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HakuYou Latest Novel Preview

And it's now the official release date for the latest HakuYou book meaning that it also has the little teaser preview up. ^o^ Huh. I was wondering if I should've spelt the name as I was wanting to rather than according to how it was written. The only thing was that I couldn't justify it because of the mental pronunciation clash with what was written in J. ^^;

When was it that that happened?

When his mother held his hand. The sun was extremely bright, and his and his mother's shadows were so clear on the grass. His mother held his hand so hard that it hurt as she pulled him along. Edgar glanced back as though checking on something scary as he trotted after his mother. A woman with black hair was standing by the lake. A woman holding a black parasol. The woman didn't come after them. Yet his mother quickened her pace as though to flee.

The black-haired woman cast a curse upon Edgar. And his mother looked frightened and hurried away as though to escape that curse.

It was only a moment ago that she came up to Edgar, who'd been playing alone, and said, "You're Sylvanford's son. You should never have been born."

She grasped his shoulder firmly and looked at him with her black almond eyes from under her parasol. "One day, you will kill your parents. And you will bring about the destruction of your house," she muttered as though to curse him.

And she suddenly wrapped her hands around his neck. Her hands were cold. While it didn't feel like she was squeezing, there was no wavering in her desire to kill him.

Most likely, he didn't feel afraid because she looked at him with pity.

"It would be better if I could kill you. For your sake, too......"

Before he knew it, his mother was there and grabbed him away from the woman before returning the way she'd come.

"It's too late, isn't it? Jeanne-Marie."

His mother's name was Jean-Mary. Edgar frantically tried to keep up with his mother even as he was curious about the woman who said his mother's name in the French way.

Mother, what's wrong?

Leaving the forest, they could no longer see the woman.

Why would I kill you?

His mother stopped in surprise and looked at Edgar as though he frightened her. But that lasted only for an instant, and regaining her usual gentle expression, she hugged him.

Everything is fine. You're my treasure. Nothing bad will happen.

Yet tears suddenly began to fall.

I'm sorry, she said hugging Edgar.

He couldn't understand. And caught up by her tears, the young Edgar cried, too.

Just who was that woman.

From when and how much did his mother know her son's destiny.

And the woman's curse became reality.

Even though Edgar himself didn't kill his parents, his existence did.

"You should never have been born......"

Ahh, perhaps she was right.

No, that's not true.

It's foolish to have this sort of dream now. Why do old memories he's forgotten come up in dreams and disturb him.

He's finally found happiness.

Edgar fought free of the dream and opened his eyes. He took a deep breath trying to calm down from the dream. The curtains covering the tall windows glowed whitely from the morning sun. He unconsciously made sure he was in his bedroom in the Ashenbert residence.

He was used to waking up from the nightmares of the past. And regardless of how much he might have cried in his dreams, he showed no sign of tears in the waking world. But Edgar was supposed to have overcome everything, so the words the lady had said worried him.

He should never have been born.

He wondered if that was still true. If so, might he end up losing what was most dear to him again? He hurriedly looked beside him and saw Lydia sleeping peacefully beside him. Relieved, he cuddled next to her and felt her warmth seep into his parched heart.

More than anything else, she was his most precious treasure.

He brushed her hair aside so he could see her face better. Lydia smiled slightly as though it tickled a little. She then pressed her head against his chest as though seeking warmth.

Since marrying, he's come to be able to feel her love even more. And while he was really happy, he couldn't help wishing for more.

For example, if he were to hold her so strongly right now so as to wake her and then take her out of desire.

He wasn't sure if Lydia would forgive him. But he didn't want to confuse her by doing something like that. He felt that disturbing her when she's sleeping so peacefully and happily to satisfy himself didn't seem right.

What was the point of showing her that he was so weak as to be disturbed by dreams?

He was no longer alone. So he should be able to become even stronger.

He slowly held her careful not to hold her too tightly, and Lydia's scent filled his heart erasing the curse the unknown woman spoke.

Edgar had no choice but to change for Lydia's sake. And to throw away the past and the prince's bonds.

Honeymoon in the land of the sea.

Two weeks after their wedding, Lydia and Edgar were in Paris together and enjoyed themselves going to Versailles Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Opera House. It was much more elegant than London and the fancy designs were a pleasure to see.

Naturally, they enjoyed shopping as well.

Although when they entered the expensive boutiques, Lydia would stare at the prices, and it didn't matter how much Edgar suggested items, she would only browse. But she really liked the hat that she finally decided to buy.

Compared to a bonnet, pinning this hat with artificial flowers to your hair when it's put up looks much cleaner and more elegant.

Lydia couldn't help feeling more and more the same way when Edgar pushed her by saying that.

It might still be a bit too showy for London society. But it was always an adventure for ladies to try the latest of fashions and even though the older ladies might frown, she couldn't help feeling proud of it.

But more than anything else, this very marriage was an adventure like jumping into an unknown world. Because her partner, Edgar, was from the nobility. Naturally, her honeymoon and trip abroad were new, but even everyday life was completely different to how she lived before marrying.

"The lady staying in this room is a countess, yet she didn't buy a single bag at that famous shop."

Lydia was in the dressing room taking care of her things when she heard a maid's voice come from her room. Apparently, they'd come to replenish the oil in the lamps.

"My cousin works in that shop. Apparently she said that the items were all expensive."

"Even though she's staying in such an expensive room."

"Maybe she's putting on airs?"

The maids laughed as they left the room.

Grar! I keep wanting to write certain things in French. >.<;;

Otherwise, for those who are interested, Dreamwidth will be going to open beta at 9PM EDT on April 30. (Those who are interested in their service might want to sign-up over there before that using their LJ ID (sic Open ID account) and verify their email addy.) ^_^
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