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Shadow [userpic]

Half a decision at least; now for the other half...

June 25th, 2004 (01:52 pm)

This notice has been cross-posted to both my Diary and the Fruity Group Mailing List.

To the Mods/Admin of the List;
I could not find the Rules/Regs for the ML to determine if it's fair for me to mention the content of (not quote) private e-mail (the files section isn't available/there?) I sincerely hope I'm not overstepping the rules by mentioning this.


I'm sure a lot of people are wanting to know what will happen with the FruBa Translations Section of my website. Truth to be told, I'd love to know my final decision myself. (Not very promising sounding I know.) The situation as it stands on this end is still somewhat in the air, although resolved to a certain degree; namely - I'm sorry, I need more time to consider my options.

I'm pretty sure most people out there assume that the section was suspended because an individual had advertised scanlations made using my translations on the ML (against ML rules). Yes and No. I saw the post in the ML Digest so I wasn't unaware of the retraction posted a few messages later. I'll admit, at this point I was quite angry but somewhat mollified that they retracted their previous post. Unfortunately, the matter didn't end there; I recognised the user name/e-mail.

Many months ago, this individual wrote requesting permission to use the translations to make scanlations. Since the English version of FB had by this time been licensed and would soon start to be released, naturally I refused. I've never allowed my FB translations to be used in this manner and in any case, English scanlations should no longer be being made; there is a legitimate release. However, obviously saying NO made no difference.

It's this blatant disregard of being told NO yet still doing so, and then openly advertising them under my nose that made me so very angry. It's also what makes deciding what to do next so very difficult.

A number of people have written both on and off list on this matter. I want to thank you all very much for your comments and your support; I truly appreciate it. ^_^ I've finally reached the point where, I'm starting to evaluate the situation fully; not just looking at what was done and what to do about it, but also why I originally start this project, how it meets my current goals and where things should go from there. This is why I need more time.

Therefore, so far, I've decided a "cooling off" period is in order. All I can say is, it will be at least a month, but no more than two; mostly likely somewhere in between. During this time, the translation section will remain offline and I will evaluate what to do about the section. I will also continue working on my own projects including Ghost Hunt, (possibly Tsubasa,) as well as several other things currently in need of work on the sidelines.

I'm sorry the rest of the ML has had to be dragged down by one person's actions and I honestly don't know how the site will be affected in terms of overall access from hereon. There have been suggestions of password protection, user registrations etc., all of which will be taken under consideration.

Again, my apologies to legitimate users. If a truly workable solution can be found in the meantime that would negate the need for downtime, then certainly I'd love to hear it.


Pour les fans francophones, je comprends que la trad VF c'est fait avec la mienne. Je m'excuse, mais ce n'est pas possible de vous donnez la trad pour ch. 94 (ou les suivants) avant que ca sera disponible a tout le group Fruity. J'espere qu'un bonne idee de que a faire ici pourrait etre decider bientot.