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Shadow [userpic]

FB Chapter 94

June 27th, 2004 (01:54 pm)

Hmm... still (single digit) morning and I'm still working on my first cup of tea (cold now...) so yeah, we're not quite awake and with the program yet today. ^_^; In any case, I finally read Ch 94 for FB and it's really cute.


Machi, whom we'd all gotten to see as so quiet and sullen in the beginning is finally starting to show her true self. Her personal living situation (living alone in a small one-room? mansion) and getting a call from her mother like that...

One of the commentary sites said that her mother is somewhat like Yuki's mother. And certainly there are parallels. Yuki's mom used him to gain status in the family having given birth to the mouse/rat. Machi's mom tried to use her to keep succession in her line. Typical, female, behind the scenes maneuvering really. However, that comment about having been "thrown out" and the scene with the woman yelling at her not to come any closer. That was probably her mother and she was holding a baby; perhaps her younger brother? None of the commentary sites really say or speculate on this aspect so it's purely my own speculation, but, it would fit the situation.

I wonder how many families there keep having kids until they have a son...? In any case, like Machi, Yuki's really cute in this chapter too. Yuki really is quite "out of it" or "clueless". He and Machi are definitely in flirt mode without either party entirely intending it... Machi seems to realise a bit of her feelings or perhaps she's prone to Yuki's "tennen" (natural?) comments. I can see how those sorts of comments said so naturally and straight could be quite the weapon. (Someone'd said that in a site when I was looking for a good slang/connotative defintion for "tennen" beyond "natural" or "inherent".) Yuki truly is clueless and has no idea as to the effect he's really having. Just seeing her reaction as "cute". LOL!

Manabe though is really quite the character. While he was annoying earlier, he's turning into an interesting person in his own way as well. Worried about his kid sister, getting to see her so utterly embarrassed like that and possibly being interested in Yuki(!), and taking full advantage of it and teasing her mercilessly! And Machi *knows* she's being teased even though everyone else is clueless. "So you like red, eh~" Then Kimi's comment of "Ehh~~ What~? Machi, you don't perhaps..." and getting cut off by Machi hitting the table again. Ahahaha!! I wonder if Kimi might've gotten what Manabe's teasing her about! ^_^

Oops. 10, time to go about the day. ^_^