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Hakushaku to Yousei vol 5 summary part 1

Actually, the last part is a translation of a scene that I love in this volume. ^o^ I really mustn't read the book at the same time as summarising. It really does make things exceptionally long. >.>

Edgar, Raven, Ermine and the members of the Scarlet Moon gather late at night at a cemetery. Inside a coffin is supposed to be a famous black diamond--Nightmare. Edgar and his followers had stolen it from the prince when they fled. The Scarlet Moon members had been a bit taken aback when learning that he'd hidden the diamond in a casket and had the remains sent from America, but Edgar explains that he'd had the body sent from America. The person inside, Jean, had been one of the people who'd fled the prince with Edgar and the others.

Jean had been guarding their hideout when the prince's people attacked, and in order to keep the prince's people from getting the diamond back, she hid it so that only Edgar would know where it was, and then took her own life. When Edgar found her body, he'd taken her body to the church and asked that they give her a decent burial.

Raven tells Edgar that there were signs that the coffin had been opened. At the time, Edgar knew that the prince was searching all the places that Edgar was likely to hide the diamond including the graves of his fallen comrades, but he was sure that they hadn't found Jean's black diamond. Raven searches the coffin and easily finds the diamond. The prince had searched her coffin too soon and therefore had been unable to find the diamond.

Edgar gives Slade the diamond and asks him to have it set as it had been originally. Having the diamond set as a necklace again was no problem, but Slade was uneasy. Edgar had a way of gathering people to him because of his charisma, and the body in the coffin was clearly that of a child. Jean had been 10 years old when she'd died. At the time, Edgar, Raven, and Ermine had also been children, but ten years old was still very young. Edgar tells Slade that while he needs the Scarlet Moon to do as he orders, he doesn't necessarily want them to die for him; he doesn't want to have to fight that way any more.

Lydia attends a tea party put on by Duchess Maysfield. A number of ladies are gossipping about one lady who'd recently been disgraced. The ladies then surprise Lydia when they ask her if the rumour that she was seeing the earl was true. There'd been a story in the gossip papers recently that Earl Ashenbert was in love with his fairy doctor, but Lydia denies it and says that he's just her employer. The ladies gossip about Edgar and how they're not sure they can trust him. While he seems to be the perfect gentleman, he treats all women the same. There's also a rumour that he has a harem. Apparently, there's a place in London where men are keeping harems.

Duchess Maysfield calls Lydia over and takes her away from the terrace into a separate room. Lydia's surprised to find Edgar there as the tea party was supposed to be a ladies only affair. However, Edgar explains that he'd come not only to pick her up, but also to get an answer from the duchess regarding a favour he'd asked of her earlier.

Much to Lydia's dismay, she learns that Edgar had asked the duchess for her help so that they might formally get engaged. Despite Lydia having no intention of marrying Edgar, he's been slowly arranging matters such that she might not be able to refuse soon. The duchess explains that Edgar asked for her intervention for Lydia's sake and that he was serious and had no intention of harming Lydia's reputation. Since Lydia was working for the earl, it wasn't unusual for them to be alone together. And given that the earl had clearly shown his interest in Lydia and that she was from a lower social class than him, people might assume that he was taking advantage of his status and having his way with her. So the duchess had agreed to act as their character witness. Thus, even if Lydia eventually refused Edgar's proposal, there would be no harm to Lydia's future prospects as the duchess would guarantee that nothing inappropriate had occurred between the two. On the other hand, if Lydia does agree to marry Edgar, the duchess would help Lydia learn proper etiquette and how to interact with high society.

After leaving the tea party, and just as they're going by, Edgar suggests the two of them take a detour through Hyde Park as there's a hot air balloon show there. Lydia refuses when the wheel of their carriage suddenly gets caught in the gutter. Apparently, a black cat had run in front of the carriage, and the wheel would need to be fixed. Having little choice, Lydia gets out of the carriage and follows Edgar to the park. Lydia can't help wondering which is more dangerous--going home alone or walking together with Edgar.

Edgar leads Lydia into a quiet dark area of the park where she catches glimpses of couples together in the bushes. Edgar pulls her behind a tree and directs her attention to two figures in the shadows. She recognises one immediately; it's Ulysses. Edgar tells Lydia that they need to act like lovers in order to get closer to the two men and listen in on their conversation without drawing attention to themselves. But when Lydia becomes disconcerted by Edgar's attentions and asks him to stop they're suddenly interrupted by Kelpie who tells Edgar to let go of Lydia. Discovered, the two flee when a hot air balloon crashes into the park near them, bursting into flames.

Lydia ends up accompanying Edgar back to his townhouse in Mayfair only to discover things in shambles there as well. Apparently, black cats have been showing up throughout the residence. Tompkins informs Edgar that the rooms in the north wing are usable, so Edgar asks that he bring them tea in the library. Lydia wonders about the appearance of black cats all of a sudden, but Nico tells her that it's not the black cats that are at fault and that Edgar had brought some strange and unlucky item there. Edgar admits that he'd brought a cursed diamond there.

In the library, Lydia runs into Paul as well as a young boy. Paul had come to show Edgar the finalised concept for a painting only to trip when there were still puddles in the entrance hall and his papers had ended up getting soaked. The boy with Paul--Jimmy--was the youngest member of the Scarlet Moon and was apparently interested in studying art, so he was observing Paul at the moment. Much to Lydia's dismay, Jimmy not only doesn't believe that Lydia's the lady that Edgar's in love with, he thinks that Lydia's a witch that has somehow managed to bewitch the earl. Jimmy thinks that Ermine is much more suitable a match for Edgar and that she is much more beautiful that Lydia. After Paul whisks Jimmy away from the residence, Lydia asks Edgar if she can see the diamond since a fairy could be responsible for all the troubles that were happening, but nothing about the diamond suggests of fey involvement in Edgar's current problems.

As Ermine accompanies Lydia on her way home, Lydia tells Ermine about the rumour that Edgar has a harem. Ermine asks Lydia to trust Edgar, but Lydia's aware of Edgar's womanising habits and asks Ermine if she would be able to trust Edgar. Ermine immediately answers that she would not... only to add that she'd also be ordered to goad Lydia in that manner by Edgar. Lydia tells Ermine that there's no need for her to treat Lydia as Edgar's fiancee since it's only in name, but Ermine tells Lydia that she'd never had an intimate relationship with Edgar and that she wouldn't in the future either.

Lydia had no intention of marrying Edgar; she wanted to remain by her father's side still, and she wanted to continue working as a fairy doctor. Thus, in order to keep her promise with Kelpie at bay, she'd accepted the engagement ring from Edgar. If there were some other way to keep Kelpie back, she would give the ring back to Edgar, but unfortunately, she couldn't think of any good ideas.

In her room, Lydia looks at the moonstone ring and can't help feeling drawn to it--she never tires of looking at it and it's very calming. And even though things are going as Edgar wants because of it, it's through no fault of the stone itself. More than wanting the stone, Lydia felt like she wanted to get along with it.

Coblynau shows up in Lydia's room. For a long time, he's been partnered with the moonstone ring Lydia has, and he'd been looking for it ever since realising the ring had disappeared. Certain stones have their own caretakers because they can be quite difficult. Coblynau congratulates Bow on finding the consort, surprising Lydia. Coblynau explains to Lydia that the ring was given by the first Blue Knight Earl to his consort and that, since the ring was so happy, she must be the earl's consort. Realising the history of the ring, Lydia starts feeling like it's less and less likely she'll be able to escape from Edgar since all the fey on Edgar's lands will likely consider her as his consort because of the ring.

Coblynau tells Lydia that his ancestor had been asked by Gwendolyn to take care of the moonstone, that it's name was Bow, and he understood the stone as though it were a part of him. After examining the ring, Coblynau slides it onto Lydia's finger; the ring that had been too large for her earlier now fit perfectly. Lydia discovers that she can't get the ring off, and worse still, the only person who can take it off is the earl. As Lydia struggles to remove the ring, Coblynau asks Lydia where the earl is as he'd like to give the earl his regards. Upset, Lydia tells Coblynau that the earl wasn't there since they weren't living together. More importantly, they weren't married, so she didn't want to be called the earl's consort.

Coblynau had thought Lydia's home seemed rather small for the earl's castle, but is unhappy at what he perceives to be the earl's poor treatment of his betrothed. Since they were engaged, she should have the clothing and jewelry to match her status, so Coblynau offers to suggest as much to the earl for her.

With the ring on her finger, Lydia couldn't go out in public and more importantly, she couldn't afford to let her father see it either. Unable to hold her fork therefore, Lydia settles on having tea for breakfast the next morning hoping to leave for work early. However, as she gets up to leave, her father mentions that he'd heard a rumour that the earl was courting Lydia... Lydia denies the rumour and tells her father that any lady he knows quickly becomes the subject of rumour. Lydia tells her father that the man she chooses to marry will be more like him.

As soon as she arrives at the earl's residence, Lydia goes to speak to Edgar about removing the ring only to have him refuse. Glancing around and making sure Kelpie isn't nearby, Lydia tells Edgar that their engagement isn't valid and that it was wrong of him to refuse to acknowledge that. However, Edgar tells Lydia that all her problems would be solved if she would simply accept the engagement instead.

Coblynau interrupts them wondering if Lydia were unhappy with the earl about something. Coblynau introduces himself to Edgar using a cosmos flower as a marker for Edgar to know where he is. Coblynau tells Edgar that he needs to treat Lydia better. Lydia tries to stop Coblynau, but neither Coblynau nor Edgar pay any attention to her. Edgar admits that he agrees that Lydia's dressed too plainly, but this was the best he's been able to manage so far since Lydia stubbornly insists she's there to work. Coblynau tells Edgar that he's not trying hard enough, so Edgar decides to follow Coblynau's advice. Since it was the perfect opportunity, Edgar suggests that he assemble the necessary accessories for their engagement party.

Lydia can't tell if Edgar's serious or just getting carried away with things, but figures that even if he were simply getting carried away with things, Edgar was the type to order such things anyway. Wondering if the diamond from the previous day was for some lady in his harem, Lydia decides to try putting Edgar on the spot and asks for the black diamond. Edgar's a bit taken aback since the diamond's cursed, but Lydia tells him that Coblynau might be able to keep the curse in check. Edgar asks Coblynau if that's true. Coblynau admits that diamonds are the most fickle of stones and that it's not his specialty, so he'd have to check with his people, but if it's a gift for Lydia, they would do what they could. Just as Lydia realises that if Edgar agrees, she'll have no way out of their engagement, Edgar admits that he can't give her that diamond. He'd given it to someone who isn't affected by the curse. Edgar suggests that the two of them should go to the jewelers on Bond Street, but Lydia refuses. She admits that she only said she wanted it to put Edgar on the spot and that she knew that there was no way Edgar would give her such a large diamond. Likewise, she had no intention of marrying Edgar.

In Lydia's office, Coblynau meets Nico who is having tea. Coblynau asks Lydia what it is about the earl she's unhappy about; the earl seemed to be most generous and willing to give her diamonds or any other gems she wanted. Kelpie then comes in, and having heard Coblynau's comment, asks Lydia if she wanted a diamond. He then goes on to tell her that they don't suit her. Kelpie asks Lydia to rethink marrying the earl. He asks her to go with him instead and that if she wants to stay in the human realm she could live in Scotland. While it seemed very attractive for Lydia, she couldn't help worrying about Ulysses who was trying to kill Edgar. Since Ulysses had the abilities of a fairy doctor, there were some things Edgar would be unable to deal with. And even though Lydia might not be able to do anything either as she still had a lot to learn, given that Ulysses was using fey magic for evil, she felt she had to stay for the fairies' sakes as well.

Lydia asks Kelpie if making such a promise was okay since Lydia might fall in love with someone else in Scotland. However, Kelpie tells her that even if she did, it wouldn't last. There was no way fairy doctors could get along well with people. To normal people, fairy doctors are considered as a bit crazy, so she shouldn't rely on human men. Lydia reminds Kelpie that her mother fell in love with her father and that they got married, but Kelpie tells her that her father, who is so focussed on his rocks, isn't normal. Kelpie goes on to comment about how human men are unfaithful and that he overheard the earl say he'd given a diamond to some woman. Apparently, Edgar and Paul had been talking by the fountain in the garden and Edgar said he'd given it to the harem woman. Kelpie asks Lydia what a harem is.

Edgar goes to Madam Eve's Palace and is led through its smoky interior to one of the rooms there. While rumoured to be the harem palace, only its clients know the truth about the place. Edgar kisses the hand of the figure in the room and asks Jean-Mary if she likes the diamond and that it suits her well. Raven then comes in and tells Edgar that 'they' will be coming soon. Edgar then swears to Jean that he'll avenge her, after which he and Raven disappear into a small room behind a large two-way mirror.

Paul enters the room with Marquess Birkstone, who is currently under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Paul explains that the black diamond Nightmare was there. Paul explains to the marquess how he met the woman in the room, and that she wants Nightmare's partner--the white diamond Daydream. Asking to see the black diamond up close, Paul asks Lady Jean-Mary if the marquess might see her. The marquess is clearly shaken by the woman's name and Edgar realises that the marquess has clearly fallen into his trap. While Edgar knew that the marquess had Daydream, he didn't know how he was tied to the prince. Neither did Edgar know what the prince was after or why he'd become caught up in the prince's plot in the first place, but the diamonds might provide a clue.

Edgar realises that his actions aren't to avenge Jean's death so much as it's for his own vengeance, but he can no longer stop himself. Edgar tells Raven to have the members of the Scarlet Moon keep a close eye on the marquess as he would undoubtedly betray Ulysses and try to bring Daydream to Jean-Mary.

While called the harem, there were no live women there. It was a palace where men could live out their fantasies. And while Edgar was using Jean-Mary for his own purposes as well, he felt that she would prefer that over continuing to give comfort to the marquess. Edgar leaves the small room through another door and sneaks into the marquess's harem room. That room was filled with images of Jean-Mary and was the marquess's secret; even Ulysses didn't know about that room. Because of Ulysses's obvious youth, and since he was newly come from America, it would be difficult for him to enter British high society and gather information there. Hence why Edgar chose the harem for his current plan.

Edgar returns to his residence at sunset, and Lydia enters the salon to see him; she needs him to take the ring off before she goes home. However, when she enters, she catches a glimpse of Edgar's expression in the window and immediately realises it's the cruel and heartless Edgar that she can't understand well who's there. Lydia offers to come back later instead. However, Edgar immediately tells her that he's never too busy to see her, and has his usual insolent smile by the time he turns towards her. Lydia starts to ask him to take the ring off, when Edgar asks if he can hold her. Surprised, Lydia automatically refuses, but Edgar bargains for time. Not sensing any romantic intent and feeling that he was acting more like a child seeking comfort, Lydia surprises herself when she agrees he can hold her for the time it takes to count to ten. However, she's not sure how much comfort she was since she was so stiff, and she pulled away when she smelled an oriental scent on him. When she asks Edgar where he'd been, he tells her he was at Paul's studio, and she realises he's lying.

Ermine enters with a medical kit; Edgar had been injured on the way back to the residence. Apparently a complete stranger had suddenly attacked him on the street. Lydia wonders if it might've been due to lingering effects of the black diamond's curse, and Edgar admits to having seen a black cat before the incident happened. Ermine tells Edgar to take his shirt off so she can clean his wound, and Edgar asks Lydia to help and undo the buttons because his arm hurts too much to move. Lydia refuses telling him that he'd been able to move his arms just fine a moment ago and flees. As she leaves, she hears Ermine threaten to douse his wound with antiseptic if he doesn't behave.

Ermine then informs Edgar that Jimmy has disappeared. Apparently, he'd been listening in on some of the adults as they were discussing how to keep track of the marquess's movements and that he'd snuck into Marquess Birkstone's residence as one of the servants. Edgar tells Ermine that if possible he wants to get Jimmy out, but a part of him realises that the probability of his still being alive are very slim.

Edgar suddenly remembers how he'd asked Lydia if he could hold her. It had left much to be desired and clearly showed she had yet to open herself to him. Lydia had told him that his 'serious' wasn't love, but he didn't understand what she meant very well because he thought it was. Still, he figured that if she saw his pursuing her too aggressively as being insincere, he wouldn't try kissing her against her will either. While it was true he'd lost a certain amount of confidence when dealing with Lydia, he had no intention of giving up. Nor did he intend to rush. However, he couldn't help feeling frustrated because things were so lacking.

Kelpie lies at the bottom of his lake staring at the moonlight when he hears a bunch of goblins searching around his lake noisily. Surfacing, a boy falls into the lake and the goblins quickly zero in on the boy. Not wanting the goblins to enter his territory, Kelpie pushes the boy back onto shore and wonders if the boy would've preferred being eaten rather than getting beaten up by a bunch of goblins. As he's beaten, the boy drops something into the lake and Kelpie goes after it and finds a diamond.

Ulysses shows up and tells the boy to tell him everything he knows, but the boy knows little. He'd been told that he was carrying a glass bauble and eventually tells Ulysses to go to Charing Cross station. Ulysses asks Jimmy if he wanted to use the boy as his corpse and send it to the earl, but that would mean Jimmy wouldn't be of any use anymore. Instead, they decide to use the boy and have Jimmy beg for help from the earl instead. Realising that the boy may have dropped the diamond in the lake, Ulysses orders some of the goblins to search the lake. Not wanting goblin filth invading his territory, Kelpie surfaces surprising Ulysses and terrifying the goblins. Ulysses asks Kelpie if the boy that had been there had dropped anything into the lake, but Kelpie just comments that he'd been looking at the moon when he'd been interrupted. Ulysses offers to give Kelpie a beautiful young lady every day if Kelpie should find and give him the rock. While tempted, Kelpie realises that Lydia would never speak to him again if she found out and tells Ulysses to get lost and never come near his territory again.

Looking at the diamond at the bottom of the lake, Kelpie realises it's about the same size as the black diamond and wonders if Lydia would like it. He remembers that Lydia had seemed to want a diamond earlier, so the rock suddenly had a lot more value to him than it normally would.

Lydia sneaks into Tompkins work room thinking that maybe there might be some record of who Edgar might have either sold or given the diamond to. And if he really was patronising the harem, perhaps there would be a clue as to where it was as well. However, Lydia's at a complete loss when she realises that the mountain of disorganised papers in the room happens to be Tompkins desk. Raven asks Lydia if she needs something and that Tompkins will be back in the afternoon. Lydia tells Raven about a request for permission to build a fairy road on the earl's land. Raven immediately finds the paper Lydia requests surprising her and admits that he's been learning how to be a butler from Tompkins.

Since Raven had originally only been taught how to kill, Lydia realises that everything Raven's learned how to do was learnt after he'd met Edgar. And since he was trying to learn things for Edgar now that he'd become earl, Lydia realises that Raven was planning for after they'd settled things with the prince when his fighting skills would no longer be necessary.

Lydia then asks Raven where the harem is. Since Raven considered her as Edgar's betrothed, she was probably the most important person after Edgar in his mind, so he might not be able to dismiss her question outright. While unfair, Lydia presses Raven, and he eventually tells her that it's Madam Eve's Palace at Charing Cross.

Lydia dresses as a maid and sneaks into Madam Eve's Palace through the back entrance along with Nico and Coblynau. Lydia felt that Edgar wasn't taking the dangers of the diamond seriously enough and was hoping to have Coblynau try to suppress the curse before it was too late.

Sensing the gem's energy, Coblynau leads the way to the diamond. Not sensing anyone in the room with the diamond, Lydia slips into the room and is startled when she spots a figure further inside, but since the woman didn't react to her entry, Lydia figured the woman was like some high nobility and doesn't notice the comings and goings of servants. The woman seemed to be leaning against the arm of the sofa staring at a bird made of gold inside a birdcage. The first thing Lydia noticed about the woman is that she's blonde. Lydia pretends to dust the silver statue of a lion and draws closer to the woman, but Coblynau flips aside the curtain and enters the area where the woman is. He then climbs up her shoulder and yells at Lydia that he found the cursed diamond. Seeing him pulling on the necklace around the woman's neck, Lydia hurriedly goes over to where Cobynau is and scolds the fairy. Realising that the woman hasn't moved at all, Lydia finally realises that it's an incredibly lifelike wax figure. The woman was an incredibly beautiful blonde haired and blue-eyed woman dressed in an outfit that looked like it'd come from Arabian Nights.

Lydia realises that a doll wouldn't be harmed by the curse, but since it seemed to still be affecting Edgar, he must be the owner of the doll. Lydia wonders if the figure was what Edgar considered the perfect woman and can't help marvelling at how the diamond suited the woman and that even the diamond seemed to be satisfied.

Coblynau recognises the diamond as 'Nightmare' and tells Lydia that the Blue Knight Earl had asked the coblynau to tend the royal diamond. Apparently, that sort of diamond needed to be constantly tended or it would attract evil and that they become cursed easily. Coblynau then goes on to tell Lydia that there's supposed to be another large white diamond--Daydream. Coblynau tells Lydia that he'll try gathering other coblynau to tend to the diamond, but in the meantime, Bow can keep the curse at bay and that Lydia should stay close to the earl as much as possible.

Hearing someone coming, Lydia panics and tries to find a place to hide when her apron gets caught on one of the sculptures and she puts her hand to the mirror in front of her only to have it move on her. Lydia falls into the small room behind the mirror just as the people in the hall enter the room. Lydia immediately realises that the room she's in was made specifically to spy on the people in the room and she listens as Raven and Edgar talk in the other room.

Raven tells Edgar that the marquess was missing and Edgar realises that most likely the marquess had failed in trying to sneak Daydream from where it was hidden to bring to Jean-Mary and that he was now on the run from Ulysses. Raven tells Edgar that he didn't know if Ulysses had Daydream or not. Edgar figures that most likely the marquess would show up at the harem since Ulysses didn't know about that place or that the marquess was so obsessed with Jean-Mary. He tells Raven to keep close watch for the marquess.

Edgar remains in the room after Raven leaves, and Coblynau thinks that Lydia should confront Edgar about his lover. Coblynau figures that things should be cleared up before the two get married otherwise things will just become worse and worse. Lydia tries to hush Coblynau, but Edgar realises someone's in the hidden room, and before Lydia can hide further inside, Edgar enters the room and manages to grab her arm. Lydia struggles to get away from Edgar. Normally, he lets her go because he's only teasing her, but this time, thinking that the girl in the room is an enemy spy, he doesn't let go. Instead he holds her from behind, grabs her by the chin in one hand, and twists her arm sharply behind her back. Lydia screams in pain and yells at Edgar to let go, and Edgar does so when he recognises Lydia's voice.

Upset, Lydia asks Edgar just what he takes her for. Ulysses is up to something, but Edgar hasn't told her anything. Lydia tells her that if he doesn't need her help because she's still so inexperienced, then she wished he would stop forcing her to stay with him. Not giving Edgar the chance to explain, Lydia flees from the room and runs into Nico in the hall. Nico comments on how there's nothing but dolls and figures in the building. While he'd been wandering around, he found one man trying to seduce a figure while another was plying a doll with tea and sweets. Since there was no way the doll could eat, Nico kept himself invisible and had tea and sweets for it instead.

Finally calming down a bit from her run-in with Edgar, Lydia thinks over the conversation she'd overheard between Edgar and Raven and wonders if the wax figure in Edgar's harem room was prepared for some purpose other than as Edgar's lover. At the same time she can't help wondering why Edgar keeps trying to hit on her if that person did exist and is a replica of his real lover.

Back at Edgar's harem room, Edgar stands in the doorway still shocked that Lydia had disguised herself as a maid and snuck into the harem. Coblynau tells Edgar that he shouldn't try make excuses when he's been discovered to be cheating and that it would be best for him to apologise. Edgar asks Coblynau if he's given the same advice to the Blue Knight Earl in the past. Coblynau says that he has and admits that he doesn't understand why someone would be unfaithful when he knows how much trouble he'll get into should he be discovered. Edgar can only wonder if the women have always dominated the earl's household.

Edgar asks Coblynau if Lydia had come to the harem because she was concerned about the diamond's curse or if she'd come to verify the rumour about his cheating on her. Coblynau tells him that it was because of the diamond, but also tells him that it's unlikely that she wasn't be bothered by her fiance's infidelity. Coblynau then goes on to add that such cold engagements also happen.

Edgar wonders if the feelings Lydia has for Edgar stem solely from sympathy, wanting to help, and her kind personality as sometimes, he feels like there's more than just that. But ultimately, Edgar's still been making Lydia cry and been hurting her feelings. He'd thought that it would be easy to formalise their engagement. Based on his everyday interactions with Lydia, he knew that she didn't hate him, so he'd figured things would work out.

Having forgotten to have Edgar remove the engagement ring, Lydia wraps her left hand in bandages pretending to having injured her hand. She'd been invited to the Duchess Maysfield's residence along with her father for tea as the duke's cousin who was once the professor's mentor was visiting London from Cambridge.

The duchess asks Lydia what it was about the earl that she didn't like that kept her from agreeing to marrying him. Lydia tells the duchess that she'd prefer someone who would be devoted to her, and the duchess agrees that that's probably a difficult issue for the earl. Lydia asks the duchess if she didn't see earl's proposal to Lydia as some bad joke or something, but the duchess tells Lydia that if it were some bad joke, he wouldn't have asked for her help. Lydia admits that she's at the point where she wants to know what she can do to get him to give up marrying her. And the duchess tells her it's very simple--all Lydia had to do was to seriously fall in love with someone else. However, Lydia wonders if she were to try finding someone else, that Edgar would make trouble for that person through underhanded means instead.

The two ladies join the men in the salon. The men had been talking about rocks. Since there were two mineralogists present, the duchess asks Lydia what sort of gem she'd like to ask about, so Lydia asks the men about diamonds. Professor Browning tells Lydia that if she's wanting to make sure the diamond her boyfriend's given her is real or not, he'll do it for her since it'd probably be difficult for her to ask such a thing of her father. At her father's worried look, Lydia quickly adds that she wants to know about the two royal diamonds Nightmare and Daydream.

Apparently, it's said that if someone has both legendary diamonds, they'd become a great ruler. It's unclear when the two diamonds came to be in the royal family's possession. However, by the time James the Sixth of Scotland ascended the throne of England and became James the First, the two diamonds had been cut the same way possibly to mark his ascension of both thrones. Both diamonds were said to have been lost most likely stolen when James the second was exiled to France. However, a number of years earlier, one of the diamonds was said to have been discovered in Rome.

Daydream had been discovered among the hidden stash of a band of thieves but was subsequently stolen. As a result, the queen's prestige was damaged and a certain Duke fell under suspicion. It was rumoured that the exiled king planned to return to Britain and had taken the diamonds as proof of his claim to the throne. So the person who had both diamonds could potentially claim equal right to the throne as the current monarch, except supposedly there were no more direct descendants of James the second.

At the time when Daydream had been found, Duke Sylvanford had been visiting Rome so it fell upon him to bring the diamond back. While being responsible for having the diamond stolen from him and being suspected of stealing the diamond are two different issues, the theft had been carried out so cleanly that it was thought to have been an inside job. Lydia realises that the prince was behind the theft of Daydream and that Edgar was trying to catch the person who'd tricked his father and get Daydream back.

When leaving the duke and duchess's residence, Lydia tells her father she forgot something at the earl's residence and hires a carriage and goes to Paul's studio. Lydia asks Paul what Edgar's up to since she figures most likely Paul's aware of Edgar's plans. Paul however, suggests she ask Edgar directly, but Lydia tells him that Edgar would just dodge the question and that she doesn't want to speak to Edgar at the moment either. Lydia then tells Paul she's been to the harem, that she realises the prince most likely wants the black diamond as well as its partner, and that the white diamond had been found a number of years earlier in Rome. However, when the diamond was on its way back to Britain, it had been stolen and that Edgar's father had come under suspicion at that time. Lydia asks Paul if the marquess that Edgar was trying to trap was a regular visitor of the harem.

Since Lydia had put that much together, Paul gives in and tells her that the marquess was part of the duke's envoy when the white diamond was first re-discovered. Paul tells Lydia about Edgar's plan to get both diamonds before the prince and how Ulysses had taken Jimmy hostage so Edgar had to be more circumspect in his actions. Lydia then goes on to ask Paul who Jean was and he tells her about the little black girl who'd been one of the Edgar's followers and that she was dead. Lydia tells Paul that most likely that's not the Jean she wanted to know about and Paul tells her that the other person's name was Jean-Mary.

Thoroughly confused by the things Paul told her about Jean, Jean-Mary and Edgar's plans, Lydia asks Paul why Edgar won't tell her anything. While Paul tells her it's because the earl's worried about her, Lydia figures it's because Edgar doesn't want her to interfere and butt into his business. Despite all Lydia's warnings, Edgar's ignored her. While it would be Edgar's own fault if anything happened to him because of the curse, Lydia finally realises what she's been afraid of: Edgar's never been afraid of dying. And since he's not in love with Lydia, he readily does dangerous things despite her concern. She then remembers how Coblynau told her the moonstone can hold the curse at bay and that she'd forgotten to have Edgar take the ring off for her.

Worried that something might happen to Edgar while she's talking to Paul, Lydia gets up to leave only to stumble against his box of paints. Paul steadies her and Lydia catches the scent of turpentine on him and realises that he smells different from Edgar who's always surrounded by ladies wearing perfume. Her father smells faintly of rock dust and chemicals. But she's also familiar with the Edgar who smells only of fresh, clean clothes because he gets so close to her from time to time.

Edgar walks in on the two of them and tells Paul that it's dangerous leaving his door unlocked. Edgar backs Lydia into a corner and tries to convince her that they should talk, but Lydia stubbornly refuses. Instead she tells him that the if he keeps the moonstone ring close to him, it can keep him safe from the black diamond's curse, so she asks Edgar to take it off of her. Annoyed at her stubbornness, Edgar refuses to take the ring off of Lydia and tells her that she should stay near him instead. When Lydia refuses, Edgar threatens to carry her home with him and kisses her hand. Lydia flees from Paul's studio before Edgar can carry out his threat.

The next morning, Raven brings Lydia a shawl as she gathers hawthorn seeds in the garden in drizzling rain. Lydia's clearly been avoiding Edgar that day, so he's trying to use Raven as an intermediary between them. Lydia refuses to take the shawl since it's from Edgar and tells Raven to tell Edgar she doesn't need it. Lydia then goes on to ask Raven if he'd gotten into trouble for telling her about Madam Eve's Palace. Raven tells her that Edgar will forgive him for telling Lydia about the place if he can get Lydia to take the shawl. Lydia's defeated by Raven's determined look and finally accepts the shawl. She then apologises to him for having gotten him into trouble.

As Lydia heads back into the earl's residence, she hears Edgar and Ermine talking. Apparently, a young boy working at Marquess Birkstone's residence was found severely beaten but with information about Jimmy's whereabouts. Slade was already mobilising the Scarlet Moon's members in order to save Jimmy. Edgar's more cautious and asks Ermine about how Jimmy came to join the Scarlet Moon. Edgar's not sure why Ulysses left the young boy alive with information on how to save Jimmy. Realising that the information might be a trap, Edgar tells Ermine to go with the Scarlet Moon and to be careful. Ermine suggests that Edgar consult with Lydia since Ulysses might use some of the fey. However, even though Ermine has little knowledge about faeries, since she can see them, Edgar decides to rely on that instead.

Realising that Edgar considers speaking with her about the situation as out of the question, Lydia finds herself wandering on the street outside Edgar's residence. The drizzle has since change to light rain and Lydia has lost the shawl somewhere along the way. She can only wonder what she's doing as she sits on the bench in the nearby park. She was the one who refused to listen to Edgar the night before, but knowing that Edgar wasn't going to speak to her about recent events made her feel like she was being left out again. Most likely, Edgar was going to use Ermine when it came to fairy issues.

Seeing the ring on her finger, she tries taking it off again, but it remains firmly on her finger. Kelpie finds her and comments on how pouty she's looking then pinches both her cheeks forcing her face into a smile. He then stands Lydia on her feet and shows her the diamond he'd found in the lake. Lydia stares at the diamond necklace in shock; it has the same shape, size and cut as Nightmare and is set the same.

Shocked, Lydia asks Kelpie where he got it, and he tells her he found it. Some goblins had been there and it fell into the lake. Lydia asks Kelpie if the goblins had a master, and he admits they did: a young man who was very confident and wasn't afraid when he saw Kelpie. Lydia realises that the goblins' master was Ulysses.

Lydia didn't particularly want the diamond but knew that Kelpie thought she did from when she'd tested Edgar. Likewise, she knew the diamond would not suit her at all. However, Edgar would be able to clear his father's name if the diamond were to be returned to the palace. Lydia wonders if Kelpie would be willing to give her the diamond. As she looks up at Kelpie, he puts the diamond necklace around her neck. Kelpie looks at Lydia and wonders if having a necklace of clover around her neck wouldn't suit her more.

Kelpie offers Lydia the diamond in exchange for her annulling her engagement with Edgar and that she returns to Scotland. Lydia hesitates. She realises that Edgar definitely wants the diamond, so he might be willing to annul their engagement. If Kelpie had wanted her to leave the human realm and marry him immediately, she wouldn't have been able to agree, but if it only involved her returning to Scotland, all it meant was that Lydia would return to the life she'd lived before. Kelpie, too, would return to his previous life living quietly in the country spending time with Lydia.

Kelpie figures that Lydia probably didn't want to marry Edgar that much and that she only wanted to work as a fairy doctor and remain in the human world. He tells Lydia that if she'd gotten engaged to Edgar in order to nullify her promise to live with Kelpie, then he wanted to wipe the slate clean between them; their currently situation was unnatural.

Lydia feels Kelpie is right and that she should return everything to the way it was before and then consider her future. She didn't know what Edgar really felt and her fretting over the things he did and having her own feelings getting completely mixed up such that she didn't know what she wanted anymore wasn't like her. Lydia agrees to speak to Edgar.

Kelpie tells Lydia she should go home since the rain was getting worse and getting wet is bad for people. Likewise, the rain in London was filthy.

Lydia returns to Edgar's residence and immediately seeks Edgar out. Edgar's happy to have Lydia come look for him since he'd figured that she probably wasn't going to speak to him for some time yet. Lydia realises that Edgar was trying to hide the fact that he'd been in serious discussion with Raven and tells him that she wanted to talk to him about something.

Edgar hesitates and asks her if it's something bad and if so, if they could talk about it another time instead. He then tells Raven to bring a towel for Lydia to dry herself with. Lydia denies it's about anything bad, but Edgar tells her that she's had a frown on her face and has been glaring at him ever since she came into the room. Lydia forces herself to smile and tells Edgar that it was about something that he would definitely like. Edgar asks Lydia if she's come to set the date for their wedding.

Lydia wanted to get the conversation done and over with quickly. She would feel better after he agreed to annulling their engagement and took the ring off of her. Subconsciously, she wanted to get everything over with before she could fully realise that if Edgar readily agreed to let go of Lydia in exchange for the diamond, it would mean that she really was of no use to him and that she was fired.

Raven comes back with a towel for Lydia and suggests that they go to the drawing room since a fire was lit in the fireplace there. Edgar escorts Lydia down the hall to the drawing room and seats her on the sofa nearest the fire. He then sits down next to her making her feel uncomfortable. Lydia covers her head with the towel pretending to dry her hair in an effort to hide from Edgar's gaze.

Lydia tells Edgar that she's found Daydream--the diamond Edgar's been trying to get hold of. She tells Edgar that Ulysses had apparently been using goblins to search for the diamond. Edgar asks her about the diamond, and Lydia tells him that Kelpie found it before the goblins.

(And because I so love this part of book 5...)

"I see, someone troublesome found it."

"No, it's not that much trouble at all. It's very simple. Edgar, all you have to do is annul our engagement," Lydia said trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.

Edgar was silent. He remained silent for so long that Lydia couldn't help being taken aback.

"......But this engagement was originally to keep me from having to go to the faerie realm with Kelpie. But Kelpie's saying he's willing to forget that promise and that my returning to Scotland is enough for now."

Edgar sat completely motionless beside her and the pressure of his silence was unbearable. Lydia felt so uncomfortable she wanted to flee.

"In exchange for the diamond?" he finally asked.

"That's right."

"And you thought it wasn't bad."

"It's not bad for you either. You can write me whenever you need a fairy doctor. In any case, as long as you have that white diamond, you'll be able to clear the suspicion hanging over your father. And you'll be able to ruin whatever the prince has planned, too, right?"

Edgar took the towel from Lydia's head and she felt flustered as his ash-mauve eyes gazed at her. She'd never seen Edgar look so displeased.

"Are you aware that you've said something extremely cruel."


"Did you think I'd happily accept? If so, I've never been so insulted."

He leaned towards Lydia.

"I've said it countless times. I love you. Please marry me. While you've been rather unwilling to agree, and even though we've had some minor misunderstandings, I thought, little by little, we've been able to grow closer. And yet, you thought I'd choose the diamond."

"B-but...... more than me, the diamond......"

"Is what I say that hard to believe?"

Lydia moved back until she was cornered by the armrest and the back of the sofa. With Edgar pressing in closer and her being unable to move away any further, Lydia was at a complete loss as to what to do.

"If I can trade for what I want, then tell me, what do I have to give in order for you to be mine?"

She felt his fingers touch her damp hair. Just as she became aware of the warmth of his touch on her chilled skin, she felt a similar warmth touch her lips. It was only for an instant, but she clearly remembered the touch on her lips. Lydia stared at Edgar in shock.

Edgar looked at Lydia oddly for a long moment as she sat completely unresponsive. He tilted his head slightly and moved to kiss her again.

Finally regaining her senses, Lydia quickly pushed him away.

"Wh-what are you doing?!"

"I haven't done anything yet."

"Y-you kissed me!"

"That doesn't qualify as a kiss. A kiss is something more like this......"

This time, she scratched him.

"Don't use me as a replacement for someone else!"

"For someone? What are you talking about?"

"Try asking yourself that!"

Lydia quickly got up and heading for the door.

"Can't you simply accept me? Compared to losing you, diamonds are just so much crap. Kelpie can have them!"

Lydia heard Edgar yell behind her, but not knowing what to do, she could only run away.

Edgar sat on the sofa unable to move even a step after Lydia fled. A short time later, Raven came to tell him that Lydia had left early.

"Was it not good news?"

"It was the worst," Edgar said despondently as he put his hand to his cheek.

"Apparently, Kelpie found the white diamond 'Daydream'. She said to annul our engagement in exchange for the diamond."

"And you annulled it."

"Raven, even you think I'd choose a diamond over her?"

"......I'm sorry."

He did.

In which case, perhaps Lydia's attitude was understandable, but it was a very depressing reality for Edgar who'd been showing a great deal of favour for her all this time.

"Aah, just what doesn't she like about me?"

"But my lord, do you intend to choose Miss Lydia over the diamond?"

"You're very strict, too."

For one thing, Edgar had no intention of choosing one or the other. He needed Lydia. But the diamond was also important. He couldn't let Ulysses have it. Edgar thought he knew what to do should that situation arise.

"While it may not seem possible, there's a way to get both."

"Then why did Miss Lydia run away?"

He was so right.

If he did things right, he should've been able to figure out a way to hang on to Lydia while getting the diamond from Kelpie. Edgar felt annoyed that Lydia had been so casual and didn't question in the least that he would choose the diamond. And losing his temper, he'd gotten angry at her. For having wanted to get both, he'd acted very foolishly.

Since he intended to have everything he wanted or needed, he had no intention of letting Lydia go. He didn't even need to think about it, his mind was already made up on that point, so he couldn't help being surprised and annoyed with himself for saying that Kelpie could have the diamond.

He was an excellent liar. But there was no point in telling pointless lies. That sort of parting remark should be meaningless, but since he'd said it, perhaps it was how he really felt. Still confused, Edgar climbed to his feet.

"Raven, she hasn't gotten away yet."

"But she scratched you."

Raven held out a handkerchief.

Honestly, this too was completely unexpected.

Since he'd been refraining from getting too close for no reason lately, Lydia seemed to have become somewhat resigned to his drawing near and she was no longer as guarded as she'd been before. There'd been much better circumstances before now when he could have tried to kiss her. He'd been able to resist then, and yet of all things...

"I couldn't stop myself."

Irritated, he rubbed the blood from his cheek with the palm of his hand.

"Aah, maybe it's the black diamond's curse, after all."

Just as Edgar realised that Raven suddenly became tense and was looking towards the window, Raven advanced moving past him.

"As always, your servant's very perceptive."

Edgar turned to find a curly black haired man sitting on the window sill as though he'd been there the entire time.

"Hey, Blue Knight Earl."

"What do you want, Kelpie."

The water horse smiled slightly as he glared at Edgar.

This is the guy that had the white diamond that Edgar wanted to get hold of. And on top of that, he's the one who'd had Lydia propose that trade. He was the reason Edgar felt down right now.

"What did you do to Lydia?"

"It has nothing to do with you."

"It does so. Because it seems like my diamond was the cause. Sheesh, I picked it up thinking I'd give it to Lydia, so to find out that you were looking for it... I was a bit worried and thought I'd check on things only to find Lydia leaving with her face bright red, and you saying something foolish like wanting both Lydia and the diamond."

Kelpie had a meaningful look on his face as he narrowed his black pearl like eyes. His enchanting perfect beauty. It was because of that that Edgar hated Kelpie.

For Edgar, his only weapon was his looks. Inside, he knew he was intolerant, mean, extremely jealous, and self-centred. He'd used his looks and quick conversation when seducing women and making allies. So he hated men who were even more good looking than he was. But if the other person were human, they should have some major fault and if he couldn't stand that other person, he could get some satisfaction in humiliating the man. But that doesn't work with the fey.

If to Lydia, the only reason for her to be engaged to Edgar was because she wanted to stay in the human realm, it was possible that between the two, she felt more inclined towards Kelpie than Edgar. And that was another thing that annoyed Edgar.

"Lydia's my fiancee. It's impossible to trade her for a diamond."

"She wants to annul things. That's why she was able to tell you the conditions so easily."

Precisely. Which is why Edgar was getting more and more angry.


"I propose a trade. Let her go. If you can't, I'll give this to the other guy who wants it. The light blond guy who still looks like a kid but uses faeries."

Ulysses, huh.

Edgar met Kelpie's gaze squarely as he thought. 'I want both the diamond and Lydia. If I annul the engagement, I can get the white diamond that Kelpie has. Even if we're no longer engaged, I still have a chance at seducing her.'

But Edgar couldn't help wondering if that were really true.

He'd lost his temper when Lydia told him about annulling their engagement and ended up making her cry. So if she were to find out he'd made a deal with Kelpie, regardless how forgiving Lydia was, most likely she would never trust Edgar again.

Of course, she never believed him from the start. Regardless how she felt, there were plenty of ways to get her to agree to marry.

"How about it?"

Kelpie grinned as though enjoying tempting him.

He was unable to decide except emotionally. "Get lost," he muttered in a rush.

"Huh, is that your answer?"

"I won't deal. Lydia's my fiancee!"

Kelpie grumbled before disappearing.

At the same time, Edgar felt exhaustion overwhelm him. He put both hands on the window sill where Kelpie had been.

"Raven, just what am I doing?"

He was unable to make calm decisions. He was letting the diamond that was virtually right before his very eyes get further and further away from him.

"It's no problem, my lord. Regardless who gets hold of the white diamond, I will get it for you. But I can't do anything when it comes to Miss Lydia."

Perhaps he was right. But more than whether his ruining a possible deal with Kelpie was a good thing or not, Edgar was more shocked that he couldn't even keep his own feelings under control.

Enjoy! ^_^ Part 2 will follow in another day or two. Oh, apparently there's a PS2 game coming out for Hakushaku in the spring in Japan. ......As much as I do have an R2 PS2 game system, I don't see me picking it up. ^^; Actually, I think that sort of game could be quite spooky. ^^;;
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