Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

FB 93 draft

The draft for Ch 93 is now up! ^_^

Aaaahhh this is *such* a sweet and sad chapter. We got to see a bit of why Tohru is so responsive to other people. The trauma she suffered after her father died has never healed. Seeing her being neglected is so sad, and watching that tear fall when she realised her Mom was home after having been left alone... T_T

That one scene really sticks to mind and makes me all teary eyed. >_< The other scene I found most interesting though is how Kyo pats Tohru on her head but you see that her comment couldn't get him to smile, and so you see Tohru feeling a bit hurt. I wonder what she'll do next...

The banner sounds intriguing but whether the chapter will head that way or not... we might be just as likely to sidestep for awhile after such sad chapters. I wonder if Yuki and Kyo will refuse to attend the New Year's banquet again this year...??

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