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HakuYou Mato ni Sasowareta...

Cover scans and inside pics for the latest novel and SS in Cobalt. Enjoy!

May '09 Cobalt SS img

Raven, I can't believe you said that. ^^;; The SS is really short, and I can see why one person said that everyone in the earl's household is on Lydia's side. :P Will write more about that one later. Once I've finished reading the book below. ^^;

No pixies though. :P

Oh, and someone (can't remember who) asked about Tanemura Arina's mini-manga that's in Cobalt. The scans're below the cut.

Don't ask about the changing scanner settings. Talk to the software about that. (I'm mousing with my left when I scan, so I accept whatever the software decides.) Sorry, no translation / explanation at the moment. I haven't read it yet. ^^;; I want to read my *book* first. Shadow will disappear... probably not long enough for anyone to even notice. *laughs*
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