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Misc Scans

Quickie post. Someone asked for some GH DVD scans, so I've ULed cover (and inside cover) scans for File 7b, 8a, and 8b. The actual scans are raw and exceedingly large. ^^; (File 8a's scan is of the box rather than the text covered DVD. It's the same image.) I hadn't noticed the inside images before. :P

That's okay, apparently, a 4-panel manga was included with certain DVDs (the second vols I guess?). I hadn't noticed them much before either, but they're kinda... weird. ^^;; Will see about scanlating the two I did manage to scan later.

Otherwise, I've also scanned and did a quick (and unedited...) scanlation of the Victorian Rose Tailor mini-manga that was in the Jan issue of Cobalt. It's a cute one-scene involving Sherlock and Chris. :P

Tags: gh, scanlation, scans, victorian rose tailor

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