in London society and they wore large gems as though to show them off. The lustrous peppermint green dress Lydia was wearing was so classy that it might have seemed plain by comparison.

In the midst of the large glinting diamonds and emeralds, Lydia wore what looked to be a delicate knitted lace choker with seed pearls and a hair ornament.

Kelly said that Edgar had suggested them, and they didn't glitter so much as to catch the eye, but Edgar was smiling in satisfaction.

"I guess this is to be expected of a a resort where the wealthy gather."

Having taken their seats, Lydia felt nervous as she glanced around surreptitiously.

"True. But you're the one people are paying the most attention to."

Lydia didn't understand what he meant, but after they finished their dinner, their server left a card for them.

"We've been invited to the Viscount and Viscountess Newman's salon. Shall we go?" Edgar asked after opening it.

"Um, would it be better to go?"

"We'd only be giving our regards. Since we'll be staying here a while, and the crowd of English nobility has most likely already become established, it wouldn't hurt to get to know them."

Apparently, even in a foreign hotel, a social group seems to exist among the long-term guests.

"Do you know the Newmans, Edgar?"

"No. Most likely they're newly established nobility. But it seems like they know my name, and it should be as formal as London society. Perhaps there'll be some young ladies you'll get along with."

Perhaps he meant that it would be a chance to make some friends. Lydia nodded as she hid her reluctance. Since she'd become the Countess Ashenbert, she didn't want to cause Edgar any embarrassment.


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