Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

GH Vol 2 File 2

Hoo boy... I have to admit, while I *really* like Ghost Hunt's story, it can be really hard to force myself sometimes to sit and translate it. I don't know why. >_< Overall, Ghost Hunt is probably more important to me personally than FruBa, but FB is *so* much easier to translate... Must be all those technical, mechanical and "scientific" words that I keep running into. In English is one thing, but Japanese...? ^_^;;

Still, it's finally up! I'll be putting in a second check later this week to double check all the HTML and spelling etc. I couldn't tell if I was *reading* my translation during final check today, or if I *thought* I was reading but really scarcely even seeing the page. ^_^; Not too good.

Ah well. 'Tis done, and up now. So I hope y'all enjoy! Things'll really start picking up in the next as well as the final chapter for this story. This was a decent volume. Unfortunately, this is also the last volume that I have a spare for for doing scans. I'm not sure what will happen when I reach vol 3... unless I end up going to Japan again sometime this year and can grab a spare at Book Off or something. Shall see. ^_^

Anyhow, enjoy Ghost Hunt Vol 2 File 2! ^_^

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