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Wash the Brain vs Brainwashing

The things that come to mind when it wanders... >.> I really think I need to let this one go and get a new brain. ^^;

Ideas that came to mind based on the short description from Cobalt when thinking about the new HakuYou novel:

1 - Lydia disappears and Edgar (and others?) goes after [pretty typical and boooorrrrinnggg]
2 - Kelly disappears, Lydia (and Nico?) go after her, and Edgar (and Raven?) goes after Lydia
3 - Lydia sticks her nose into things getting everyone caught up in trouble
4 - Raven does something causing Edgar to 'punish' him again and ends up in a dress (again). Despite being in the company of many ladies, Raven gets kidnapped, ......Edgar realises Raven'll have no troubles getting himself out of trouble and decides to enjoy Lydia's company alone while waiting for Raven to get back. Nico decides to bring Raven back to the human realm after Edgar mentions Raven has no sense of direction and easily gets lost.
5 - As #4 because Edgar tries to preempt Lydia from getting herself (and everyone else) into trouble

Otherwise, it looks like HakuYou Vol 2 (manga) is coming out May 25th. ISBN for those who might be interested is 9784088464107.

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