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Brain melt ^^;

Translations for morning, noon, and night clips from the HakuYou game site.

Did you know?  There are limits to my self-control.  So, reflect me in those eyes of yours that shine so beautifully - as though they've captured the sun's rays. I always want to hear your voice; it's so sweet it makes me melt.

Seeing you so reserved is also enjoyable. I won't miss a single one of your mannerisms, so don't worry about that sort of thing. The way you eat sweets, and the way you drink your tea... they're all permanently etched in my mind.

From the very first good morning to the good night just before going to sleep, all of them are mine. I told you, didn't I? I'm very possessive. It's far too late to regret things now. I'll never let you go, and I'll never let you escape. Even when you say good night and leave, I'll chase after you in your dreams.


And from 5pb's site: How long will you be able to resist Edgar's sweet words?
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