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Bwahahah! 'Resist Seduction and Solve the Case!'

Happened upon this link for the upcoming HakuYou game while reading through some blogs. ^^;; The blogger's comments were pretty hilarious, but from the article...


In the game, players take on Lydia's role and are to make choices in order to solve a number of problems dealing with the fae. From time to time, they will need help from Edgar, but if Lydia succumbs to Edgar's sweet words and is seduced by him, she will fail to solve the case and it's game over.

The game sounds hilarious! Not only do you have to cope with Edgar and all his sweet words, but you can't let him seduce you or it's game over? I can just imagine Lydia's annoyance with Edgar as he gets in the way of her work, Edgar's dejection at Lydia's constant rejection, Raven's in there too, so his little interjections could be rather amusing. ^^; Edgar--the ultimate enemy! ^^; But... I agree with the blogger. 'Not only are you not to seduce the male characters, but you're not to be seduced by them either. On top of that, you're supposed to work hard at solving the various cases. What's with this real-type game?! It has no dream!'

I wonder if they'll release a story version of the game. IIRC, that happened with Shounen Onmyouji, but that's a different publisher so...... No idea. ^^;

In any case, for those who haven't seen, here's the img for the game (stolen from 5pb's website)

and for those who haven't seen/nabbed it from Cobalt's site yet, here's the wallpaper (1280x1024)for the latest novel for HakuYou. I love the wallpaper, but it's too light for my desktop. *sigh*

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