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Book Timeline (according to 2ch)

More from the toe-dip into 2ch. (Don't ask how they figured out the year, I haven't seen anything quite that specific...?) Note: I'm not sure I agree with all of this, but it seems close overall.

1 He's a Refined Villain
2 'Ware the Sweet Trap
3 Gentle be Thy Proposal
4 Ghostly Lover
5 Love for the Cursed Diamond
6 Changeling Princess
7 Tell Me The Secret Behind Your Tears
8 Elope on the Moonlit Night (SS Vol 1)
9 Requiem for the Goddess
10 A Star Lights London Bridge
11 Bridal Training in the Rose Maze
12 Let Me Teach You How to Catch a Gentleman (SS Vol 2)
13 If You Wish Upon the Crimson Knight
14 For Whom the Sacred Place Dreams
15 Do You Believe in the Red String of Fate? (SS Vol 3)
16 The Sworn Kiss by Dawn
17 Magic for a Wonderful Wedding
18 Lured to the Capital for the Honeymoon

Between Jun and Nov 1844   Edgar's born
Nov-Dec 1847 Lydia's born and is taken as a changeling
~Dec 1847-Jan 1848 Aurora takes Lydia back and opens the coffin in the sacred place
~1853? [SS Sunny Little Devil] {ed: I've never read this one so I don't know} Edgar (9)
1855 Flashback scene in [SS Miniature Lover] (Edgar turns 11 at next b-day)
Dec 1856 Edgar 12 y.o. final Xmas in the Duke's household
~Jan-May 1857 Paul (16) meets Edgar (~12-13)
~Jun-Nov 1857 Edgar (13) kidnapped to Southeastern US after his b-day

1860 Edgar (~15-16) escapes from the Prince's organisation
1860-1864 Edgar (15-20) life on the run from the prince in the US
before 1864 Lydia and Kelpie meet
1864 Lydia (16) [SS Silvery Moon (8-1)]
1864 Edgar (19-20) before being caught, Lydia (16-17) [SS The Two (Fanbook)]

early 1865 Edgar (20) uses Gotham and returns to England
~Mar 1865 Edgar (20) escapes from the Gotham residence
early Apr 1865 [Refined Villain] Edgar (20) meets Lydia (17) and they search for the Blue Knight Earl's sword
Apr 16, 1865 Easter, after which Lydia (17) becomes the earl's fairy doctor
May 1865 [Sweet Trap] Edgar (20), Lydia (17)

Jun 1865 [SS Love Fortune (8-3)] Meet the Duchess of Maysfield
Jul 1865 [Proposal] (3 months after Lydia started working for the earl)
Aug 1865 [Ghostly Lover] (1 month after [Proposal])
Sep-Oct 1865 [Cursed Diamond]
July-Nov 1865 (after [Proposal] and before [Princess]) [SS Elope (8-4)]
Edgar (20-21) Lydia (17) for the section above

Nov 1865 [Changeling Princess] Edgar (20-21), Lydia (17-18)

Dec 1865 Xmas [SS Magic (8-5)] Edgar (21) Lydia (17-18)

Early Jan 1866 shortly after 12th night [Secret of Your Tears]
Jan-Feb 1866 After [Secret] [SS Catch a Gentleman (12-2]
Mar 1866 [SS Stork (12-1)] (Before [Requiem])
Mar 1866 [Requiem] ~ [London Bridge]
Apr 1 1866 Easter
Late Apr-Early May 1866 [Rose Labyrinth]
May 1866 After [Rose Labyrinth] Lydia presented to the Queen and makes her debut
Edgar (21), Lydia (18) for the above section

May-Jun 1866 [SS Scholar and Fairy (12-3)], [Servant's (15-1)], [Red Thread (15-2)] (Edgar's not injured in all 3 so before [Crimson Knight])
Jun 1866 [Crimson Knight] Edgar injured
late Jun-early Jul [SS Ribbon (15-3)] (Edgar's recovering from his injury)
Jul 1866 [For Whom] 18.6 years after Aurora entered, Lydia enters the sacred place and is injured
Aug 1866 [Sworn Kiss] A few weeks after Lydia begins treatment to recover from her injury
~Oct 1866 [SS Miniature Lover]
Edgar (21-22) Lydia (18) for the above section

After Oct 1866 [Wedding], [SS Fragrant], [Honeymoon]

I started working on a proper timeline of events (while cross-comparing with another site) some time ago (complete with main story points), but it's currently in limbo. Will have to get back to it sometime... >.>

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