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Follow-up on Amazon weirdness

Hmm... some interesting drama over this whole thing over the course of the day. Some of it (sic the post from a guy claiming responsibility for hacking Amazon and creating the mess) seems to have since disappeared. (The claim, while deemed plausible in certain aspects was generally debunked as unlikely in posts from people familiar with databases and coding; sorry no links although you can probably find them if you really want through the links I'd given yesterday and some hunting among subsequent links... if they're still up.) In any case, here's The NY Times article with official comment from Amazon. There was another article from... a Seattle paper(?) with more comment about the behind the scenes aspect of what happened.

From what I've seen, the few titles I'd checked out previously are back up (and Heather Has Two Mommies is back to being a regular import book and not listed in the adult section on the site) and seem to be back to normal. I wonder if Amazon will say anything further about what happened in the days to come, but I have my doubts. My main curiosity still remains the loss of searchability from the main page for the various books on the .com site when the sales rank was lost from the titles since that would have the greatest impact on me as a consumer (were I to actually use the .com site. The .ca and sites didn't share this behaviour).

And completely unrelated... (yes, I know there's absolutely no connection between these two...) I has an invite code! ^o^ I need to decide on what to use for a user name or if I should stick with 'kagedreams'. ^^; (I'm not sure what to do for that...) Will have to decide soon though. :P And for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's an invite to Dreamwidth, the alternative that started being heard a lot more after last year's LJ fiasco with basic accounts and... wasn't it the removal of especially GLBT from the interest lists? There have been a number of updates that have been trickling out as the site went into closed beta earlier and is set for open beta at the end of the month. (Yes, other sites like IJ were also mentioned last year as alternatives, but this one was really interesting because of all the development that was to be put into the site's platform.)

For those people who are really wanting to check things out and / or are really hoping to get an invite, try logging in over there with your OpenID and validate your email addy. That's what I did. You never know if you might get lucky. (They've been handing out invites to a number of email validated OpenID users every day as they ramp up towards open beta.) ^_^ I've been poking around a bit every now and again over there trying to get a feel for how the site works and its differences from LJ.
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