Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

And so it continues

I have to admit, I'm finding how people view rules as most intriguing. (Not that it's a particularly new observation mind). Sure be pissed at the person who breaks the rules and results in problems for everyone, and then promptly turn around and dos much the same thing yourself. Currently, I'm finding myself having to hunt down contact information because someone doesn't understand the concept of "personal use ONLY" and decided to post a full chapter's translation against the rules without permission, without proper acreditation, nothing. That's an automatic fail in any class I've ever been in and well it should be.

What does this mean for the site? Well, for one thing, I think I'm going to have to give up on being nice about things with this site and be a total bitch. Where I'm from, a community governs and polices itself and makes sure that even when breaking the rules, you follow them. In this case; breaking the rules = posting this site's link outside the list. Following them means still following the site's rules otherwise and being sure those you've brought in will do the same. Obviously this is a break and break concept.

How is this going to affect the site? Well, for one thing, it'll probably mean lock down mode with the next update. I've been very hesitant to put it into effect but I'm not seeing much option in the matter. If it's for the Fruity Group, then obviously it's up to me to enforce that issue. Just hope that the ML's database doesn't go down for extended periods then.

Further action? I'm not sure yet. The person who decided to throw a chapter to the 'net happens to be another ML member. Which means a small private and TRUSTED sub-site may well be in order. I'll have to think about that part.

The thing I really hate about all this stupidity is, the further you escalate matters, the more people will do these sorts of things. Which makes the "make things completely open and the next infraction will see the thing down permanently" solution so very enticing. It's so elegant in its simplicity. In any case, shall see.

But, I need to work on Part 26 of my fic. Maybe I should go on a rampage and destroy the museum and kill some staff members afterall. I've only been sending people to the hospital not actually killing them. Maybe it's time for the bloodbath to begin... ^_^;;

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