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Crap! I can't believe I just did that to myself! >.<;; I was looking for the various Shounen Onmyouji Drama CDs (found all but the second one) and happened to flip through book 17 (Kokuchou wa Ori ni Torawareru) for Saiunkoku Monogatari. *expletives deleted* I 'flipped' through the book to look at the pretty pictures and happened to stop on pg 262-3 where there's a nice pic of Shuurei and Ryuuki together. And so I read, and died. >.<;; Gah! I didn't need this right now! Part of it deals with a scene...... at the end of when she was still in Sa Province. Something that I'd long suspected was clarified, but the rest of what was said I didn't expect! I can't believe I spoiled myself like that. >.>

And of course I had to read the end to the novel. *sigh* Y'know, reading the first ~260 pgs plus any books before hand that you missed just *might* be a good idea... >.>
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