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Hmm... haven't had much time to look at the scans that have been posted to date on the ML but it looks like the next chapter is about Macchi possible from her viewpoint as well (can't tell for sure yet). In any case, we apparently will get some interesting insight into her character. ^_^

And while this is another Student Council chapter, it doesn't look like it'll be too annoying a chapter. ^_^;

In any case I haven't done the FB kansou site rounds yet so I don't know what the actual chapter's about yet but this is what the pages are about roughly. ^_^


Page 1 - That girl too was lost alone in the darkness...

Page 2 - Yuki says that they've finally finished all the major work for the year.

Page 3 - Macchi tells Yuki that (something he'd asked the page before) was none of his business; to which he responds that that's true, but he was curious as to how she saw things.

Page 4 - Phone call from her parent perhaps? Asks why she was so late in answering and if she'd made any friends; how Manabe was doing

Page 5 - People are talking how the person in the middle of the photos is Yuki aka the Prince and how he lots of people must chase after him etc., etc.

Page 6 - ?? Some sort of meeting's been arranged most likely off school; perhaps of the student council members? Yuki asks if Macchi'd been waiting long and how he (wasn't sure since he'd arrived so early) only to find her there.

Page 7 - ? Something happened and Yuki apologises for not being able to catch (her / it - can't tell without knowing what happened). Gathers the various items together. Notices (a belt? buckle?? something)

Page 8 - Yuki must've commented that she seems to treasure (something - the maple leaf he gave her from the school trip?). Macchi denies it and says it's so big and not very easy to use and it was simply stuck in the book. Then says she'll return it.

Page 9 - Yuki asks/comments that Macchi like maples which she denies, so Yuki concludes she likes red and comments how he's finally gotten an answer to one of his questions. The rest of the Council arrive and Macchi thinks Yuki's strange/unusual. Manabe comments to Yuki that it's the first time he's ever seen Macchi look like that (face all red (embarassed?) and being "angry"). Yuki comments that she (her reaction) was really cute. Manabe makes an incomprehensible comment.

Page 10 - Manabe teases Macchi about liking red and Macchi gets pissed at the restaurant.

Banner: Did Macchi notice the slight light that glimmers in the pitch darkness...?


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