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Hakushaku to Yousei v17 part 1

Hrmm... it seems a bit weird skipping way ahead to vol 17. ^^;; A few translation snippets are included roughly at the same point as they occur in the summary. Obviously there will be major spoilers from the intervening novels mentioned within.

Note: Lota is the granddaughter of the exiled Grand Duke of Cremona. She was thought to have been lost at sea at age three along with the rest of her family, but she had been saved and ended up being raised by pirates. She met Edgar while he was still on the run from the prince in America. Lota becomes good friends with Lydia and often tries to trip Edgar up. For a long time, Paul thinks that Lota was one of Edgar's former lovers, but the two were never intimate. Lota isn't female in Edgar's opinion. ^^;

Vol 17...

Lydia and Lota go to the market in search of something blue for Lydia to wear at her wedding. Unknown to the two girls, another girl, Clair, is following them hoping to be able to approach Lydia. As Clair follows the two, she notices that Lydia sometimes looks and smiles in strange directions including at people's feet, or on top of tents. Lydia and Lota go down a narrow side path and Clair quickly follows after them only to discover that there's another large clearing with many more stalls. Unknown to her, Clair has entered the faerie market and she's struck by the scents and sounds of the bustling market and completely forgets about Lydia.

After finishing checking out the fairy market, Lydia and Lota run into Nico who asks Lydia for a shilling in order to buy a new tie for her wedding. Nico then tells her that a human has wandered into the market and points Clair out to Lydia. Lydia manages to stop Clair before she eats the candied plum a vendor had given her, and she and Lota whisk the girl away from the faerie market.

Clair recently lost her job as a private tutor when the house she'd been working for burned down and the wife and daughter died. Hearing that Earl Ashenbert is looking for a lady's maid for his soon-to-be-wife, Clair wants to apply for the position. However, previous experience is one of the requirements to the position which Clair doesn't have, so she decided to try speaking directly with Lydia instead. Sympathising with the young lady, Lydia agrees to pass Clair's papers on to Edgar.

Lydia and Edgar have lunch together at his residence when Tompkins tells Edgar he has a guest. Before Edgar leaves the room, he remembers that Tompkins had wanted to ask Lydia something and mentions it to her. Tompkins tells Lydia that it's customary for the earl to invite five fairies to the wedding and has written out the invitation, but he has no idea how to send the letters. Lydia comments that there are fairy post boxes and thinks that there might have been one at the faerie market as well. Nico comes in hungry hoping to claim Edgar's dessert only to find out that Raven would be having it later. Since Nico likes sweet things, and he and Nico are friends, Raven has decided that he would like sweet things as well. Lydia gives Nico her dessert in exchange for his mailing the invitations.

[Lydia and Edgar at lunch]
"Come to think of it, Edgar, what's your favourite food?"

"Plum and honey sorbet"

"I see, I didn't know."

"It was the the taste on your lips earlier."

Lydia almost choked on her wine.

The next day, Edgar learns from Tompkins about Clair Flory's application and that she'd spoken directly with Lydia. Tompkins asks Edgar if he knows the lady, and Edgar recalls that she was a tutor at Lord Bolton's residence. Tompkins tells Edgar that if he's had relations with the lady that he should refuse her application. Edgar immediately denies having touched her, but mentally adds an 'I think' as he remembers who she is. Tompkins asks if he should include her in the list of candidates therefore, but Edgar suddenly says no. Tompkins asks if Edgar had indeed had relations with the lady, but Edgar tells him that they're not choosing a friend for Lydia but for someone to be her lady's maid, and since Lydia's never had a lady's maid before, it was important the the person have experience. Tompkins leaves only to return a short time later that Mr. Flory was there to see Edgar--apparently he was hoping Edgar would employ his sister.

[Edgar and Raven's conversation while Tompkins is out of the room]
"Raven, if a woman's attracted to me, it's through no fault of mine, right?"

"I would agree with that."

"And if she takes my hand, that's not my fault, right?"


"What if she kisses me?"

"Out of the question. Even if it seems like a lady's about to kiss you, it's possible to force them to stop."

"Raven, if you get the chance, you'll understand. Because you won't want to force them to stop."

Edgar sighed.

"Aah, but it was unavoidable that time. There was a tea party at Lord Bolton's residence, and it was when I nodded off on the bench in the garden..."

...Clair appeared. And she drew near watching him carefully making sure his eyes were closed. And immediately after her lips lightly brushed his, she ran away like a rabbit in flight.

Raven listened to Edgar's story then said coolly, "In other words, you weren't asleep."

"That sort of thing's what you call a stroke of luck, right? Pretending to be asleep should be okay."

"My lord, to me it looks like the seed of disaster, so is it lucky?"

"In any case, I've never made advances towards Clair, and it was essentially an accident. I hope you understand that!"

"Shouldn't you tell that to Miss Lydia?"

"I can't. She's pure and innocent, so even though it was unavoidable, it would still bother her."

Edgar tells Mr. Flory that he's looking for a lady's maid for his wife and that he wants a person familiar with the work. Mr. Flory admits that his sister doesn't meet all the requirements, and tells Edgar that in return Flory would have his sister see to Edgar as well. Mr. Flory tells Edgar that Edgar was free to use his sister as he wanted; his sister was attracted to Edgar and would do whatever he told her to. Disgusted, Edgar tells Raven to throw Mr. Flory out. Clair arrives and is shocked to find her brother there. Her brother quickly leaves and Clair tries to apologise, but Edgar tells her not to worry about it. Edgar suspects that Clair is unaware that her brother essentially tried to sell her body since she hadn't seemed like the type to accept such.

Edgar speaks to Clair about her application, but quickly realises that she's not well-suited to the job--Clair respects Edgar and believes she has much in common with Lydia. Edgar realises that even more than the problem of Clair's interest in himself, that she wasn't suitable to being Lydia's lady's maid. More than anything, he wanted someone who accepted Lydia's abilities naturally.

Lydia's woken in the middle of the night by voices in her bedroom. Five old women wearing aprons and scarves about the size of a small child come in and tell Lydia that they came having received their invitations. They tell Lydia to guess their names and if she got them right, they would bless her wedding. Lydia realises who the five are and says their names and each one puts a blessing on the five wedding items (something old (mother's veil), new (wedding dress), borrowed (Duchess Maysfield's pearl earrings), blue (ribbon), six pence). The five tell Lydia that with all five blessings, that her wedding would go smoothly. Confused Lydia asks what they mean, when a sixth old woman appears in her window. The angry sixth woman tries to touch Lydia's wedding apparel but is unable to thanks to the blessings on them by the other five. The sixth swears to ruin Lydia's wedding then disappears. The other five explain to Lydia that the sixth is very perverse and that despite having no intention of giving her blessing, the sixth wants to interfere with such celebrations. The sixth has long been ignored by the Blue Knight Earl thus making her even more wrathful. However, as long as Lydia remembers to wear all five of the items, the five women would promise that the wedding would go smoothly and she and Edgar would live together happily.

The next morning, Clair visits Lydia and Lydia receives her in her room. Clair tells Lydia that she'd been turned down, and Lydia realises that there's nothing more she can do for her. Lydia was leaving the decision about her lady's maid to Edgar since she didn't know what sort of person would be suitable for the job. Lydia suggests that she and Clair have tea, and she goes downstairs to find the maid and have tea prepared. But when Lydia goes to return back upstairs to her room, she runs into Clair who'd come rushing down the stairs. Clair hurriedly tells Lydia that she'd really only come to tell her the results of the interview and that she would be leaving.

Confused, Lydia can only wonder if Clair thought Lydia was strange when a loud sound comes from her room. She rushes into her room and yells at Nico only to be shocked to find many of the fae in her room climbing the curtains and jumping on her bed. The fae are playing, knocking things off her shelves and books are flying through the air. Lydia yells at the fairies to stop or she'll throw hazelnuts at them, and they all immediately quiet down. Nico tells the fairies that Lydia was the Blue Knight Earl's bride-to-be and that if they did anything wrong that she could be very scary, so they shouldn't get into trouble while celebrating the wedding.

Nico tells Lydia that there are many fairies who've never been to London let alone the human realm and that he was teaching human rules to the many fae who've come to town. Lydia realises that with that many fae in her room, most likely Clair had been creeped out by the sight of things suddenly falling from the shelves or the curtains and paintings moving on their own, but Nico tells Lydia that Clair'd rushed out of the room before the fae entered. Apparently, Clair had been surprised at Nico entering the room from the window even though he'd come in acting like a cat.

Lydia cleans her room and checks her dress making sure that no damage was done to it by the fae who'd come into her room. Noticing that her blue ribbon is missing from the top of her dresser she asks Nico if it might've fallen to the floor, but it's not there either. Lydia wonders if one of the fae might've taken the ribbon, but since magic had been cast on it, it wouldn't have been possible for them to do. Lydia starts wondering if Clair might have stolen the ribbon, but Clair didn't seem like the type to steal from others. However, she remembers that Clair seemed to be acting strangely when she left. Even so, it made no sense to Lydia since the pearl earrings had been left right next to the ribbon. Nico suggests that Lydia should ask Clair to return the ribbon, but Lydia had no proof that Clair had stolen it. Since it's such a small item, Lydia wasn't sure how to get it back, but it was irreplaceable in her mind because of the blessing on it by the thread-spinning fairies. Nico suggests Lydia somehow invite Clair back into the room and mention the ribbon in the hopes that it might prompt the girl to return the ribbon.

That afternoon, Edgar shows Lydia a bolt of cloth that he'd recently received from the Connaught clan in the Hebrides. Edgar had entered into a risky business deal with the Connaught clan, but from the sample that he'd received, Edgar expects that things will turn out alright. Edgar suggests that a new outfit be made for Lydia for winter using the cloth. Lydia wonders if anyone would notice the things that Lydia wears, but Edgar reassures her that society was paying close attention to their wedding. Lydia's thoughts quickly return to the possibility of their wedding being ruined by the sixth fairy and she's completely unaware of Edgar as he pulls her closer to him. Instead she exclaims at how bothersome things were surprising Edgar. Lydia apologises for her outburst and asks a favour of Edgar--she wants to employ Clair temporarily as a lady's maid. Edgar's surprised to learn that Clair had gone to see Lydia after he'd turned her down for the job. More to the point, he's against Clair since he doesn't think she could understand either Lydia's abilities or the fae. The two end up arguing and Lydia tells Edgar that since she's not a part of his family yet, she would privately hire Clair until the wedding.

Edgar visits Paul and watches him as he works, but Paul, unable to concentrate, comments that Edgar seems a bit down. Edgar asks Paul if he's ever had a lady call him bothersome. Paul admits that's never happened to him, but he seldom has opportunity to speak to ladies. He also doesn't see how anyone would say the same to Edgar since Paul was sure Edgar could keep a lady entertained. Edgar agrees that it would seem impossible, but tells Paul that it seemed that Lydia found affection bothersome.

Lota tells Edgar that most probably would come to feel that way as she appears from Paul's bedroom. Paul gets flustered and tries to explain Lota's presence, but Lota tells Edgar that she'd been out drinking until morning and rather than bother going home, she decided to stop by Paul's place since it was close-by. Lota tells Edgar that since he's so much in love with Lydia he's excessively affectionate with her and that's probably why Lydia finds him bothersome. Even so, Edgar tells Lota that he's been restraining himself quite a lot. Lota tells Edgar that even if Lydia did find responding to his advances as bothersome that he shouldn't question her feelings for him; Lydia'd seemed to enjoy looking for 'something blue' for their wedding, after all. Still Edgar didn't want their argument to hang over their wedding and he wonders if maybe he should hire Clair.

Jack and Louis come to Paul's room suddenly (the two are twins and members of the Scarlet Moon). Since the death of the prince, Edgar had stepped down as leader of the Scarlet Moon and the organisation was attempting to return to its original craftsman roots.

Edgar decides to leave but the twins suddenly ask him for his help. While the two had accompanied Edgar as bodyguards before, they were normally very quiet and had never asked him for his help before. The two explain that Mr. Slade has been arrested under suspicion of murder and that not only have all the art that he owned been taken as well, a number of the artists he worked with were suspected of being accomplices and also being subject to search and investigation.

The prince had killed many of the Scarlet Moon members and friends. However, since Edgar now possessed all of the prince's memories, there was a possibility that he could end up becoming the prince's successor. And unable to talk to the Scarlet Moon members of that, Edgar thought it best not to be involved with them any longer and had suddenly stepped down as their leader. Of the Scarlet Moon members, only Paul knew about what had happened to Edgar.

However, Lota tells Edgar that the least he can do is to hear what had happened. Since Lota had helped the Scarlet Moon previously, Jack and Louis didn't consider her an outsider. They explain that an artist that had died a month earlier had willed his estate to Mr. Slade. However, someone else was claiming that the artist--Orwen--had willed his estate to him. Not only was the other person was claiming that his will was real and that Slade's was a fake, but that Orwen's death was very sudden and that Slade may have poisoned the artist. Edgar asks the twins about the other person and his ties to Orwen, but they don't know very much about him. Apparently, a few months earlier, Orwen had stopped showing up at gatherings, refused to allow people near his studio, and always kept his curtains closed. Rumour had it that he was working on a painting that he didn't want to have seen.

Lota suggests that Edgar at least find out the what he can from his informant at Scotland Yard. Edgar gives in and says he'll find out what he can, but since the other person's will was being considered as legitimate and Slade's was being considered a forgery, if the opposite were true, they were up against someone who could twist the truth in that manner. And depending on who that someone was, Edgar may not be able to help them. Before Edgar leaves, he reminds the twins that in his mind Lydia comes first as does his wedding. Even if Slade were at risk of being hanged, he would still put Lydia first.

Outside Paul's studio, Edgar tells Raven that under no circumstances would he put his wedding off any further. Raven swears that even if it meant risking his life, he would keep anyone from interfering with the wedding.

Clair stares at the blue ribbon she took from Lydia's dresser. She has no idea why she took it and no idea how to return it. When she was looking at Lydia's wedding dress, she couldn't help thinking about how the person she had a crush on wasn't marrying a lady of noble birth but someone quite similar to herself. And she can't help wondering if only she'd spoken to him more, or if she'd met him first, if maybe things might have turned out differently. While she'd been holding the ribbon in Lydia's bedroom, she'd been startled by a noise at the window. Quickly hiding the ribbon behind her back, she turned to find a grey cat staring at her. Hearing Lydia's voice from downstairs, she became thoroughly flustered and was unable to put the ribbon back and fled the room instead. The housekeeper where Clair was staying then knocks on Clair's door and hands her a letter from Lydia. Lydia had written offering her a temporary one month job as her lady's maid.

The next day, Clair goes to Lydia's home but is unsure about why Lydia wants to hire her. Lydia explains that it's because she's never had a lady's maid before and wasn't of noble birth, so she didn't feel entirely comfortable with someone who was used to working for the nobility.

Since Clair was already there, Lydia asks her for her help in moving the rug in front of her dresser. Lydia explains that she was going to get help later in moving the furniture, but for now wanted to get the rug out of the way as it seemed the wind may have blown her ribbon off the dresser and that it had fallen behind it. Lydia didn't know if the idea she struggled so hard to come up with would work.

Just as Lydia opens the door to her room, Kelpie greets her as he sits on the window sill, and Lydia immediately closes the door again. Lydia explains to a confused Clair that she'd forgotten she'd left her room in a mess and that they should take care of the rug later, but Clair instead offers to clean up her room instead. As Lydia struggles to think of a way to explain things to Clair, Kelpie opens the door to Lydia's room causing Lydia to fall backwards, and he catches her before she can fall.

Clair stares at Kelpie and Lydia startled at seeing Lydia being so familiar with a man other than her betrothed. To Lydia, Kelpie was one of the fae, but she also realised that most likely Clair was under the wrong impression about him. Lydia struggles to explain who Kelpie is and eventually tells Clair that he's her cousin.

Kelpie looks around Lydia's room and complains because of all the magic in it.

[Kelpie to Lydia with Clair present]
"I thought there was something really smelly in this room. Magic's been cast on a number of things in here.

Kelpie walked around the room. He stopped in front of the wedding dress and grimaced.

Apparently, the magic blessings from the thread-spinning fairies was unpleasant to Kelpie who was Unseelie.

"You wear this sort of thing to weddings? Wouldn't naked be better?"

"Um, Clair, please don't worry about him. Let's move the rug out of the way."

Lydia ignores Kelpie and asks Clair to help her roll the rug out of the way, when Kelpie asks what they're doing. Clair explains that Lydia thinks something may have fallen behind her dresser and that she wanted to move it. Unfortunately, before Lydia can stop Kelpie, he moves the dresser ruining the plan Lydia had spent all night coming up with in the hopes of getting Clair to return her ribbon to her. Clair soon leaves telling Lydia that she'd like some time to consider her offer of temporary employment.

[Lydia, Clair, and Kelpie...]
"What are you doing?"

"......Um, she might've dropped something behind the dresser," Clair answered. She was unable to ignore Lydia's 'cousin's' question.

Lydia suddenly let go of the rug at Clair's response.

"Oh, is that all. In that case, I'll..."

"N-no! Kelpie!"

Lydia tried to stop Kelpie and grabbed hold of his shirt, but it was too late. Since he had the incredible strength of a water horse, he easily lifted the heavy oak dresser and moved it aside.


Lydia put a hand to her forehead, but nothing could be done.

"There's nothing behind it. Do you want me to move the closet?"

The plan she'd thought up all night was ruined.

"......That's enough for today! Maybe next time, Kelpie.

Lydia stood in front of Kelpie holding both hands together in an attempt to beg Kelpie to leave.

"You're in a bad mood, aren't you? Is it because you're all exciteable because of the upcoming wedding? Ah, it's that, isn't it--you're in heat?"

"Wh-wh......what are you saying?!"

Kelpie grinned and rumpled Lydia's hair.

"Well, that's okay. Even if you're married, I'm yours."

The next afternoon, Edgar visits Lydia and has tea with her. Lydia tells Edgar about having offered Clair a temporary position, and he admits to having heard about it from Lydia's father. However, he gives in saying that he has no right to interfere with things she does while she's still her father's daughter. Concerned about the wedding ceremony, Lydia asks Edgar if it might be possible to delay their wedding.

[Lydia and Edgar at tea]
"We'll be able to be together all the time from now on, right?"

"That's...... true." As Lydia answered, she remembered that their wedding ceremony might end up being ruined given the way things were at the moment.

"How many children do you want?"

That's right. She had to do something before the ceremony.

But the wedding was only a few days away.

"I'd like to have about ten."

Lydia was unable to tell if he was joking or serious and couldn't answer.

"Um, would it be possible to delay the wedding?"

Edgar looked surprised. Most likely her question was too sudden.

"......Too many? In that case seven. No, five would be okay."

Edgar becomes angry and refuses to consider any postponement. Lydia tries to explain that she has reason for wanting to hold off on things, but denies that she's afraid of Edgar because the prince's memories might end up taking him over. Edgar asks Lydia not to speak of postponing their wedding; he still sometimes suddenly feels unsure that she was really with him again. Lydia understands Edgar's feelings and how hard it had been when she almost had to give up marrying him. She also realises that things are even more difficult for Edgar since he still carries the prince's memories whereas she was cured of the fir-chlis' poison.

That night, Lydia asks Nico if the five spinners might still be at the faerie market. If so, it might be possible to get them to redo the blessing on 'something blue'. However, at the market, Lydia learns that the blessing can't be re-cast. Lydia asks if there's any other way to stop the sixth fairy from interfering with the wedding, but the fairies tell her that the five blessings were the only thing they could do to stop her. They offer to cast a different magic for her, however--one that would ensure a wonderful wedding night. The only thing the fairies can suggest is that Lydia try pretending that she hadn't lost the ribbon and that she still had all five blessings so that the sixth would think that she couldn't interfere with the wedding. Unfortunately, the sixth fairy overhears them and gleefully looks forward to finally being able to ruin the Blue Knight earl's wedding.

Edgar meets Paul, and the twins late at night at his residence. He tells them that the person claiming Orwen's estate was Lord Bolton, that he was currently living at his main residence far away, and that the lord had hired someone else as his representative. The twins wonder why a nobleman would try claiming the estate of a poor artist. However, Edgar realises that there's another problem with what he'd learned. Lord Bolton had recently lost his wife and child in a fire and had been badly injured himself in the blaze, and Edgar had heard that the man was in no condition to talk. If that were true, he wonders if it would be possible for Lord Bolton to express his wishes to his representative.

Realising that someone else was behind Slade's predicament and that that person might also be behind the fire at the Bolton residence, Edgar can only wonder about Clair who had also been employed by the Boltons and at her trying to insinuate herself with Edgar and Lydia. Edgar asks the twins to look into Lord Bolton's connections in London and what ties he had with the artist Orwen and has Paul check Slade's residence and club for any of Orwen's works that might not have been taken away by the police. According to the detective Edgar had spoken to, only items of value had been confiscated, so if anything else was still there, they might be able to find a clue among those items.

After Paul and the twins leave, Edgar wonders about Lydia asking about putting off their wedding for a little longer and realises he should at least have listened to why she wanted to delay things. Raven comes into the room and offers to bring Edgar something to drink, but Edgar instead wonders if Lydia might be disappointed with how close-minded he was. However, Raven reminds Edgar that Lydia's long since known about that. Edgar notices Raven glance at the clock as it's very unusual for him to be concerned about such things. Edgar tells Raven that he could retire for the night and asks him if he had plans. Raven tells Edgar that Nico had invited him to a fae party if he were free that night. Edgar asks if it would be alright if he joined them, and Raven readily agrees. Edgar sees Nico dancing when he enters the attic room.

Coblynau offers Edgar a goblet, and even though Edgar can't see the mining fairy, he can faintly sense Coblynau's presence. Edgar feels that there was probably no other lady as suited to becoming the Lady of Ibrazel as Lydia was, and that if anything should end up happening to him, most likely Lydia along with the fae would be able to protect the earl's house.

Arrow asks Edgar not to go out again that night. Apparently, he'd drunk too much and was in no condition to fight if Edgar should need him. Coblynau scolds Arrow since anything could happen at any time, but Arrow tells Coblynau that against humans Raven was much more useful than he was.

Edgar tells Nico about Lydia wanting to delay their wedding. Nico can only wonder about Lydia and comments that saying something that was essentially taboo around Edgar--most likely in exchange for delaying the wedding, Edgar was likely to drag her off to his bed. Nico tells Edgar that Lydia must really want to avoid having trouble at their wedding and explains about the six spinners. Edgar's relieved to learn that Lydia wanted the delay because of possible fae interference and not through any fault of his own--there was no way Edgar could fix his faults at that stage. Nico tells Edgar that past earls hadn't even known the sixth fairy's name, so it wasn't likely that he'd be able to stop her.

The next morning, Edgar goes to visit Lydia only to learn from her father that she'd gone out to the ruins of a monastery west of Kensington. The professor then tells Edgar that there was no need for him to worry about delaying the wedding and that he'd already spoken to Lydia about the matter. Edgar reassures the professor that he would speak to Lydia about the problem and they would find a solution that both could agree to.

Edgar then heads towards Kensington. Apparently, Clair had been employed by Lord Bolton until the accident but had taken a holiday when the accident happened. As they near the ruins of the old monastery, Raven draws Edgar's attention to someone standing by the road side. Edgar sees Ulysses and has the driver stop the carriage. Edgar asks Ulysses if 'that girl' was one of his people. Ulysses pretends not to know who Edgar's referring to, but quickly says that Clair Flory's not involved when Edgar moves to leave. He then goes on to tell Edgar that he's not sure how much they are involving her. Edgar asks Ulysses who 'they' are, but Ulysses instead suggests that they talk about Lord Bolton.

[Ulysses and Edgar in the carriage]
"That's right, I understand you're getting married. Congratulations."

"Please stop. There's nothing more ominous than having your blessing."

Edgar asks Ulysses if his people had set fire to the Bolton residence, but Ulysses denies it. However, he admits that fire was the best method since it burns everything away. Ulysses then goes on to tell Edgar that sanctions had been taken against Lord Bolton, and as a result, the residence had been burned down--he'd let their church's existence become known to outsiders. Ulysses tells Edgar it's a possibility that Clair Flory is part of that cult. Edgar asks Ulysses why he's telling him all of that, and Ulysses admits it's because he's their prince, and that the other organisation has been going a bit too far lately with their actions. Likewise, he doesn't want them to do anything to their prince. Before Ulysses leaves Edgar, he tells him that Clair Flory has occasionally been seen at the ruins further up from Lord Bolton's residence.

Lydia reflects on having been scolded by her father for wanting to delay the wedding. While she and Edgar had been a joint decision between the two, there were problems that went beyond the two of them. Lydia figured that if delaying the wedding wasn't possible, then she had to do what she could to keep the sixth fairy from interfering. So, she decided to try and find where the sixth fairy lived. As far as Lydia knew, the only way to learn one of the spinner's names was to peek in on their home and hope for the spinner to talk to herself and mention her name.

Lydia looks around the ruins and finds a statue of the virgin Mary and notices that the statue is holding a cross in one hand and a spindle in the other and wonders if the statue originally pre-dated Christian belief but was later used to represent Christian belief. As she considers the statue, she hears someone behind her and is startled to find Clair at the ruins. Clair too looks surprised but looks behind herself almost in fear and Lydia asks her if someone else was there. Clair admits that she was being followed by someone she didn't know. The two girls quickly leave the ruins and run into Edgar outside the grounds.

Edgar's relieved to find Lydia safe, and upon hearing that someone had been following Clair, he tells her that he really didn't think it appropriate to hire her as Lydia's lady's maid. Edgar asks Clair what she wanted to do since Lydia had offered to temporarily hire her privately, and with Edgar clearly not wanting her to work for Lydia, Clair says that she was thinking of declining the offer. Edgar then has Raven see Clair home.

Edgar tells Lydia that he simply couldn't agree to hiring Clair but that he couldn't tell Lydia why at the moment. In exchange he would listen to anything she wanted except delaying their wedding. Lydia asks Edgar if he's no longer angry with her. Edgar asks her if his behaviour the previous day had been that bad, and Lydia tells him that he hadn't been his usual self. Edgar suggests that the two of them go together and shop for a new 'something blue' for their wedding. Lydia tells him that without the blessing on it, it won't be useful, but Edgar tells her that the tradition has been around for a long time and that it was believed in whether such blessings had been cast on the items or not. Edgar surprises Lydia when he asks her if she still found him bothersome. Lydia realises that he was under the wrong impression from her outburst a few days earlier and tells him that she'd been thinking about something else at that time and that the fae always causes such annoying problems. Edgar's relieved to learn that Lydia hadn't been referring to him with that statement and realises that he didn't have to hold back so much. Lydia initially protests since they're out in public but soon gives in. Feeling like she's finally escaped from the pain and hardship she'd faced in the highlands, Lydia feels that everything will be okay for their wedding.

Next up: utter chaos and insanity ^^;
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