July 3rd, 2009

kemonotachi no yoru

Drive-by post

Looks like the info for the manga with CD has finally been updated. ^o^ As expected, the other price was for the manga only. (Info from this page.) From what I can see, the CD drama (first half) is based on the story 'The Forgotten Children' in manga vols 10-12 (<-- yes 12), is an original story (sic was not part of the anime series), and is ~60 mins long.

*Reads* ROFL! There's a note at the bottom of the pre-order page that orders (from Kodansha) are only being accepted for people residing in Japan. ^^; Oh, almost forgot. The price of the manga with CD drama is Y2580 (with tax). Much more realistic for what's being included. ^^; (I think that's on par with the Tsubasa(?) XXXholic(?) with DVD manga releases.)

Otherwise... current spec on 2ch re HakuYou upcoming book is that it will be a main story novel. Speculation is based on the following:
- no SS book (3 to date) has had an original title; they've all used already published titles
- might not be enough pre-existing material (previously published SSs are all very short, but... *shrug*)
- next SS book will probably primarily be a Sylvanford book which the title isn't suggestive of. (They were seeing images of Edgar happily chasing after white rabbit Lydia...... ^^; ; at the same time, someone suggests that the title seems rather bright and sunny)
- price of SS books are on the lower end (Y500-540) whereas main stories are all higher end (Y540-560); (latest book is Y560)

Umm... yeah. The reasoning's pretty circumstantial. *laughs* Either way, I'm looking forward to the latest book. ^o^
kemonotachi no yoru


About a week ago, I ran into a note on one site (HakuYou and Twilight fic site) apologising for the shutting down of a blog they'd been running. The blog? A (fan? official?) translation (into Japanese) of Stephanie Meyer's unpublished and as yet incomplete book Midnight Sun. I'd taken a peek at the blog a few weeks ago curious as to what it was, and all signs indicated that it was very popular. While it's not identical to what I do (for one thing we're talking about an incomplete draft that was leaked and later released on the web), we're still talking about a translation site on their end that got shut down. (The apology says that they were shut down at the request of the author and publisher.)

I've since done a bit more looking around, and have discovered that the first chapter of the draft most likely had been published on the official J site. However, there's a note on the site (from the beginning of May) apologising to fans that they were unable to obtain permission from the author to re-publish the draft on their site. This might have led to the creation of that blog and would also explain why it was shut down, but I'm not sure. (I didn't discover the official site until today.) I did, however, find it interesting to see the translation blog, let alone that it was shut down. Funny isn't it? I was actually surprised to see the translation blog existed, even though I do much the same in English. ^^; It made me start to wonder how available (for example niche market) English books are in other languages in this respect (via fan translations and/or original scans). Do they exist? Are they common/popular? I don't look for E books on the 'net and yet I do keep an eye out for J books that I'm curious to check out. Is that because I go to a J bookstore so rarely (sic different shopping patterns)? Or is it because fandom's affected the way I view J books compared to E books? Or maybe there's some other reason. I have no idea; it's not something I'd really thought about before. ^^;

Ah well. It'll probably continue to stew in the back of my mind for a while. I have no idea if the thoughts will actually go anywhere though. >.>