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Quick Note and 'Dear Me'

Shounen Onmyouji's latest novel is set for June 1 release. Apparently, it'll be the start of a new story arc. (Ack! I haven't read any of the books from the previous arc! >.<;)

The zakki tease Masahiro while he and Mokkun work hard in the capital when a wind carrying youki turns into a storm. That wind was being caused by tengu who were searching for the (a?) missing young tengu!!

Dear Me:

According to the Oxford Dictionary, this is the meaning of summary:


• noun (pl. summaries) a brief statement of the main points of something.

Compare that to a translation:


• noun 1 the action or process of translating. 2 a text or word that is translated.

While the two may be the same in some instances, note the word 'brief' in the definition of summary. This is rather important. It doesn't mean writing a paragraph in summary then tracts of translation only to do another paragraph. For one thing, summarising speed is far superior to translation speed regardless of how simple the text is.

I don't care how much I want to start reading the book again, or how much I forgot that scene, or how much I love the little comments that are scattered throughout the story. There is no way 28 pages should clock in at 22 kb of text. O_O;; At the current pace, I'll have a mostly completed translation with bits summarised, 220 kb long *something* for volume six that might be completed in another 20 or so days. (At my current pace)

So, for the sake of my sanity and my wish to have this done before I start reading and squeeing over the next HakuYou novel, kindly review the meaning of the word 'summary' and ensure that it is well and truly engraved in the brain. Otherwise, harsh recriminations shall ensue.

Thank you,

A couple quotes. :P
Things between Lydia and I have been going extremely well lately. She no longer hates it when I ask her to accompany me, she doesn't get angry when I hold her hand, and sometimes she even looks like she's enjoying herself when she's with me. We've finally become like lovers.

'For me, you are love's greatest problem!'

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