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Galileo Suspect X

Ahh, I did so enjoy the TV drama series, so I've been looking forward to the movie's release. :P Skimming through the comments on, the ratings are a bit all over the place. I have to admit, I'm not sure how I would've felt if I'd paid Y2000+ to see it at the theatre over there. DLing and watching it, it was lots of fun, but... I can also see why some people were saying that it would've been better as a TV special or similar instead. For me, the premise behind the movie was a bit weak. Once I got past that though, I found the story to be good fun. I should probably watch it again with an actual brain in the head rather than "Yay, Galileo! Wai!" *laughs*

As for the books, I think I only ever picked up the first volume, but I never actually read it. >.> I probably should...? Or will it be like 'Shiki' and give me headaches with all the kanji and the attack of the question marks overhead. *sigh* >.>

Whoops, bed might be good. :P
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