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Gah! (Went 2ch diving... O_O;; )

As above while trying to find info about the latest game. (Actually, it started out innocently enough as a straight Google JP search for reviews. >.<;; ) Quite frankly 2ch scares me. Enough so that I haven't installed whatever that special browser thingy it requires and can only do the barest of toe-dipping in there. Still, that's more than enough for my brain. >.> Review hunting rendered some interesting screen shots from the game though. ^_^

(Click on the images with text to see the quicky translation)

Otherwise, apparently some folks were having problems with the game and running into bad endings. ^^; One person mentioned that the first time they played, they burst out laughing when Lydia ended up turning into(?) a caterpillar. And a couple people were apologising to Nico and Jijii [<-- Nico's kitty girlfriend I assume (it's mentioned in the latest Cobalt mag that there are some game only secret characters)] for killing them so often...? *laughs* But yeah, I guess letting Edgar seduce you isn't good. One person decided to go that route while Lydia and Edgar were on the train, and Lydia ended up missing her stop and going to the end of the line where Raven congratulates her as she and Edgar embark down the path to romance and the player hits a bad ending. :P

One of the main drawbacks to the game supposedly is that it's not good for people who don't like replaying certain scenes over and over (and over and over) again. I'm hoping for more reviews to come out before decided once and for all if I'll try nabbing it or not. *sigh*

And some things that I read while I was drowning in that BBS (all of which should be taken with a truckload or more of salt)...

1) general consensus was that a second season for HakuYou was dependent on DVD sales. On the plus side, there were actual numbers for sales, but it's still a minor series overall
2) the series is supposed to re-air on TeleTama around June? July? (can't remember exactly for that)
3) anime OST possibly to go on sale in July(?) <-- something along those lines seemed to have been mentioned at the special event that happened recently. (Nothing's really clear from that, but there's supposed to be a write-up about the event in the next Cobalt magazine. However, since neither HakuYou nor Victorian Rose Tailor are slated to have SSs in there, I wasn't really planning on buying it...)

Gah! Dipping my toes in that place completely eats up all time. >.> At least I got to read some interesting opinions about the novel series and story aspects while I was there though. ^_^
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