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Drive by Post (Hakushaku)

Latest novel and Cobalt magazine are now out in Japan (as is the latest DVD, I'm sure). >.<;; I can't wait to get hold of them! Shuueisha's (Cobalt's) site has a new wallpaper for the latest novel volume. So far, I've been good and haven't sought out any spoilers for the novel. (Want to read it myself first. :P ) For those who can read, there are 'tameshi yomi' for both the latest novel and the latest SS. (Will go into more detail on those later.) All I can say about the SS... Edgar...? You're supposed to be 12-13, and yet...? ^^;; I suspected that was the case from what you didn't go on to tell Lydia in vol 9, but... *laughs* I suspect you haven't changed much at all despite your time with the prince. ^^;

FWIW, the latest SS is another about Edgar's past. (Seems to have been a lot of them lately from the samples they've been putting online.) I only did a brief read, but from the title, it looks like it's the story of the promise between Edgar and Paul.

Can't wait to get hold of these... *___*
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