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Got tired of waiting until the pseudo-summary-more-like-translation for vol 6 is long enough to surpass LJ's posting limits and decided to try X-posting my 2008 NaNo instead. For those who know, yes, that monstrosity that no one (possible not even I) can read because it's poorly written in J... (Can you call it J if there are so many typos that I'm not sure I'll be able to figure out what characters were meant to be written?) *laughs*

As expected, the post failed to X-post, but unfortunately that's all I know--no reason is given for the failure. (It posted fine though.) That's okay, when pasting the text into my browser, I was almost afraid I crashed the *browser* since it stopped responding for a long moment. ^^; Ah well. Lots of fun and games. Still trying to learn (re-learn?) the meaning of 'summary'. Hopefully soon, but I also have to admit that I would like to get to... the peacock comment? Either that or until Edgar and Lydia meet up again for translations more than summary. There's just too much fun stuff in the book until then. :P

FWIW, at my current pace, I can probably post the first part of the pseudo-summary...... tonight or tomorrow depending. (Especially since I've been mentioning this so much. >.> ) Essentially, it should be ~60pgs of the book. (I should probably read through things once and hunt down and destroy any lurking grocer's apostrophes or other similar horrors though.)

(Methinks I like chibi-Edgar a bit too much. He's being used an awful lot. ^^; )

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