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*sigh* Shadow ended up getting completely and utterly lost in a variety of HakuYou FFs for the past several days. (Actually, there's a lot of AU stuffs for HakuYou.) ^^; But I can't seem to find one fic that I'd read a few weeks ago. >.<;; The fic was an AU age flip story of Edgar living at the Sylvanford manor house and Lydia becoming his governess. The story concept came from a comment in book 9, and the story wasn't finished, but... ^^;; Sadly, the one thing I'm finding is that dream fics seem to be pretty popular for HakuYou. >.> I ran into a number of Mary Sue-ish ones that quickly had me fleeing from sites. *sigh*

And while I suspect the next issue of Cobalt will be coming out very soon, here's the preview for the current side story for HakuYou. :P It looks like it takes place after vol 16 and before vol 17 (the one coming out at the end of this month). The only major spoiler (that I can think of off-hand) would be what's obvious from the title of book 17. :P

"By the way, Lord Ashenbert, you have but a limited number of nights left as a bachelor. Should you be spending them surrounded by men like this?" the gentleman next to Edgar asked as he stared at the cards in his hands.

Edgar smiled as he evaded the openly curious looks from his friends.

"My fiancee wants to spend the rest of the nights quietly with her father until the wedding. So, I have no choice but to distract myself from the boring nights with you folks.

"Whoa, he dodged the question."

"As in, aren't there a number of ladies you should be seeing while you still have the chance?"

"Not to mention that you won't feel quite so guilty if you do it now."

"You won't be able to go out as freely when you have a wife around."

The high ceilings in that one room of a high class members only club as well as the light from the chandelier were hazy from tobacco smoke. The people surrounding the table amused themselves with cards were people he was familiar with and always saw there.

They teased him knowing that Edgar's wedding was very soon.

"If only she'd constrain me to that extent."

It didn't matter how serious Edgar was when said that, everyone laughed thinking he was joking.

"I gave you a letter from a certain noble lady recently, right? How did that go?"

"I accidentally dropped it in the fireplace."

"That's right. I was asked to pass on a message earlier. A certain female singer said she'll leave her window open when Big Ben strikes midnight."

"She's quite the woman."

"You still have time."

"How about it, Edgar?"

Apparently, with his wedding so soon, they were all expecting their friend to give in to temptation putting into jeopardy the married life that was right before him.

"The game's not finished yet. Would it be okay for me to leave?"

"......I see, the bet was for the story of our first love, was it?"

"I want to hear Edgar's story. Most likely the rest of you guys's stories won't be worth hearing."

"I feel the same way."

"And do you think you can win?"

Edgar changed two cards and grinned gloatingly.

"But of course."

"You people will end up revealing your pasts before me."

"Talk about getting everyone interested in this."

Converse to the growing excitement around him, Edgar sighed silently as he thought about his first love. In truth, he had no memory of it. There have been lots of ladies he's been interested in and attracted to, but he didn't remember them all and he certainly didn't remember the first girl he'd fallen in love with. Since he couldn't remember her, perhaps you couldn't call her his first love. However, there was one lady from his childhood who remained firmly in his memory. Even though he'd forgotten the names of women he'd supposedly been very close to, even now, he hasn't forgotten about that lady.

As his friends started staring seriously at their cards, they fell silent freeing Edgar from their teasing, and his thoughts drifted over his memories of that time long ago.

*sigh* I want the next volume. (And the next volume of side stories once it comes out, too.) Back to spinning my wheels. ^^;
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