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Almost got caught by LJ's joke, did get caught by a fave HakuYou fan artist this morning (claimed on her blog that she was closing her site... to go to Madagascar for 9 months <-- didn't read that until several minutes after reading the initial "notice"), and laughed at BeijingTushu. ^^; I'm not batting so well this year, so I think I'll disappear off the face of the earth until at least the second. ^^;

Otherwise... I did *not* need another reason to want to buy the bi-monthly Cobalt magazines! >.<;; Unfortunately, since buying Cobalt (ostensibly enough for HakuYou SSs) I have since become somewhat caught by the Victorian Rose Tailor novel series and want to know how the current story being revealed will develop next.

I haven't actually read the novels yet, but from what I've gathered, it's a sweet fantasy/romance about a dressmaker Christine who runs Rose Colours, a dress shop in a town outside London, and her assistant Pamela. The first story is with Sherlock-the son of a duke-who commissions a dress for his younger sister. The dresses Chris makes are rumoured to make people's love come true.

I'm reading the SSs ~14 books later, and the story is currently touching on Pamela's past and hinting at something in Christine's past (and why they left London?). ^^;

*sigh* I guess this is the drawback to buying the magazines and actually reading the other stories in them. >.> Sadly, I've only read through 2.5 stories so far. Fortunately(? at least for the pocket book...) Maria-sama ga Miteru hasn't grabbed me so far, so I might be safe from that (long) series. ^^;

And... male parental has just notified me that he's finished the (4oz) package of Ceylon tea that I got ~2 weeks ago. O_O;; Umm... So much for my having chai. ^^;
Tags: cobalt, not much, victorian rose tailor

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