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FSU, FSU, FSU... What am I to do with you...

When she came home today with groceries, she said 'cookies'. Since she mentioned wanting choco chip cookies earlier this week, I assumed she *bought* cookies. No, she 'lost' a bet and had to *make* cookies. ^^;

What she brought home was the following:

1 lb unsalted butter
1 lb reg. butter
1 lb golden shortening
1 carton molasses
1 L buttermilk (?)
1 L 2% milk
500 mL half & half (?)
1.5 dz eggs
small bag of choco chips
1 pkg semi-sweet choco squares
1 pkg unsweetened choco squares

So, the rest of my day, rather than doing laundry (thankfully, which she did instead), has been spent making cookies. Specifically, choco chip cookies, gingerbread snaps, and cappuccino cookies. -_-;; *Unfortunately*, cookies and I have a rather difficult relationship. Recipes tend to work out well the first time, then bleah the rest of the time. Worse still is that choco chip cookies and I just *don't* see eye to eye. They don't like me. >.> (Yes, they're animate. They must have a mind of their own! >.<;; )

As it is, the choco chip cookies were meh, the gingerbread snaps reasonable though weak on ginger, and the capp coookies decent. (I knew they were good because I left a smiley face in the recipe book. It and my bread book are probably the only books I've ever written notes in. ^^; )

Now that the initial cookie baking spree is over, I have another problem. Specifically, what am I to make with a litre of buttermilk?! I can make fudge with the milk IIRC, either that or make cream puffs. But buttermilk...? I don't think I know any recipes offhand that use it. @_@

If anyone has any recipes that use buttermilk, I'd love to hear it. ^^;

Otherwise, I think yesterday might've seen the end of the honeymoon for me and Dreamwidth. *laughs* (Don't get me wrong, I do like DW, but...) 'Ye massive block of text' that results from X-posting *killed* me as I reformatted it so I could actually work with it on LJ. Had I been thinking straight, I would have done a straight search and replace or similar (50kb of text and manual editing is big time stupid), but unfortunately, the brain was not working at 2:30AM. :P I'm going to try something different with this X-post and see what it does to the formatting. I've never liked the massive single line of code approach to HTML, so I really don't like editing these posts once they're X-posted. >.> Ah well, shall see.

[X-posted to Dreamwidth (shadow) and LJ (kagedreams)]

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