October 16th, 2009

kemonotachi no yoru

Bits of Not Much

Literally, not a heck of a lot. Just long. :P

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And working on FSU's laptop is actually kind of nice. (Not to mention it's matte, so it's easier on the eyes.) I used it a fair bit back before getting Mokkun for surfing and stuff. It has passive cooling so it's not meant for any serious applications, but she keeps a lot of music on her computer. I'll have to remember to steal some of her files later. :P

Ah! Which reminds me. Laptops these days are mostly 16:9 aspect ratio aren't they? That means the screen size is slightly different. 1366x728?? ......I think I'm going to need a new wallpaper. *sigh* It's funny how there are so many little things that you need to work out in order to make things "yours". ^^;