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ROFLMAO! Well, one person has posted her thoughts about the game, and I have to admit, it makes me even more tempted to get it now. ^^;;

Here's the original blog review for the game. ^^;

I... don't think I'll translate the whole thing but will do some a hint of summarising and mostly translating instead. Apparently I lie from one line to the next. ^^;

She starts off mentioning that she's started playing the game having been caught after seeing the OP on YouTube and that more than the limited version, she prefers the regular version's cover shot. Lydia's cute...

Apparently, it's written on a BBS somewhere that the prologue to the game is very long. The anime story [Merrow's Sword] is the basis for a digest that gives details about how Lydia became the earl's fairy doctor advisor. Apparently, it's 45 mins long(!), so she was a bit tired even before starting the actual game.

Likewise, she ran into bad endings numerous times, there were no cheat sites which was the biggest problem for her, and she can't help wondering if the game was that minor a title. However, she determines that since she's such a HakuYou fan that she'll finish the game! She then comments that the game is rather like Edgar. It's sadistic.

The game's set up into a series of chapters. Using the anime story as its base, a number of original stories are then added in. It's akin to watching short stories and is fun. ...It's fun but... if you make one wrong choice, you quickly run into a bad end. orz

Next she goes on to explain about the different chapters...

Covers from when Edgar and Lydia meet until Edgar gains the Merrow's sword, and is a digest of the anime eps 1-4. Compressing 4 eps into 45 mins is also something, but at the same time, just pressing the button to continue was also a pain. But it's something that only needs to be endured the first time through and from the second play through, you can just skip it instead.

The Realisable Dream After One's Resolution
After the prologue's explanation, you automatically start this story. Perhaps it's akin to the introduction and starts from Lydia's first day as the earl's fairy doctor advisor. She ends up going to a banquet with Edgar which is an original story to the game. Details about when Lydia first started working weren't included in the novels so it's fun to see. The next day, she's invited by a duke and duchess to listen to the symphony and ends up going with Edgar... Lydia gets annoyed and says that she didn't become his advisor to do this sort of thing. This aspect was also included in the novels and was probably Edgar's way of introducing Lydia to society.

Then one day, a consultation letter finally comes for Lydia. Raven gives the letter that had fallen to the floor in the hallway to her. It seems that Edgar might've intended to hide it from her, but she quickly starts reading the letter. It's a consult from a young boy who wants to get along with the fae. Lydia immediately decides to head for the village where the boy lives, and for some reason, Edgar accompanies her.

As the game progresses, a number of choices are shown. As the player makes their choice, the heart in the lower right-hand corner of the dialogue box changes colour. Naturally there are also choices that do nothing, as well. Typically, the heart is to stay green as you progress through the game.


I ended up running into bad ends numerous times even in the introduction... orz

After getting surrounded by the fae in the orchard, Lydia jumps into the horde trying to force her way through only to end up getting hung from a tree. The fae wrap her up in threads and she's completely unable to move, whereupon Edgar says, "Sorry, Lydia. Even I don't think I can love you now that you're a cocoon*." [* lit a bagworm--a type of caterpillar] ...Sorry. I couldn't help laughing a bit. ( ゚Д゚)・∵. Edgar's lines are all in full audio, so naturally, the line was said by Midorikawa-san. "You don't have to love me. Help me!" No kidding. (laughs) But Lydia's cry for help falls on deaf ears and Edgar leaves with Raven. ~Bad End~

...You're abandoning her?! (laughs) щ(゚ロ゚щ)

Otherwise, for some reason the boy who wrote the letter ends up getting swallowed up by a tree resulting in a bad end... orz

Edgar gets angry mistakenly thinking Lydia is avoiding him and goes back to London with Raven. And unable to solve the case, she ends up returning to Scotland with Nico. Bad end...... orz

Unable to meet the fairy who can cure illnesses, the boy's grandfather dies. Bad end......... orz

Despite using the quick load and making different choices, I kept running into bad ends...

Argh~~~~~! I can't take this anymore! (ノД`;)・゚

I wanted to throw my controller away in frustration numerous times, but... After the umpteenth time, for some reason things went differently...

(つд⊂) rubs eyes

( ゚д゚)・・・

(つд⊂) rubs eyes again

( ゚д゚)!?

Why?! (laughs)

I'd tried the same choices over and over, but for some reason I was able to continue... But who cares why. Yay! Apparently, the cause of everything was because the boy had picked an apple that wasn't yet ripe from the tree making the fae angry. As a result, his grandfather's illness became worse. Regretting what he'd done, the boy promises the fae to raise apple trees.

Time to finish: 4 hours! (ノД`;)・゚・

And so I learned. (laughs) Not only do you have to keep the heart green, you also have to make the right choices! ...Even though the heart's okay, the choices are difficult. So it's a matter of making different choices and going through the process of elimination if you run into bad ends.

Remain a Young Girl at Heart
Here, you choose one letter from a choice of three. This seems to be how the game unfolds. I was caught by the otome-gamish title (laughs) and chose this consult.

It's a consult from a nobleman. Apparently, he wants to consult about his wife. Since he's specifically asking Lydia, perhaps the fae are involved? Lydia goes with Edgar to a tea party in order to meet with the man.

...Before getting into the actual consult, you need to keep track of Edgar's mood and get the heart green. Also, when starting a new chapter, the heart returns to its original blue colour. Depending on what choices you make, there are times when you can quickly get it up to the next colour (yellow), while other times, when everything seems to be going well, it'll stay green. It's quite tricky.

Edgar disappears, and when you go look for him, you run into a scene where he's talking with an unknown lady about an illegitimate child. (laughs) Even in the game, he's still Edgar. (laughs) Right after that, the issue becomes one where she wonders if her father's illegitimate child mightn't be Edgar, but I think her imagination most likely got the better of her. Her mother also seemed to think things strange, and naturally, Edgar's roots are most clear.

After awhile, we get into the main part, and we find out that a couple at the tea party are the ones seeking the consult. The wife was getting weaker day by day, and they want to find out why.

Naturally, I ran into a bad end once in the middle of this. (laughs)

Unable to figure out the cause, I thought to watch and see what happens for a while and the wife kept getting weaker... bad end.

Getting over it, I used the quick-load and tried again. I managed to get through things safely and solve the case. ...This game requires about the same amount of perseverance and endurance as waiting in line at Tokyo Disneyland.

We learn that when the wife had kept a newt when she was young, but her younger twin sister's cat ate it. That newt became one of the fae and was trying to take its revenge on the younger sister. But it made a mistake and ended up haunting the wife instead of the younger sister. Raven's honest opinion at that time was really good. "In other words, it made a mistake. There are stupid fae as well, aren't there, Miss Lydia?" ...When someone only speaks the truth, their words can really sting.

The fae newt, realising its mistake, promises Lydia to quietly return to the Fae realm.

Time to clear this stage: 3 hours.

The historical accuracy of this game seems a bit off? (o・ω・o)

At the end, Nico says something like "Lydia, your zipper's not done up all the way. Did you gain weight?"

Zippers in the Victorian era???

Looking into things, in 1891, the American--Whitcomb Judson--came up with the idea when trying to find a more convenient means of tying things than the shoestring and that became the origin of the zipper.

The two were supposed to have met in 1865. The zipper supposedly wasn't conceived of until thirty years later...

Gentle Be Thy Proposal
A digest of anime eps 5-7. Kelpie makes his appearance. This, too, was 45 minutes and involved simply pushing the button to move on. ...I should've put it on auto-continue! Σ( ̄□ ̄)

Darkness Wandering by the Lakeside
This chapter involves choosing one letter from among three. Since it seemed like it might involve Kelpie, I chose this one.

...The two letters not chosen the previous time don't necessarily remain. It seems like it takes overall time into consideration. Apparently, in order to choose the other consults, it'll be necessary to play a number of times.

The consult involves people disappearing into a lake together with a horse with what appears to be human entrails being found the next day. Lydia's disturbed at what sounds to be something particular to the water horses. You don't mean Kelpie...? You end up going out together with Edgar when you do to see Kelpie who's staying in London.

This time, things went quite smoothly! (´∀`) Perhaps it was an easy one? (laughs) Things seemed to be going a bit strange in the middle, but I managed to clear this stage without running into a bad end.

In the end, the culprit wasn't Kelpie, but another Unseelie Court fae. During the story, Lydia almost ended up taken away into the water, but thanks to Edgar's actions, things were resolved safely.

So things are set up so that Edgar takes all the best parts in the end, eh. (´д`)

Time to clear: 1.5 hours.

With the Gift Comes Goodbye
As with the previous chapter, again you choose one letter from among three. Having things continue like this feels like a game and is nice!

I was caught by this title since it was so pretty and seemed somewhat tragic. Naturally also by the general concept in the letter, too. (laughs)

"I was very surprised when I saw you (the fairy doctor Miss Lydia) the other day. You look exactly like the fairy that shows up in my dreams. I would like to meet with you."

Lydia becomes flustered at what seems not to be a consultation letter. Unfortunately, Edgar shows up when she's trying to figure out how to reply, and he finds out what's written in the letter. As a result, Edgar insists on accompanying her when she goes to meet with the person who sent the letter.

Edgar's rival makes his appearance! (laughs)

When you actually meet with that man, you're hit with a barrage of sweet-talk on the same level as Edgar's. Unlike Edgar's snobbish and false-sounding words (laughs), his seem more natural and unaffected to Lydia.

Until recently, he'd been able to see the fae, but was suddenly unable to do so anymore and seeks help. He says that the fae who looks exactly like Lydia that shows up in his dreams is the only comfort to him. Sympathising with him, Lydia promises to go through the residence with him in search of other fairies. However, realising that if she spoke to Edgar about it that he would be against it, they promise to keep it a secret.

While it's an original game scenario, Edgar and the Scarlet Moon seem to be checking on Ulysses's activities. Perhaps Ulysses will be making his appearance soon! (*゚∀゚)=3

However, the scenario this time is again quite complicated. From the beginning of the chapter, the heart mark is green. Does that mean something...? And the first time through, things ended badly...

Lydia suddenly becomes unable to hear the fae or Nico's voices.

Panicked and unable to determine the cause, Lydia returns to Scotland on her own... orz

Wondering if something in the man's residence might be causing her to be unable to hear the fae, she, along with Edgar and the others, enter the man's residence. Whereupon the residence is suddenly set on fire and they're locked inside. Bad end...... orz

The flag for the bad endings this time was in a choice I would never have thought it'd be in. When Lydia can no longer hear Nico's voice and only hears him going 'meow meow', "He seems angry" or "Something's wrong" are the choices. It seems like if you choose "He seems angry" that it leads to the bad endings. You can avoid them by choosing "Something's wrong".

Also, when you run into Paul in town, and choose whether to speak to him honestly... avoiding the issue seems to lean more to the bad endings.

Ultimately, the man was a fairy by the name of Gunn Connor (? sp?). Ulysses had stolen his pipe which was equivalent to his life from him, so he had no choice but to do as he was ordered. The earrings he'd given Lydia were the cause for her no longer being able to hear the fae. He then sacrificed his own life and took the earrings off her. Lydia blames herself for having caused the death of one of the fae. Edgar, seeing Lydia like that, tells her that he will share the burden of that truth.

The story this time was the best so far! Edgar in the last scene was wonderful. I think it really portrayed his determination in upholding his responsibilities and the concept of 'noblesse oblige' which is so fundamental to him. His great enemy's close advisor, Ulysses, shows up and things develop rather suddenly. How will things end go?!

Time to clear this section: 2 hours.

The Bond That is Spun is Eternal
Things automatically continue into this chapter.

I think it's essentially the story from the anime eps 8-12, but it's presented as an original game only story. Banshee doesn't show up. There isn't a single choice. It's a showdown with Ulysses who demands the sword be handed over.

Except for Banshee not showing up, everything else was as per the anime.

In the end, they manage to fight off Ulysses, and in the end, realising her feelings for Edgar, Lydia and Edgar kiss. Unlike the anime, there's a clear happy end. ...Isn't that great, Edgar. (ノД`;)・゚・ For some reason, I ended up cheering for Edgar.

The idea that "It's impossible for the sword of her husband, the Blue Knight Earl, to harm the wife who bears the moonstone ring" was wonderful... (*´д`*)

...And thus, I somehow managed to get through it for the first time! The credits rolled, and I saved the first round's data.

Play time for the first run through is about 13 hours. Since I'll be able to skip through parts from the second time onwards I should be able to clear things much more quickly.

I've managed to reach the end once, and am now able to see the 'specials' from the title menu. You can see the event stills and scenes as well as the list of cleared endings. I haven't filled the stills at all. (laughs) I have a long way to go. The one unfortunate point is that since there are that many bad ends, I wish we could've had a bad end list...

To be honest, I really wasn't expecting much of the game. (laughs) It's like watching short stories and is quite fun. And being able to hear Edgar's sweet-talk really is great...(*´д`) And Lydia's retorts are likewise fun!

And so she's off for her second run through!

A bit of info snagged from 2ch...

Cleared ends: 16
Scene titles: 20
Album: 98
Movies: 2
Seiyuu Comments: 6

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