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Hakushaku to Yousei Vol 5 summary part 3

......Don't ask. Just don't ask. >.>

A young man with curly black hair suddenly appears in the window at Professor Carlton's lab and sits on his desk calling him old man. Carlton knows that the black-haired man is one of Lydia's fey friends and is a bit surprised since the young man had never spoken to him before. Carlton can't help wanting to tell the man that he's not his old man, and suspects that he's the one who'd tried to take Lydia away to Faerie as his bride.

Kelpie asks Carlton where Lydia is and Carlton tells him it's the middle of the night so of course she's at home asleep. However, Kelpie tells him that she's not there and wants to know where she's gone wandering off to when another voice suddenly tells him that she's with the earl. Looking towards where the voice came from, Carlton sees a tourmaline crystal rolling around unnaturally on a shelf. Kelpie goes over to the shelf and seems to pick something up causing the crystal to float in mid-air. The voice tells Carlton that he has a very nice rock collection and that for a fairy from the mines like himself, it was a very comfortable place. Kelpie asks Coblynau where Lydia and the earl are, and Coblynau tells him they're somewhere known as the harem.

Hearing that, Carlton suddenly realises that this was an emergency and demands to know what was going on. Coblynau tells him that the earl had prepared a wonderful room for the young lady and that they would surely deepen their love spending time together there. Carlton's shocked at the thought of a room for the earl to spend time together with Lydia. For one thing, it was the middle of the night, and for her not to be at home, let alone for her to be with the earl, was impossible. Kelpie tells Coblynau he's figured out what a harem is and that it's a place where men lock up their women so that they can't be taken away by another man. Coblynau comments that as long as the young lady's there, no one can get between the two of them which in his opinion was just fine. Kelpie asks Coblynau where the harem is and Coblynau tells him the name of the place. But as he's about to describe its location, Kelpie gets impatient and takes off with Coblynau. Carlton is left behind standing in shock.

Regaining his senses, he runs into the reference room nearby searching for his assistant and asks him where Madam Eve's Palace is. Langley asks the professor to indicate the priority for the different things he wanted to know, to which the professor tells him that it was of utmost importance and tells him that it's supposed to be the harem. Langley finally looks up and tells the professor that it's unknown if the harem palace really exists but that it's supposed to be a place for the upper class at Charing Cross, but for all that women's clothes and accessories are carried in there, there's no signs of upper class women coming and going from there. That's why it's reputed to be the harem; it's thought that some princess is being held locked up in the building. Langley asks the professor why he was asking about it only to have him evade the question.

While the professor's not convinced that the earl is an honest man, since the earl needed Lydia as a fairy doctor, he was important. More to the point, he realised that Edgar was no ordinary earl and that's why he needed Lydia. He also sensed that it was thanks to that earl that his daughter was still with him in the human realm. Even so, having the earl treat his daughter as a mistress was extremely serious, and if word should get out, it would cause great harm to Lydia. So, he couldn't simply stand by silently.

But thinking about Lydia, Carlton's anger sudden wanes as he considers the situation. While she may have been given too much freedom when being raised, she was a sweet girl. And while people might see her as a bit unusual compared to the current idea that women should be ignorant and obedient, her mother had been the same way. He knew that even though Lydia was of age, men tended to shy away from her. However, in his opinion, there was no need for her to pay any attention to men who couldn't see her good points. But, on the other hand, if she were to fall in love with someone, she probably wouldn't seek anyone's advice and would make her decisions herself. So he was worried about the possibility that Lydia had decided to become the earl's lover. Thinking over things, he realises that he'd indicated that he wasn't happy about the rumour about her and the earl, and he'd also shown that he did not think favourably of her getting into a relationship or marrying. And while that stemmed from a father's loneliness, it may be that she didn't feel like she could talk to him about anything because she was afraid he would be against it.

Carlton shakes his head violently, Lydia's still a minor. She's still very inexperienced in many areas and for all that she's quite responsible, she's naive, and it would undoubtedly be very easy for the earl to fool her. Regardless of Lydia's feelings, while the earl may not be an upright individual, he's no fool. The earl must know that this sort of thing could not be done on a whim without there being repercussions. In any case, it's an unforgivable situation. Carlton returns to his lab, grabs his jacket, and runs out of the room.

As Lydia dozes, she slips into a nightmare and finds herself lost in the goblins maze. Suddenly, Ulysses is behind her, holds a knife to her throat, and says to hand over the black diamond. Edgar suddenly appears before her but refuses to hand over the diamond. Lydia feels Ulysses slash her throat with the knife and feels herself go faint. Even though Ulysses killed her, since it was a dream, she doesn't die. She hears Edgar apologise and realises that she's been constantly afraid that he might end up sacrificing her in that way. If the most important thing to Edgar was getting revenge against the prince as well as seeking vengeance for his fallen comrades, then it was very possible he would sacrifice Lydia. So if she stayed by him, some day this sort of thing...

Lydia tries to get away from that dream and asks for help. She feels the moonstone ring try to fight off the dream, and finds herself back in same situation in the dream. This time, Edgar makes a different choice and tells Ulysses he doesn't care about the diamond and asks him to spare Lydia. Ulysses tells Edgar to die in exchange for Lydia's life. Lydia watches as Edgar points his pistol at his own head as Ulysses ordered and Edgar apologises to Lydia.

Lydia tries to fight off the dream and can only wonder if it's really a nightmare or not. She'd thought the moonstone's guardian spirit had fought off the nightmare. Not wanting either dream to become reality she can only wonder if it would be better to leave Edgar instead. There was no reason why she had to stay with him and she was only getting caught in his troubles. While he made her his fiancee, and while she didn't hate him and did want to help him, it probably wasn't possible for the two of them to continue if her feelings only stemmed from sympathy. She realises that Edgar might have been leaving her out because he knew that she wouldn't approve of everything he did. And yet, he'd also wanted her with her typical sense of justice to stay with him and scold him should he do something she didn't like. But it wasn't possible. She couldn't understand Edgar and her suspicions of him would only grow the more she stayed with him. Some day, he would end up sacrificing her. Or perhaps, some day, he would end up being destroyed because of her. If that nightmare would some day become reality, it would be better for both of them if they separated.

Lydia hears Edgar asks her if she's okay, and she feels a hand touch her on the cheek. Opening her eyes, she realises she's finally escaped from the nightmare, but seeing Edgar in front of her somehow doesn't seem real. She automatically reaches out for him and clings to him wanting to make sure he was really there. Edgar strokes her hair comforting her, and Lydia finally calms down. Regaining her senses, she immediately apologises but is too weak to pull away. Edgar continues to hold her and she remembers her dream. While she didn't want to be sacrificed by Edgar, at the same time she didn't want to sacrifice him either. And yet, for some reason, every now and then, she doesn't want to leave him either.

A voice suddenly interrupts them and tells Edgar to quit hanging on to Lydia. A black horse comes leaping out of the mirror. Kelpie switches to human form and pushes Edgar aside as he grabs Lydia by the arm telling her that they're leaving. Lydia protests telling Kelpie to get Edgar out of there, too. However, Kelpie tells her that's not possible; he's only strong enough to take one other person out of there, and that guy had said that if he took the fairy doctor away, she wouldn't be harmed. Edgar climbs to his feet and asks Kelpie if he meant Ulysses, but he doesn't do anything to stop Kelpie as he throws Lydia over his shoulder. Kelpie tells Edgar he doesn't know the guy's name but that it was the guy who was controlling the goblins and that he'd stolen the white diamond from Kelpie. Lydia tells Kelpie to put her down, but Kelpie refuses. Lydia then seeks help from Edgar, but he says nothing. Kelpie warns Edgar that Ulysses was out to kill him and had disappeared into the goblins hole, so he should be careful not to run into him. Kelpie then leaps into the mirror taking Lydia with him.

Lydia wonders if Edgar deliberately didn't try to stop Kelpie, perhaps because she was lightheaded from her cold and would only be a burden. Lydia realises that she's still wearing Edgar's jacket and had the black diamond on her, so even though she was surrounded by goblins in their maze which was between the human realm and Faerie, being with Kelpie was probably the safest place she could be. She then realises that Edgar may have thought the same thing. Ulysses had told Kelpie that he wouldn't go after the fairy doctor if Kelpie took her away from the earl, so most likely Ulysses was wary of Kelpie's magic. And since she was wearing the black diamond, by extension, it too would be protected. What Lydia can't figure out however, is whether Edgar intended to protect Lydia and by extension the diamond or if the diamond was what was important to him. However, she suddenly feels like she mustn't leave right now. Letting go of Kelpie's neck, she falls from his back into the goblin's maze protected by the ring.

Left behind in the room, Edgar approaches the hole in the wall and decides to enter. Inside, he finds himself surrounded by boulders in what appears to be a cave, but when he turns to look behind him, he finds a stone wall instead of his room at the harem palace. He decides to explore the cave but finds that the mark he'd left on the wall to his right suddenly appear further along on the left wall. As he considers what to do, he sees a light approaching him. Raven kneels before Edgar and apologises for having left him as he had. As a result, he'd been unable to return. Edgar admits that things had been very difficult without Raven being there. Concerned, Raven asks Edgar if something had happened and checks to make sure Edgar hadn't been injured while he'd been gone. However, Edgar tells Raven that he'd been all alone with Lydia and she'd been dressed in such a light outfit. On top of that she was weak from having caught a cold so he'd had a very difficult time controlling himself. What's worse was that feverish ladies are 30% more alluring with their lightly flushed cheeks and glistening eyes that he couldn't help feeling like she was trying to tempt him. Edgar'd been able to keep himself in check because he remembered Lydia scratching him the previous day.

Edgar bends down and looks a frozen and confused Raven in the eye. He asks him if he saw Lydia's belly. Raven looks away and Edgar realises that he'd seen it very clearly. Smiling faintly but putting a hint of command in his tone, Edgar tells Raven that he's to forget what he saw.

Nico can't believe that the two were talking so seriously about something like that, but Edgar tells him that it is very serious. While he can forgive Raven for what he saw, had it been another man, he would've put the man's eyes out. Nico asks Edgar where Lydia is and Edgar tells him that Kelpie took her away and that Ulysses is supposed to be somewhere in the goblin's maze. Raven tells Edgar that he caught the marquess and left him tied up in the marquess's harem room, but that room, too, has become part of the maze. Apparently, Nico found Raven wandering in the maze and had been guiding him through it. While Nico can figure his way through the maze, unlike Kelpie, he isn't strong enough to break through the walls.

Edgar tells Raven that Ulysses has the white diamond and considers his options. He decides to speak to the marquess and asks Raven if he would trust him regardless of what happens. Raven looks at Edgar confused but immediately answers yes.

Lydia finds herself in the midst of the goblins feast. The goblins are so drunk that they don't notice her until she tries to get up and hide. The goblins notice the black diamond on Lydia but are wary of getting too close to her after she tells them she's a fairy doctor. Lydia hides the diamond in the jacket pocket and tries to figure out how to trick the goblins when she hears someone call for help.

Lydia finds Jimmy surrounded by goblins and rushes to the boy's side. He tells her that he's being held hostage and is to be exchanged for the diamond. The goblins confirm what Jimmy says, and Lydia stands and shows the goblins a stone shining black in her palm and asks if they'll trade the boy for it. The goblins agree, and Lydia throws the stone. While the goblins run after the stone, she helps Jimmy to his feet and the two run from the room.

Jimmy tells Lydia she shouldn't have traded the earl's diamond, but Lydia tells him that she tricked the goblins and had thrown a piece of coal from the pile that was by the boy in the room. Jimmy asks Lydia where the earl is and that he was sure the earl would come to save him. Lydia tells him that he and the others were all there and had split up to look for him. Jimmy then accuses Lydia of stealing the diamond from the earl and of being a spy; after all, she could see fairies just like the other guy--the one who caught him. He demands that Lydia give him the diamond and attacks her with a shard of glass. However, before he can get to Lydia, he's suddenly stopped by Ermine.

Ermine tells Jimmy that Lydia really is on Edgar's side but Jimmy tells her that she's being tricked and runs off. Ermine starts to go after Jimmy but when he disappears around a bend, she stops and returns to Lydia instead. Ermine's unsure how she ended up in the maze. She'd gone to where Jimmy was supposed to be being held captive when the building she'd been in seemed to sway and everything warped, and she suddenly found herself in the caves. Lydia realises that that building must have been caught up in the goblins digging.

As Lydia and Ermine start walking, Lydia becomes conscious of the decorations on her clothes ringing softly and wonders what Ermine thinks of her wearing the outfit that had been on the figure in Edgar's harem room. Not to mention she was wearing Edgar's jacket on top of that. She tells Ermine that she didn't willingly end up in that outfit. Ermine readily agrees that something had must have happened for things to end that way, but she also admits to being surprised that Edgar had lent her his jacket--undoubtedly he would've wanted to appreciate the view while he had the chance. Lydia can't help wondering how Ermine can say such embarrassing things so easily and suggests that perhaps he didn't consider it worth appreciating. Ermine, however, tells Lydia that most likely Edgar wasn't sure he could leave it just at appreciation.

Lydia changes the subject and comments that the maze seems to be shrinking and that maybe they're trying to get everyone together at its centre. Just then, the floor beneath Lydia collapses. Ermine grabs Lydia's hand, but the floor beneath her also collapses. When Lydia moves to get up, she feels a knife touch her cheek and she freezes. Ulysses welcomes the two girls.

Ulysses tells Ermine not to move since she wouldn't want the earl's woman to die. He then amends his statement suggesting that maybe Ermine would prefer it if Lydia died. The goblins with Ulysses step on Lydia's feet and kick her upset that the diamond she'd given them had been a fake. Ermine offers herself as a hostage and asks Ulysses to let Lydia go. Ulysses tells Ermine that he was willing to kill Lydia and Ermine could tell Edgar that she'd tried to save Lydia but had been unsuccessful. When Ermine refuses, Ulysses comments that it didn't matter how many of Edgar's lovers were killed, he still wouldn't touch her since she'd been the prince's. Ulysses orders Ermine to walk ahead of him, but she hesitates worried about what Lydia might go through. Lydia tells Ermine that she'll be okay; she knew Ulysses was there. And while she couldn't understand what the others had gone through, she didn't stay behind only to get in their way.

Marquess Birkstone talks to the paintings on the wall telling Jean-Mary that he was done for. He'd betrayed the prince and would be killed when Ulysses found him. All because he'd fallen into the enemy's trap. He wonders if she really hadn't been unwilling to marry the duke. He tells her that the marquess's family was finished. The prince would soon come to Britain and a new revolution would occur. While his family had long awaited the day they would serve the prince, most likely they would be destroyed first.

Edgar appears behind the marquess and tells him that while his family might supposed to have become advisors to the prince should he come to reign, that was now impossible. His family was on the brink of destruction. He asks the marquess what would happen if the rest of the country were to learn of what the marquess's house had plotted all this time.

The marquess tells Edgar that if he hated him to go ahead and kill him. Ulysses had only told the marquess to be careful of Edgar because he was the prince's enemy and a surviving member of the earl's family. However, the marquess now realises that Edgar's background is much more complicated than that, and not only had Ulysses known that, he didn't tell the marquess.

Edgar tells Birkstone there's something he still wants the marquess to do, but the marquess tells him he doesn't intend to listen to him. Edgar tells the marquess he'll give him a chance and that he's to swear allegiance to Edgar as his family had to the exiled prince.

Edgar carries royal blood in him and is Jean-Mary's son. The prince had wanted him but failed.

Edgar tells Birkstone that the one from America would die. He would kill him. And that he was therefore Birkstone's prince.

Birkstone stares at Edgar. He remembers how, in the past, it was believed that earthly power to rule was given by god which is why there were people who sought the divinity of that bloodline. His striking blood hair, his benevolent smile, the intelligence that shone in his ash-mauve eyes. Because he'd been born to a duke's house, Edgar had been provided with everything. So, could it be that the prince, in seeking his own replica, had unknowingly created someone that surpassed him?

Seeing that the marquess no longer had the will to oppose him, Edgar has Raven undo Birkstone's bonds. When Birkstone tries to get up, Raven forces him to kneel. Birkstone asks Edgar what he would have of him, to which Edgar tells him to get Daydream back from Ulysses. If it's the prince's, then it's Edgar's. Edgar tells Birkstone coldly that after he's finished his task, he could go join Jean-Mary. He tells him that his life is a small price to pay to prove his allegiance. And in return, his house would be spared. The marquess had deceived the queen--a great crime. Had the prince gained the throne, perhaps he would have become a hero, but he betrayed the prince as well. While his death may not be enough for the queen or the prince to forgive what he'd done, Edgar was willing to do so.

Birkstone tells Edgar it would be impossible for him to get Daydream from Ulysses. Edgar comments that all that means is that another marquess's lineage will end; he would ensure that it's utterly wiped out. Birkstone tells Edgar he's the exact same type of person as the prince.

Whenever Edgar used this method in his fight, he always felt like he was becoming more like the prince. He wants to believe that it's just knowledge, that he's using a method that he's very familiar with, and that it's not like his person changes because of it. But he can't help wondering because he feels like he's becoming more poisoned with it. Edgar tells Birkstone that when he leaves there, he's to get Daydream and deliver it to his palace--to Buckingham Palace. It will be safe there. And if he restores Duke Sylvanford's reputation then he will forgive the marquess. Birkstone swears to do as His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales commands and staggers out of the room.

After Birkstone leaves, Edgar sits on the couch exhausted and filled with disgust. Concerned, Raven asks him if he's all right, and Edgar tells him he's fine. But he can't help wondering if the personality of the man he hates so much has started to creep into him.

Edgar's wish is to get revenge against the prince. So noble rank or royal blood wasn't important to him. Being Earl of Ibrazel was enough. Thinking of Lydia, he feels that if she's with him, he'll be okay.

Since there was no proof to substantiate the suspicion that Duke Sylvanford stole the royal diamond, there'd been no punishment, but the suspicion still remained. Even if the suspicion of treason is lifted, there was no way for Edgar to prove his identity. And knowing that there was no way for him to regain his name, he at least wanted to protect his father's reputation.

Sensing someone looking at him, Edgar finds Nico staring at him while sitting on an arm chair. He tells Nico that what he'd just seen was all an act. Nico tells him that it seemed like he really intended to be a prince and that he intended to start a war. Edgar tells Nico that he doesn't have an army, making Nico wonder had Edgar had an army would he do so.

Edgar asks Nico if he's against Edgar marrying Lydia, and Nico tells him that he never thought Edgar was serious about that from the very start. Edgar says he's serious, but Nico tells him that he probably figures it won't become a reality and that he just wants to experience a peaceful and fun dream a little. When Edgar tells Nico that he doesn't want it to end as a dream, Nico tells Edgar that he hasn't tried in the least to make it a reality. And even if Edgar did manage to seduce Lydia, it still wouldn't become a reality. In Nico's opinion, Edgar hasn't thought the least about Lydia's feelings or future and yet he talks of marriage. Edgar doesn't understand what Nico means by trying to making the dream a reality. He'd thought that as long as Lydia was willing it would become reality.

Nico tells Edgar that it's probably too late to tell him to become a upstanding person, and Edgar can only wonder that even to a cat, he's not in his right mind. However, it wouldn've have been possible to fight with a normal person's nerve.

Nico jumps down from the chair to leave as Kelpie's creating a stir. Edgar asks Nico what happened to Lydia since Kelpie's still there. Nico tells Edgar that's why he's going; if it were just Kelpie, he wouldn't care.

Hearing the goblins digging beyond the walls, Edgar realises that the room looks even more warped than it had moments ago, and he can't help feeling that something had changed. Ulysses was coming.

Carlton's been outside fighting with the doormen to Madam Eve's Palace for 30 minutes. Not only were members the only ones allowed inside, they wouldn't even confirm if Earl Ashenbert was a member there or if he was inside. They tell the professor that his daughter isn't there, but the professor insists they allow him to make sure. As Carlton fights with the doormen, a carriage stops in front of the building and one of the men rushes over and opens the door and welcomes Mr. Slade.

Recognising the name, Carlton goes over to the gentleman and asks him if he's the art dealer. Carlton explains that his daughter and the artist Paul Ferman are acquainted with one another and then introduces himself. Carlton tells Slade that Lydia hasn't come home and that he's heard she's supposed to be at the harem. Slade tells Carlton that it's unlikely for Lydia to be there, but Carlton tells him that if possible, he'd like to make sure that's true and that she's not with the earl. Slade suggests that he go and check, but since Slade might be frequenting that place because of his ties to the earl, Carlton wonders if Slade would tell him the truth. Carlton asks Slade if he might go in with him as he would also like to speak directly with the earl. Regardless of whether Lydia was there or not, and even if it was only a rumour, Carlton couldn't ignore the possibility of his unmarried daughter having been brought there.

Just as he said that, an explosion could be heard inside the building. Surprised, the doormen quickly rush inside the building, and seeing his chance, Carlton does the same. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary in the entrance, but the chandelier was swinging wildly. Slade follows Carlton inside and leads the professor to the earl's room. Slade knocks on the earl's door, but there's no answer. Carlton tries to open the door, but it doesn't open. Slade tells him that there are no locks there and tries opening the door himself. They break the door down and find the room to be in shambles and a hole in the wall so large it ate into the next room. However, no one was inside. They hear another loud noise and the building sways. The people who work in the building rush about panicked and Carlton rushes off in the direction the noise came from.

Ulysses has Ermine and Lydia walk to Birkstone's harem room where Edgar sits waiting. Ulysses demands Edgar hand over the black diamond, and he agrees. Lydia, however, tells Edgar he mustn't do that and apologises for having come back. Ulysses curses Lydia and while his attention's diverted, Raven and Ermine attack Ulysses. However, since they're not in the real world, Ulysses warps space causing Raven to cut Ermine's arm.

Ulysses laughs telling Edgar that he has no chance of winning there and that if his people try attacking, they'll just end up killing one another. Edgar tells Ulysses even if he hands over the diamond, Ulysses would just kill them all. However, Ulysses tells Edgar that he'll let Edgar live. Edgar tells Ulysses that if he lets Lydia go, Ulysses can do whatever he likes with him. he can kill him or send him back to the prince; it didn't matter.

At some point, with the goblins slowly collapsing the labyrinth, members of the Scarlet Moon reach the room Edgar and the others are in. Edgar tells Ulysses that if he gets Lydia out of there, he'll tell him where he's hidden the diamond. Before Ulysses can respond to Edgar's offer however, Jimmy yells at Edgar that he mustn't be fooled, that Lydia is one of the enemy, and he yells at Lydia to return the earl's diamond. He then picks up a fruit knife brandishing it at Lydia. Ulysses grabs Lydia from behind telling Jimmy that he's correct and that he should kill Lydia for the earl's sake.

Caught by Ulysses, she sees Jimmy and Ulysses exchanged looks and realises that something's very wrong. Realising that Jimmy might not be a member of the Scarlet Moon after all, she notices that his eyes had changed and were slightly reddish and that they were the red eyes of a fairy hound. With his identity discovered, Jimmy changes into hound form and leaps at Lydia when Kelpie jumps between the two.

The force of Kelpie and Jimmy's powers clashing into one another knocks both Lydia and Ulysses off their feet. As she gets up, Lydia sees Daydream's chain in Ulysses jacket and grabs the diamond from him. Before Ulysses has a chance to take the diamond back, Lydia throws the diamond to one corner of the room, but no one is there. A number of Scarlet Moon members go after the diamond when someone else grabs the diamond--Marquess Birkstone. The marquess quickly runs out the door back into the goblin's maze, but since there was nowhere to go in the maze, no one went after the marquess.

Kelpie defeats Jimmy, but Ulysses tells Edgar that he's still lost since they'll all be killed buried in that space. All Ulysses had to do was dig out the diamonds later.

After Ulysses disappears, the room suddenly comes under a lot of pressure as the goblins start closing their hole. Kelpie tells Edgar to hand Lydia. Kelpie would be able to get one person out of there, and the only person he was willing to save was Lydia. No one there says anything in protest, but Lydia refuses and asks Kelpie to save everyone and not just her.

Lydia tells Edgar not to let go of her and not to give up yet, or he'd regret it later. Kelpie tells Lydia that he's not strong enough to open a way out, and looks around the room. He asks Ermine and Raven if they can use magic, but Ermine's too newly born as a selkie, and despite the spirit in him, Raven was human. The only other one there was Nico, who was useless in the situation.

Seeing the moonstone ring glowing, Lydia realises that gemstones often have magic power in them. She holds her hand out to Kelpie who tells her that the ring would most likely be shattered. Lydia asks Edgar to take the ring off her for Kelpie to use, but he refuses. Edgar has no intention of nullifying their engagement and refuses to allow the ring to be destroyed. He tells Lydia that Kelpie can use the black diamond instead. Lydia protests because the black diamond was important to Edgar, but Edgar reminds her of what he'd told her earlier. He then throws the black diamond to Kelpie.

Kelpie warns everyone not to get dragged along by the nightmare. Lydia watches as the black diamond shatters and the nightmare inside it in the form of a black panther leaps out. The panther together with Kelpie leap into the air. She catches sight of a small black girl on the back of the panther as it heads upwards, and none of the people get caught up by it. Lydia realises that the girl is most likely Jean--the girl who'd protected the black diamond for Edgar.

Kelpie and the nightmare break through the ceiling beyond which Lydia can see the night sky. They were back in the human realm.

Feeling the cold wind, Lydia finds herself unable to stand suddenly and collapses. She realises that despite having the cursed diamond, Edgar may have gotten off fairly lightly because a small part of Jean had been in the diamond as well. She watches as that part of Jean leaves the back of the nightmare and rises to the heavens. Lydia's barely aware of the panic occurring around her as she loses consciousness.

Three days after she'd aggravated her cold and fainted from her high fever, Lydia has no idea that after the room at the harem palace returned to the real world, her father came rushing in, took her from Edgar, and brought her home. Likewise, she has no idea how much he worried over her being dressed in that Arabian-style outfit. She's also unaware that despite Paul visiting and explaining to her father that Lydia had been because of her job as a fairy doctor, that her father was still unconvinced of what had happened there.

Her fever finally subsides after three days and Lydia's finally able to eat a little soup. She finds the moonstone ring which had been on her finger all that time sitting on her bedside table. She's relieved to have it off of her, and has no idea hat Edgar had taken it off of her when her father came rushing in and had Nico bring it home for her.

Kelpie visits her and asks her why she's stuck in bed from a cold and that maybe London's climate is bad. Kelpie pulls her close resting her head on his chest. Since he's one of the fey, Lydia's sense of his being male is lessened, so she doesn't feel the need to push him away and stays that way quietly.

She then thanks Kelpie for saving everyone. Kelpie can't help noticing that Lydia's smiling much more happily at his having saved Edgar compared to when he said he'd give her a diamond, but that it didn't really matter. He suspects he really wanted to see that smile more than anything. Kelpie vanishes just as the housekeeper knocks on her door telling her that Duchess Maysfield was there to see her.

The duchess tells Lydia that there was something she needed to talk to Lydia about. That she'd heard that Lydia had been taken to Madam Eve's Palace and dressed in a harem outfit. A number of people had seen her when she'd been taken out of the place. Everyone's wanting to find out who the girl was that had been held at the palace, but fortunately, the incident happened at night and no one knows who had been there. Given how the rumour has grown, it was unlikely anyone would link Lydia to it, but it was still a very serious matter.

The duchess had heard the rumour that Earl Ashenbert was a client of the harem, and shortly after the accident there, Lydia's father came to her seeking her advice about the earl and Lydia. That was how the duchess was able to connect Lydia to the incident. The duchess then asked the earl about the incident and learned that Lydia had been there in her capacity as a fairy doctor with the earl. And even though the artist Paul Ferman and some of the earl's staff were there, it was still very imprudent to take a lady who was hoping to marry someday to a place like that.

Lydia asks the duchess what her father had spoken to her about, but the duchess doesn't answer her question instead saying that Lydia's feeling are also important in such situations.

Lydia hears her father's and Edgar's voice coming from downstairs. Apparently her father was trying to get Edgar to leave. The duchess tells Lydia that Edgar's been visiting every day, but the professor has refused to speak to him. The two ladies listen to the conversation below.

The professor tells Edgar that he hasn't calmed down enough to discuss what had happened and asks him to leave. Edgar asks that the professor at least tell him how Lydia's doing, and he tells Edgar that Lydia's fever has finally gone down. Edgar apologises to the professor, but the professor tells him that it's not for him to apologise and that it was Lydia's responsibility to carry out her work. However, Edgar tells the professor that it was also his responsibility.

The professor tells Edgar that he doesn't know what sort of women he normally sees, whether married or unmarried, but that he's sure Edgar's familiar with ways to take care of things. After all, the nobility are very good at covering up scandals. He says he's aware that after a dalliance, they then take care of matters by having the woman marry some man and asks Edgar if he intends to do the same to Lydia, but Edgar denies anything improper has happened between him and Lydia.

The professor had trusted Lydia not to be taken by his sweet-talking which is why he hadn't said said anything before. But given what has happened, he realises that Lydia's still a child and doesn't think things through fully, and Edgar is still young to be fully aware of other people's standings.

Lydia realises that her father's mistaken and that it was all her fault for not thinking things through, and Edgar had tried to keep her away from getting involved with Madam Eve's Palace. Edgar admits that he needs Lydia and that he's been openly showing his interest in her, but the professor's suggestion that he's been stringing Lydia along with his sweet-talking was going too far. However, the professor interrupts Edgar telling Edgar that he neither wants to hear or think about the earl being interested in his daughter as he finds it difficult to believe the earl.

The professor asks Edgar to give Lydia some time off; he wants to send Lydia back to Scotland. He then asks Edgar if the danger Lydia's been facing was only from her being a fairy doctor, but Edgar's unable to answer him.

Lydia runs downstairs and tells her father that he's mistaken and that Edgar wasn't to blame. Her father catches her as she stumbles. Lydia tells him that she'd been dressed in that outfit by the fey and that it had nothing to do with Edgar; Edgar had tried to send her back but she'd stayed behind thinking it was her job to do so after finding out that evil fey were there. Her father tells Lydia he understands but that causing others to worry and imposing on others as she did shows how inexperienced she is. He then asks the earl if he agrees that it would be better to wait until Lydia's grown a little more before she continues working for him. Edgar hesitates but is unable to contradict what the professor said.

Confused and still emotionally shaky from her cold, a teary Lydia asks Edgar if he no longer needed her and if he wanted her to go home. She admits being inexperienced, causing him trouble, that things wouldn't have worked out had Kelpie not been there, and that the gem had been broken, but she'd done her best.

Edgar wipes away Lydia's tears and the duchess tells the professor that she doesn't think Lydia's that much of a child. She tells him that there are many adults who get so caught up in their work that they become oblivious to the world around them. She then asks Edgar what he wants.

Edgar takes Lydia's hand and tells her he'd be lost without her, and Lydia starts to wonder if she might've said something she shouldn't have. The duchess asks Edgar to see Lydia back to bed lest she aggravate her cold again.

Downstairs, the duchess tells the professor that his trying to get the earl to say that Lydia should go back to Scotland was quite mean for him. The professor can only hang his head at having made Lydia cry and wonder about his being cast as the villain. However, the duchess tells him that the father is always the villain when it comes to men and women in love. Since the professor had eloped with his wife, he thought he'd been prepared to be unable to say anything against whoever Lydia chose, but found that he was more unwilling to give in than he expected. The duchess then apologises for ruining the professor's hope of finding a peaceful way to get Lydia to stop working for the earl--what he'd sought her advice on.

Three days after Edgar's visit, Lydia's fully recovered from her cold and returns to work. Lydia's actually reluctant to return as she remembers what she said to Edgar that day. But she knew that her work would be piling up, and having protected Edgar from her father as she did, she couldn't show that reluctance.

In her office, Coblynau tells Lydia that she shouldn't wear such light clothing and that the earl agreed he wouldn't try to make her wear such outfits. Nico then shows her an article in the Times reporting that Daydream had been returned to Buckingham Palace along with an anonymous letter explaining that the thief had had a personal vendetta against Duke Sylvanford. Lydia spots another article elsewhere in the paper reporting that Marquess Birkstone had died when his rifle accidentally went off when he was cleaning it.

Lydia remembers how neither Raven nor Ermine went after the marquess after he grabbed the white diamond and wonders if Edgar had already made a deal with the marquess by then. She can't help thinking that she might not really know Edgar given how he was able to convince the marquess to go so far as taking his own life. She also wonders if it was okay for her to remain working there, but at the same time, a part of her thinks that's not the real Edgar.

Edgar visits Lydia in her office and she can't help noticing that he's a lot less restrained than usual about touching her. Edgar embraces her and asks her if she knows how happy he was to hear that she wanted to stay by his side. And since they loved one another, he wanted to hurry with the formal announcement of their engagement and start preparing for their wedding.

Lydia finally manages to push Edgar away and tell him that she'd stayed because she still has work to do, so it would be wrong for her to go back to Scotland yet. She also admits that she wasn't completely herself at that time since her fever had only just got down, she'd still been a bit out of it, she'd been emotionally unstable at the time, and that she didn't entirely remember what she'd said. Hearing that, Edgar tells her she said that she wanted to marry Edgar and that if her father didn't agree she'd elope. And since she already allowed him to kiss her, she couldn't marry anyone else.

Lydia denies having said anything of the sort and tells Edgar she hasn't agreed to letting him kiss her and reminds him that he's the one who said that it didn't qualify as a kiss. Edgar tells her that the next time he has the chance, he won't hold back then. He then relents and sits Lydia down in her chair and tells her that when she'd protected him and denied that he'd done anything wrong, he felt that maybe she was starting to return his feelings. He asks that she give him the right to kiss her hair if it's true, and Lydia remains unmoving as he takes a lock of hair in his hand. However, rather than the end of her hair, he kisses her next to the temple. Lydia can't help feeling like he got her, but seeing the loneliness in his smile, she decides to let it go.

Lydia tells Edgar about seeing Jean--a fragment of her feelings for him had been in the black diamond--and tells him that she must really have liked him. It wasn't because he'd controlled her heart or that he coerced her to die for him but because, even though she were young, she wanted to protected someone she cared about.

Lydia then tells Edgar that she's a bit worried because the nightmare that had been in the black diamond might still alive. Things of power born from gems like that can continue to live as spirits. Since Ulysses was bound to know that as well, Edgar realises that the prince's target wasn't the gem itself so much as the nightmare inside it.

As Edgar continues toying with Lydia's hair, she can't help wondering why she returned to him. The incident this time provided her with the perfect chance to get away from him, and until just recently, she'd been wanting to return to Scotland. And yet she wasted that chance. While her work was important, she realises it's only one reason for her staying.

Edgar sits in his study considering events. Going against Ulysses who's able to get the fey to do his bidding, he realises that Lydia's abilities are going to become even more essential to him. However, he's starting to fear that; he has no means of countering the fey or magic. Getting caught in the goblin's maze, the only one able to save Lydia had been Kelpie. Fairy doctors, through the trust they build with the fey, are able to gain the help of the fey and solve various problems. And while Lydia claims to be inexperienced, she had Kelpie's trust. In Edgar's mind, it wasn't thanks to Kelpie that everyone had been saved so much as it was thanks to Lydia's knowledge and courage. But Edgar was starting to have doubts about relying on Lydia the way he has.

Edgar asks Raven who entered his study if Edgar will be able to keep Lydia safe. He doesn't want to sacrifice her, but at the same time he wants to keep her with him. Not only does he need her abilities, but being with her makes him feel more at ease; he's able to breathe more comfortably with her than he's ever been able to before. And that's why he's continued trying to make her his all this time. While Lydia's able to give him what he needs, he's not sure what he can do for her. By keeping her with him, he's exposing her to danger, and he's not even sure he can give her happiness. He doesn't even know if he has a proper future, yet still wishes to marry her. But at the same time, he doesn't have the courage to let her go, so he has no idea what to do.

When they'd left the Carlton residence, Duchess Maysfield told Edgar that she'd intended to convince Edgar to let Lydia go, but because Lydia said she wanted to continue working for the earl, she decided to try to pacify the professor.

When Edgar realised that Lydia was starting to return his feelings, not only did it make him very happy, he also started to feel afraid because he hadn't thought much of his responsibilities to her as a man.

Raven tells Edgar that he'll do everything he can to keep Lydia safe and asks Edgar not to sacrifice his wish. Edgar's surprised at Raven's statement; he wasn't aware of having sacrificed his wishes before. Raven tells him that Edgar had never allowed himself to truly love anyone before, and that by giving up on Lydia, he would be doing just that. While Edgar came to really like a number of girls before, none of his relationships lasted long usually because they found out he'd been cheating on them. But at the same time, by constantly repeating that, there was a part of him that felt relief as his lovers left him. Watching Lydia pick herbs in the garden, Edgar realises he's beginning to fear getting Lydia caught up in his problems.

Good luck reading. *sigh*
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