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A Lot Posty Lately...

Mostly because I want to try things out over on Dreamwidth, which is why even more nothing than usual is getting posted. ^^;; (Although this time it's not X-posted as I suddenly realised I'm posting imgs that're on LJ. :P )

In any case, thought folks might be interested in what's up on Cobalt's Wonderful Men Fair (at least what part I can access) for Edgar. :P (Link has a more complete image. It's in pieces, so here's the relevant info).

The young man who carries the title 'the Blue Knight Earl'. He's a womaniser who uses(?) his bewitching looks and sharp mind to sweet-talk women, and he's left behind countless famous lines. However, ever since falling in love with the soft-hearted fairy doctor Lydia, he's been completely devoted to her.

From 12 o'clock around clockwise, the categories are kindness [<-- Edgar?? *laughs* Only as long as you're on his good side, and even then that's not a sure thing! --S], wealth, charisma, passion, and selfishness.

"You must know, right? Just how much I love you."
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