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Lookie what I found! ^o^ (It's also listed on Amazon JP.) Looks like that bit from 2ch about a HakuYou OST is true. Very little info about it though. ^^;; Just a price (Y3000), the release date (Jul 3), and number of disks (1) really. As always, the official anime website doesn't have any updates about it. >.> (......'As always'? Umm... folks over on 2ch were complaining about the lack of updates for things there. ^^; )

Otherwise, spent most of tonight re-watching what's been released so far for Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S. I'm *really* enjoying this series. ^^; It's much better than the first release for Polyphonica a year or two ago. *sigh* How I curse losing book 1 for Polyphonica. >.> That's okay. Someone released a *.txt for the latest HakuYou novel. That's... kinda scary. O_O;
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